The Youth/Elders Podcast Week 1 – The Golden (Closet) Years: Life as a Queer Senior

In the first of our podcast recording sessions, we focused on life as a queer senior, with stories of coming out later in life, institutions that keep us in the closet, and the trauma inherent in denying one’s identity. In this clip, Daniel Carter and Ty Sloane revisit a piece created for the Youth Elders Project (2016), recreating a phone call between a closeted, married man, and a potential support at Gay Fathers of Toronto.

The Youth/Elders Podcast is recorded weekly at the Oakwood Village Library. Every Saturday between September and December, we meet for a workshop or film screening, followed by an informal recording session discussing the theme of the week. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate, or just listen. The audio material gathered will be turned into a podcast to be released in 2019. Check out the Youth/Elders Podcast Page for more information.

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