The Youth/Elders Podcast Week 2 – The Gay Alphabet: The Power of Identity and Words

This week, we focused on the terms and acronyms that we use to designate ourselves as (and within) “queer” community/ies – what sort of inclusion are we trying to create with them, and who gets to decide this anyway? What are the powers and limitations of being able to claim an identity as your own? We tried to agree on some definitions, and to think beyond western definitions of queerness. The following clip is a small sample of what was a complex and engaging discussion between the participants at the table.

The Youth/Elders Podcast is recorded weekly at the Oakwood Village Library. Every Saturday between September and December, we meet for a workshop or film screening, followed by an informal recording session discussing the theme of the week. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate, or just listen. The audio material gathered will be turned into a podcast to be released in 2019. Check out the Youth/Elders Podcast Page for more information.

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