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Buddies’ Youth / Elders Projects are an on-going response to the need for building intergenerational spaces, conversations, and relationships in our queer community. Launched in 2016/17 with a year-long project that culminated in the acclaimed theatrical production The Youth / Elders Project on Buddies mainstage. In 2018, we continued our exploration with The Youth / Elders Podcast, recording themed intergenerational conversations at the Oakwood Village Library.


In Conversation: A Youth / Elders Project

In Conversation is our current Youth / Elders Project that will run through the winter and spring of 2019.

Responding to the continued need to create spaces for queer intergenerational dialogue, In Conversation is a space for formal and informal discussions about topics of interest and salient issues within our communities. In March and April, we will host four round table discussions. You are invited to participate and talk, or just listen. Some weeks will feature special invited guests to speak intimately on the themes and topics.

In Conversation is open to queer youth, elders, and folks of any age interested in conversation across queer generations. No artistic experience necessary. Hosted by Daniel Carter and LeZlie Lee Kam.

The Elephant in the Room

Tuesday, March 12, 6-9PM; Buddies in Bad Times Cabaret

Let’s develop an understanding of where we are starting our conversations. What expectations are we bringing into the room? How are we different? How are we the same? In this session, we tackle and challenge our preconceptions of queer youth, elders, and in-betweeners.

A Discussion of Race & the Queer Community

Monday, March 25, 6-8PM; Oakwood Village Library auditorium

co-hosted with Toronto-St Paul’s MPP Jill Andrew
In this discussion, we will focus on centring Indigenous, Queer, Trans, Black, and POC identities, voices, and experiences within our queer communities.

Our (Dis)Abilities and Our Communities

Tuesday, April 16, 6-9PM; b current studios

In this session, we talk about our (in)visible (dis)abilities. How do our abilities welcome us in or keep us out of community spaces? How do our abilities allow us or prevent us from connecting with our communities?

Putting Queer on the Map

Tuesday, April 30, 6-9PM; b current studios

In this session, we talk about the relationship between geography and identity. How has space shaped our identities? How is privilege related to space? How does our identity present itself in spaces – queer or otherwise? How does our identity change across vast geographies – Toronto and beyond? Is there space for our identities – or – when will there be space?

Our Queer Was…Is…Will Be…

Tuesday, May 28 -6-9PM; Buddies in Bad Times Cabaret

Alluding to Buddies’ 40th Anniversary Installation “Our Queer Is…”, this conversation provides space to reflect on the past, present, and futures of our identities and communities.


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