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Sunday January 13th & Monday January 14th @ 7:30pm  // Tickets are $25.00

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HER SOUND is a new song cycle that re-imagines the ancient stories of women in a contemporary context: what could their stories really have been? Imagine if the famous woman truly loved the man whose strength she cut off; imagine if a wife was not ready to be tied down to an ark without her say; imagine if a prostitute had her choice to run away from the walls of the city that surrounded her. Her Sound looks at injustice, love, sex, misogyny, and giving voice & power to the women in our earliest tales.

HER SOUND is a fundraiser for Diva Day, and all proceeds will go towards the initiative. For many young women across the world, access to feminine hygiene products can be very limited. Not only is it expensive to buy every month but in many smaller communities there is a lot of shame surrounding women and their bodies, including their periods. For some girls, lack of pads or tampons means missing school. This turns into weeks and weeks of class missed every year for so many. “Diva Day” is an initiative that aims to empower school-aged period-havers to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful in their bodies and in our world through sharing stories, music and menstrual cups! ddivaday.com

Featuring: Gabriella Albino, Malindi Ayienga, Georgia Bennett, Rielle Braid, Caroline Burton, Camille Eanga-Selenge, Alexis Gordon, Arinea Hermans, Sierra Holder, Melissa Mackenzie, Antonette Rudder, Kelsey Verzotti, Sydney Williams.

Band: Meghan Caine, Quinn Dooley, Tara Litvack


This is an all ages event.