Buddies Roof Fund

Like all good bottoms, we’ve worn out our top.

Help us put a new roof over buddies

Our dear old roof is showing its age. We rely on buckets to catch leaking water, and sound, heat, and cold all sneak through the holes and cracks leading to unwanted noises during shows and inefficient heating and cooling. Thanks to support from the Department of Canadian Heritage and the City of Toronto, we’re closer than ever to solving this problem.

But we need your help to close the funding gap.

Every little bit helps and whatever you can spare will go a long way to keeping this important home for queer cultural expression standing strong for years to come. Use the form below to make a donation today and help us put a new roof over Buddies.

For questions about recognition opportunities or information on construction, contact Mark Aikman, mark@buddiesinbadtimes.com