Crip Time Travel

Alessia Signorino

Inspired by Ellen Samuel’s essay ‘Six Ways of Looking at Crip Time’, Crip Time Travel is a 3D digital animation that portrays the transitory movement of spoons floating across an aqueous surface, a disruption to the constructed linear visualization of time. The theory of spoons drifting away is an expression of the precarious nature of being gentle with oneself all while constantly calculating just how much leniency can be afforded, a daily struggle for many neurodiverse individuals. Energy, and therefore time, is ephemeral.

I would also like to credit the creators of the 3D files I’ve used for this piece. I’ve tried to find the most information as possible, but most sites only have the username and the creative license attached: ClarkeusF, medusa86, alandell, willowtrees, Veer.

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About the artist

Alessia Signorino is an Italo-Argentinian that currently calls Tio’tia:ke/Montreal home. She graduated in Design with a Minor in Computation Arts from Concordia University. Through her art practice, she strives to create new platforms for human connection and empathy. By creating opportunities for sharing moments together, her artworks investigate curiosity, heritage and the human psyche.

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Presented as part of QueerCab: Transitory Present (April 30 – May 7).
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