King of Chlorophyll

Kim Farris-Manning

These images are excerpted from King of Chlorophyll: a drag arborist graphic audio chapbook. While I reconciled with an abrupt move and new realities brought on by the pandemic, I fell into and in love with arboriculture and the art of climbing trees – and the rest grew from there.

Audio introduction
buddiesinbadtimes · Audio introduction – The King of Chlorophyll
About the artist

A fun-loving queer arbor-artist, Kim Farris-Manning creates works across disciplines that engage with the performer and audience in unique ways. Allowing ideas to grow and change is a central facet of Kim’s work; pieces are often made in versions, through a process of experimentation and collaboration with others.

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Presented as part of QueerCab: Transitory Present (April 30 – May 7).
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