The Body & The Binary

Em Lubbers

Content warning: This piece contains discussion of sexual assault (06:55 – 08:00), eating disorders (07:34 – 8:00), and gender dysphoria (10:00 – 12:00).

FIXT POINT Arts and Media · The Body And The Binary by Em Lubbers

The Body & The Binary is an audio exploration of how an array of young queer folks understand their bodies, and how their relationship to their bodies shapes their understanding of themselves.


Click here to read a full transcript of the audio piece in pdf form.

About the artist

Em is a Toronto-based storyteller working primarily in film, audio, and writing. Em is passionate about creating media that is engaging and insightful, and on occasion, fun. Their hope with this piece is that trans and GNC folks will hear something they can relate to and feel seen by.

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Presented as part of QueerCab: Transitory Present (April 30 – May 7).

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