Time Slips

Reece McCrone

Content warning: flashing lights

What does is feel like to be unstuck in time?  TIME SLIPS tries to capture the moment where your ass over tea kettle and you are just waiting in anticipation to hit the ground. Like many, the impact of COVID-19 and self-quarantining has made me feel outside of time. Outside of life and sometimes outside of existence. TIME SLIPS is a conscious reckoning of reality. The work captures time itself, as a creature, a being, a presence. In many ways this presence is merely a reflection, evidence of time is easier found than time itself. Sometimes time slips away, sometimes time stops, sometimes time gets the most of us and sometimes time get the best of us. Hold on to time, before there’s none left.

Audio introduction
buddiesinbadtimes · Audio Introduction – Time Slips Series
About the artist

Reece McCrone, They/Them, is a Tkaronto based creator. Reece takes a multi-medium based approach to their work while showcasing their performative nature. Reece’s photography work is often centred in artist theories, with a strong conceptual base. Film and documentary media is the current home to much of Reece’s recent work. Reece is about to graduate from OCADu with a BFA in Publications. Their work has been featured on screen, in print and on stages all around Tkoronto. You can find Reece performing as their burlesque alter ego JJ Jiggleheimer-Schmidt, busting moves as “Toronto’s Naughty Knave of Hearts”. Reece wants to take some space and send a special thank-you to Buddies in Bad Times, “I found myself inside your walls, and you never cease to stop supporting me in my own life’s journeys, Thank-You!”


Presented as part of QueerCab: Transitory Present (April 30 – May 7).
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