Emerging Creators Unit Showcase
June 12 + 14


June 12 + 14 at 8:00 PM // The Cabaret // PWYC

Four new works in one night – from Ophira Calof, Brock Hessel, Shohana Sharmin, and Jade Walker & Kasden Leo Indigo. Since October, these fierce theatre artists have been developing new works under the guidance of Emerging Creators Unit director Catherine Hernandez. Now paired with professional directors, they’re ready to share their work with you at Pride.

in association with b current performing arts

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PWYC tickets are generally only available in-person at our box office, and we recommend getting here early for more popular shows as these tickets can sell fast. However, if getting down here in the middle of the day presents a barrier – accessible transportation, childcare, etc – simply call the box office at 416-975-8555 and we’ll hold a Pay What You Can ticket for you that you can purchase when you arrive to see the show.

photo by Greg Wong


created and devised by Jade Walker Kasden Leo Indigo
directed by Kevin Frank

Two genderless extraterrestrials are banished and reborn in a rowboat in the middle of a darkened sea. Through discovery of each other, swapping of personal stories and discussion of what it feels like to be alienated from their community, they have to decide whether to sink or swim.

photo by Greg Wong


written and performed by Shohana Sharmin
directed by Akosua Amo-Adem

Shohana Sharmin doesn’t date much. There’s a reason for that.

Starting at age 7, Shohana learned to divide herself into smaller parts. To be brown and Muslim and abused and bisexual and bicultural all at once felt like too much so she started compartmentalizing – creating neat little boxes within herself to make sense of her own existence. In this fast-paced comedic one-woman rollercoaster of a show, Shohana revisits the moments in her life when she split herself in two and traces back the methods with which she has tried to keep both parts alive.

photo by Greg Wong



written and performed by Brock Hessel
directed by Ann Powell

Drugs! Drugs! Drugs! Which are good? Which are fake? Joey navigates the worlds of queer identity and addict identity within a swirling hodgepodge of tabloid talk shows, group therapy, cleaning tools, and Queer Theory Utopia. Have performativity and placebo made a puppet out of him?

photo by Greg Wong


written and performed by Ophira Calof
directed by Sandra Shamas

Playing her body as a character finally getting its moment in the spotlight, Ophira uses music and comedy to explore the relationship between her body and mind as they navigate a world that wasn’t built for them.

photo by Greg Wong