QueerCab: Breaking the Hays Code
January 18, 2023

The first of a three-part series

Calling all dames and goons, cats and aces, for our first QueerCab of this season! Get decked out in your best early Hollywood wear and join us as we break as many Hays Code rules as possible. Exposed bosoms and sexual perversions abound, we will be joyfully and inclusively celebrating an era that is gone.

hosted by JJ Gerber

The Marriage of Sunshine Faggot and Cinnamon Dyke (AKA gay wedding)

by snork mimimi collective

The Marriage of Sunshine Faggot and Cinnamon Dyke is an experimental marriage ritual. snork mimimi collective invites you to their queer, rowdy, absurd, and strange wedding.

The Cafe

by Eric Kinsella

Have you ever had a stranger wave at you only to find out that they were waving at their friend directly behind you? The Cafe takes this concept to the extreme and examines what lengths we’re willing to go to for connection.

I can kiss

by Jack Orion

I can kiss explores the poetry of fat bodies in love. Delving into the vastness of language and movement, it brings you into the vulnerable moment of being seen and indulged in.

Chad Sings the Oldies!

by Calyx Passailaigue

Decked out in black shades and a flashy suit, Chad takes the stage with the voice of an angel… and the moves of a devil! “Chad Sings the Oldies” features your grandparents’ favourite songs updated for 2023!


by Ashley T.

This performance intends to uncover the history of pain that has been swept under the red carpet. Watch as this acceptance speech rejects the oppressive system and reveals Hollywood for its true and only colour.

Daddy Achoo!

by Crystal Tears

Inspired by Sylvia Plath, Betty Boop, and the pin-up girls of Art Frahm, Daddy Achoo! pays homage and bids a tragic-comedic farewell to problematic father figures everywhere

Examples of Disrespect and Perversion

by Kez Vicario-Robinson

It’s the winter of 1940-something, your first day working for Big Hollywood. I’m here to give you an orientation on what NOT to include in your motion picture, examples of violating the Hays Code.

The Martyrdom Of Saint Heinous

by Xen0hyena

The imagined martyrdom of the purely fictional Saint Heinous, the holy patron of the Xen0hyena Collective, who at the moment of their gruesome death miraculously recited a thousand Hail Marys in the span of less than a second to atone for the sins of their squandered youth.



jenna geen

abby silvera

snork mimimi collective (jenna geen & abby silvera). we create work that is radical, multi-dimensional and experimental—both in form and content. our body of creations span various mediums including theatre, movement, dance, music and film. we create with abundant curiosity, from our experiences as queer non-binary people — finding freedom in being weird and off-putting. we believe in listening to the vibrations of the spaces we inhabit, including our own bodies. in addition to their work as a theatre artist, jenna is a sound designer (paprika ’22–Deanna H. Choi) and musician who heavily experiments and fucks with worldly sounds to create new types of sound.

abby is a mixed-race contemporary dancer (sugar plum–Sadie Epstein-Fine) and choreographer. movement is a sacred investigation for them, and they invite the sensations in their body and the space—rather than aesthetics—to dictate their work. together, we are curious about the “why.” why do we make theatre? why do we write music? why is it important to sing, to scream, to make work that will be witnessed? we love theatre that is rowdy, wild, queer and strange. we believe in the exploration of process, and we lovingly embrace failure. we honour our natural inclinations to experiment, no matter how seemingly bizarre or silly. we are also very mindful of form. we want to create work that demands to be live. work that is theatre. work that simply wouldn’t make sense in any other modality. Follow snork mimimi collective on Instagram.

Eric Kinsella is a settler & caregiver based in Treaty 13 territory. Eric’s artistic practice is multi-disciplinary and includes: theatre, clown, music, and pinhole photography. Outside of the arts Eric enjoys forest-bathing, hiking, dancing, and feeding the neighbourhood squirrels.




Jack Orion (they/them) is a fat, autistic queer from Mohkinstsis, striving to make art and have a good time while doing it. They have recently finished school after studying musical theatre and acting in Rosebud Alberta, and New York City. Jack is currently working on their one person show called Swallowing Seeds, set to premiere at The GRAND Theatre Spring 2023, which is very cool. Jack is moderately cool. When Jack isn’t working on Art (which is not often, they are bad at finding other things to do) they enjoy riding their unicycle, and playing with their cats. Follow Jack on Instagram.


Calyx Passailaigue (they/them) is an award-winning non-binary writer, director, and actor. Their projects are Official Selections at many international film festivals including the Beijing IFF, the Montreal Black Film Festival, the Toronto Black Film Festival, the Oakville Film Festival, the San Francisco Black Film Festival, and CaribbeanTales International Film Festival. Calyx is a winner of Toronto Metropolitan University’s Jack Kuper Film Award, the Universal Studios Canada Scholarship in Filmmaking, Best Editing at the Vesuvius International Film Festival, Best Film / Screenplay at the Miami 4 Social Change Film Festival, Best Medium Length Narrative at the Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival, and Best Toronto Based Filmmaker at the Toronto Arthouse Film Festival. In 2017, Calyx earned their Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree for Film Production from Toronto Metropolitan University. As an actor, they have appeared on a Canadian Screen Award winning episode of “Paranormal Nightshift” and were cast on “Star Trek: Discovery.” Calyx’s short film “Men at War,” starring Eric Osborne (Degrassi), Richard Walters (Degrassi), and Keana Lyn (The Hardy Boys), is being distributed by the beloved indie genre film company Troma (The Toxic Avenger). Their Canada Council for the Arts funded comedy mockumentary “Zeen?” has received worldwide distribution through CaribbeanTales Media Group. Follow Calyx on Instagram.

Ashley T. (she/her): As a young, Black Biracial, Bisexual Woman with Type II Bipolar Disorder from Toronto, I have coined myself as “The BiFecta”. I am a multidisciplinary artist who creates within the realms of abstract visual, literary, and performance art. I use art to ground and remind myself of the power I possess to be a positive change in this world. Follow Ashley on Instagram.



Crystal Tears (she/her/he/him) is a former stage clown-cum-writer/poet/dancer who is now, at the tender age of 50, exploring her passion for drag performance. Follow Crystal on Instagram.




Kez Vicario-Robinson (they/them) is a homeschooled, genderqueer jester from Kitchener-Waterloo. They have performed in many mediums all across Southwestern Ontario, as an actor, comedian, improviser, poet, and Pride Prom MC! They volunteer regularly with the Canadian Improv Games, and are heavily involved with Pinch Cabaret Productions in Waterloo Region, performing stand up, improv, and puppetry. Kez has worked with theatre companies such as: Page 1 Productions, Green Light Arts, Lightning Banjo Productions, JM Drama, and Out of The Box Productions. Some of their other performance credits include JFL42, Guelph Comedy Festival, Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, Good News Toronto, The Making Box, Comic Sans and Together We’re Boisterous Comedy. Follow Kez on Instagram.

Xen0hyena is a loose collective dedicated to exploring a radical decontextualization of sound and performance art through unexpected interdisciplinary juxtapositions. Through a rotating lineup of collaborators and guest stars, they’re committed to putting on spectacles that revel in incoherence and contrast, organizing revues that put puppet shows on the same bill as screamo bands, firm in our belief that in a show where nobody fits in, everyone belongs. Follow Xen0hyena on Instagram.

Host: JJ Gerber
“Ever since I was a child in the GTA I dreamed of performing on stage. My family would dance, sing and limbo at every event. My Tobagonian mother brought her island flavour to church every Sunday and as a mama’s boy, I learned to sing and dance in her cadence. Something inside of my queer little heart said “maybe I can do that too”.  But growing up in the church I was unable to share my artistic ability on my queer terms.  I created dance crews and bands but the songs and dances didn’t include who I am.  The art was made for straight audiences and my straight team members.  It wasn’t until I started creating for myself and telling my queer story that I felt at one with my art.  I’m so excited to be a part of this event at Buddies in Bad Times because we get to celebrate who we are!  Be prepared to laugh, cry, and be challenged as we embrace what makes us unique!”

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Doors at 7:00PM
Show at 7:30PM


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