Health and Safety for COVID-19

Protecting the health of our patrons, artists, and staff has always been at the heart of our COVID policies at Buddies. At the same time, this priority has been bumping up against that of our staff’s safety when enforcing these policies. As of March 1st, we’ve made revisions to best balance these diverging realities. Our current guidelines are summarized below. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In the cabaret
We continue to encourage patrons to wear masks when not actively drinking. Producers can choose to implement contact tracing measures for their event if requested in advance. Please see individual show or event pages for more details on masking during events in our space.

In the chamber
Masking policies for chamber shows are determined in conversation with the artists and production teams. Please see individual show pages for more information.

Artists and staff must wear masks inside our facilities at all times, unless performing live/on-screen during filming, or while eating, drinking, or serving drinks at late night events.

Proof of Vaccination

As of March 1, 2023, patrons will not be required to show proof of vaccination upon entry to the building.