Media Kits

Click show image to download a full kit with images, press releases, and other info via Dropbox.

Queer Pride 2023

Image of a graphic that reads, QUEER 2023 PRIDE! With black block letters ranging in boldness. The background is a rainbow gradient, and the text is surrounded by a black border.

Body So Fluorescent

Two black and white photos of Amanda Cordner collaged overtop a pink background with a white border. The first photo on the left is of Amanda kneeling, looking and holding her hands upwards. A black leather jacket hangs off of her head, and she is wearing two sparkling necklaces, a small beaded bra, denim shorts, and ripped fishnet stockings. She has smeared eye makeup and tears running down her face. A golden circle is layered behind this photo. The second photo, in the middle-right of the image, is a closeup of Amanda’s face, again with smeared makeup and tears on her cheeks, framed in a black circle, with thin black lines shooting out all around the circle. Three of the same photo of an open, shouting mouth are collaged to the right, with thin black scribbles in the background of the bottom right corner.

The Rhubarb Festival

The Man That Got Away

Three black and white photos of Martin Julien collaged over a black background with a white border. The first on the left hand side is a close up from his shoulders up; he looks off into the distance. The middle photo is smaller, framed in a thin, marble grey border. Martin is sitting up in bed shirtless, with white covers, holding a rosary up to his chest. The third photo is from the waist up, overlapping the middle photo. Martin is in mid-song, gesturing out with both of his hands. He wears a grey beaded jacket and vest, and his cravat is bright pink. Two white flowers are collaged behind his head and right shoulder.



The First Stone

Four black and white photos of Daniel and Makambe collaged over a grey background with a white border. The first photo is of the two of them back to back, shot from the waist up, looking at the camera, with a light pink circle behind them. In the second photo, Daniel squats next to Makambe, who is sitting cross legged, her hand out in front of her on the ground, playing a game. A dark pink circle is layered underneath her hand. Daniel is wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and sandals. Makambe is wearing a tank top under a spaghetti strapped dress, and sneakers. The third photo is a full body shot of Daniel running, in the right upper corner of the image, layered overtop a larger dark pink circle. The fourth photo is below him, near the bottom left corner of the image. Makambe is also posed mid-stride, looking over her shoulder, shot from the waist up.

2022/23 Season

Black and white photograph of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre sign duplicated in a collage over itself in a semi circle, with a landscape black and white photo of the front of the building also duplicated and rotated clockwise up into the right corner, overtop a grey background with a white border and light pink flowers peeking out from underneath the collages.


The Youth/Elders Podcast