Media Kits

Click show image to download a full kit with images, press releases, and other info via Dropbox.

The First Stone

Four black and white photos of Daniel and Makambe collaged over a grey background with a white border. The first photo is of the two of them back to back, shot from the waist up, looking at the camera, with a light pink circle behind them. In the second photo, Daniel squats next to Makambe, who is sitting cross legged, her hand out in front of her on the ground, playing a game. A dark pink circle is layered underneath her hand. Daniel is wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and sandals. Makambe is wearing a tank top under a spaghetti strapped dress, and sneakers. The third photo is a full body shot of Daniel running, in the right upper corner of the image, layered overtop a larger dark pink circle. The fourth photo is below him, near the bottom left corner of the image. Makambe is also posed mid-stride, looking over her shoulder, shot from the waist up.

2022/23 Season

Black and white photograph of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre sign duplicated in a collage over itself in a semi circle, with a landscape black and white photo of the front of the building also duplicated and rotated clockwise up into the right corner, overtop a grey background with a white border and light pink flowers peeking out from underneath the collages.

Queer Pride Festival

Distant Early Warning

Pearle looks down at the camera through a trapdoor. She is wearing stoned leather gloves, a pearl necklace, and goggles.

White Girls in Moccasins

Yolanda Bonnell sits reclined on the floor. She is wearing blue and white tie-dye underwear, and a light blue sheer robe with blue fur detailing. They have long brown hair and are wearing blue star earrings.

The Rhubarb Festival

The Rhubarb Festival – Behind cascading copper pipes is a hodgepodge of bright, colourful, and fuzzy 3D-digital graphics exploding like biological fireworks in the background

ArtAttack! 2021

2021/22 Season


The Youth/Elders Podcast