Media Kits

Click show image to download a full kit with images, press releases, and other info via Dropbox.


A beautiful abstract graphic featuring patterns or green, pink, yellow and black. The text reads: "May twenty fourth to June thirtieth. Queer Pride"


The 45th Rhubarb Festival

An illustration of a large pink oval shaped head with a spiked collar around its neck. Inside the head are drawings of many different shapes and figures, with long purple speech bubbles/flowers coming out of the eyes and mouth, repeated in various sizes across the image. In the centre large pink block text reads ‘RHUBARB’.

We Quit Theatre

Large white text reads, WE QUIT THEATRE, with an orange cursive text reading We Quit Theatre next to it. Two mushroom clouds filled with abstract drawings are layered overtop the text.

The Rocky Mountain Special

An illustration of a mountain shape with a face in the centre show in profile on either side with one eye in the middle. There is a pattern resembling water on the left side and a pattern resembling rocks on the right side. This illustration is repeated partially at the top of the time. Curly text reads ‘The Rocky Mountain Special’ with Mountain and Special cut in half and restarting on the opposite side of the image. The entire illustration is in shades of blue.


A banner image featuring a grainy photo of a UFO in the sky. Text reads "ArtAttack XXX-Files, Nov 3 2023" and "And Auction in Support of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre"

speaking of sneaking

Illustration of a head in black and white. Layered over the head is a web in thin red lines, and a spider in thicker lines. To the right is another illustration of a red spiderweb. Text in the middle reads, SPEAKING OF SNEAKING
2023/24 Season

Queer Pride 2023

Image of a graphic that reads, QUEER 2023 PRIDE! With black block letters ranging in boldness. The background is a rainbow gradient, and the text is surrounded by a black border.

The Youth/Elders Podcast