Emerging Creators Unit

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What is the Emerging Creators’ Unit?

The Emerging Creators Unit is an artist-driven, mentor-supported creative model; we look for strongly motivated emerging queer and/or trans artists AND/OR early-in-craft queer and/or trans artists who have an ability to work independently. This means folks who are just starting their artistic career or just starting exploring a new medium are welcome to apply.

The Emerging Creators Unit offers an intensive opportunity to develop your artistic practice and producing skills. As part of this program, artists are invited to apply with a project—or a seed of a project—that will serve as a vehicle to advance their artistic practice. 

This year, the unit is facilitated by multidisciplinary artist Erum Khan (ECU artist in 2018). Workshop and masterclasses will be curated around identified areas of growth from participants.

Our call for submissions for the 2023 Emerging Creators Unit is currently live, and due on October 30, 2022.

Emerging Artist & Producer Series

EAPS is a space for emerging artists and emerging producers to meet each other, share skills and ideas, and learn from established professionals in their field. This year’s EAPS will include hands-on workshops from established artist professionals and social events to further community growth. Learn more about the program here.

Past Participants

2022 // Kalale Dalton-Lutale, Tan Vu
2021 // Ajahnis Charley, Janis Mayers, Babe Waters
// Rochelle R, Gabe Maharjan & Merlin Simard
// Ophira Calof, Brock Hessel, Shohana Sharmin, Jade Walker & Kasden Leo Indigo
 // Rhiannon Collett, Erum Khan, Kwaku Okyere, Heath V Salazar
// Bilal Baig, Teiya Kasahara, François Macdonald, Sofia Rodriguez
// Marina Moreira, Joshua Middleton, Chase Lo, Monica Garrido
// kumari giles, Faith-Ann Mendes, Andre Prefontaine, Brian Postalian
2014 // Jackie Rowland, Ramon Vitung, Rory Jade Grey
2013 // Sina Gilani, Shaista Latif, Aemilius (Milo) Ramirez, Mx. Sly
2012 // Jamie Ebbs, Daniel Jelani Ellis, Michael David Lorsch, cassy walker
2011 // Meg Gennings, Olive-or-Oliver, Andrew Robinson, Evan Vipond
2010 // Cassandra Moore, Flerida Pena, Zita Nyaraty, Jonathan Schuster
2009 // Cole J. Alvis, Kim Crosby, Tawiah M’carthy, Rob Salerno
2008 // Jessica Michael Reynolds, Mark Shyzer, Alisha Stranges, Jordan Tannahill
2007 // Andrew Bathory, Shannon Curry, Waawaate Fobister, Dawn Nearing, Jay Stewart

Program Supporters

Education Partner:
TD Bank Group

Additional Program Support:
The NigE Gough Shine On Foundation at the Toronto Community Foundation