Queerness is Divine Mystery

you are so fucking divine.

you are a sacred cult with secret rites, gathering under the waxing moon, in basements and bathrooms, lurking in the corners of myths and pulsing between the verses of sacred texts.

you are an invincible warrior with shimmering feet, an untouchable shapeshifter, the monster in the maze. a witch a wise one a healer a prophet. delicious aberration, you are an angelheaded hipster, the army of the dead and the fabulous undying. you are the goddesses out of the machine. you are unthinkable impossible unfathomable and yet—

let’s fill this sweaty temple with our tenderest selves, who knows how long its walls will stand. let’s give the archeologists something to talk about. let’s pulse and pine together and anoint these holy wounds. let me pull you so deep the boundaries between these temporary bodies dissolve, let’s feast on timeless ecstasies. ohgodohbabyohyesyesyes let’s skip across the atmosphere, let’s dance inside the neon glow, i just wanna hold each other’s faces and burn so bright we are consumed by endless dawn.

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Roberto Zucco

By Bernard-Marie Koltès, translated by Martin Crimp
September 15 - October 5

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Nuit Blanche

By Karim Olen Ash / FakeKnot / xLq
October 5



By Denim & Pythia
December 1 - 15, 2024

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Last Landscape

By Adam Paolozza
January 12 - 26, 2025

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The Rhubarb Festival

By festival director Ludmylla Reis
February 13 - 23

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Shedding a Skin

By Amanda Wilkin
April 20 - May 4

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By Julie Phan // Gabriel Dharmoo // Augusto Bitter // Marikiscrycrycry
May 14 - 31, 2025

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I Won’t Envy

By Vivek Shraya


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Photography and treatment by Fran Chudnoff