Annual Report

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To request a hard copy of our annual report, please send your name and mailing address to aidan@buddiesinbadtimes.com (note that we’re not in the office often so it may take us a while to get one on its way to you).


Our ability to engage community, support queer artists, and highlight queer stories during this pandemic would not have been possible without the support of our community of donors.


Our 2019/20 Annual Report recaps a season interrupted by COVID-19—one that saw us shift to working from home, reimaging our public programming, and finding ways to support artists. Alongside a financial update and programming highlights, you’ll find interviews with artists involved in programming both in-person and digital: 2-Spirit Cabaret curator and host Michaela Washburn, Rhubarb Festival Director Clayton Lee, residency artists We Other Sons Collective, and Queer, Far, Wherever You Are and Queer Pride artist Dainty Smith.


photo of Deaf Cabaret (Queer Pride 2020) by Greg Wong