Annual Report

Download a copy of our Audited Financial Statements (pdf).

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Our ability to engage community, support queer artists, and highlight queer stories during this pandemic would not have been possible without the support of our community of donors.


Our 2021/22 Annual Report recaps a season that continued to be shaped by COVID-19, even as we re-opened our doors to the public. From hybrid performances, to a digital conference on queer theatre, we made the most of the theatre closures, before welcoming back audiences for Rhubarb and two mainstage productions in the spring. Alongside a financial update and programming highlights, you’ll find interviews with artists involved in different facets of our programming, including Seeding Work artist Michael Caldwell, Emerging Creators Unit participant Kalale Dalton-Lutale, Q2Q-2 curator Makram Ayache, White Girls in Moccasins playwright Yolanda Bonnell, and more.


Access previous editions of the annual report.

photo of interior of Andrew Zealley’s banner installation by Connie Tsang