Health and Safety for COVID-19

December 11, 2020

Our staff have been monitoring provincial and city regulations, and have used this information to create a Covid Safety Package. The key protocols encompassed in our Covid Safety Package are as follows:

Reduced Capacity

According to provincial guidelines, we currently allow a maximum of 10 people inside the building at a time and strive to keep the number under 5 when possible一particularly when sharing spaces.

We have also created a new seating layout for reopening to ensure our patrons can remain socially distanced. Seating options range from single seats to four in a section, and can be rearranged (within reason) as required.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Patrons, staff, and visitors must wear masks inside our facilities at all times, unless there is a medical exemption or if on-screen during filming.

Plexiglass barriers have always existed in our Box Office, separating staff from patrons, and we have installed additional barriers at the Bar. We are prepared to acquire plexiglass barriers between artists and audience members upon reopening, if required.

Limiting time in the space

All staff are being encouraged to work from home when possible. 

For artists using the space, we are operating on a different rehearsal/creation schedule this year. We encourage artists to work 5-hour days instead of the standard 8 to 12, and are also mandating frequent breaks where all members of the team can exit the space to allow the air to recycle. During these breaks, doors and windows will be opened (weather-depending), and/or air purifiers set to maximum.

Designated spaces

Our facilities are still occasionally in use by some staff members as well as our Residency Artists. To accommodate this safely, Buddies has created a space use calendar where staff book their time in various parts of the building. No two staff members can book the same space at the same time. In the event of an emergency or unplanned visit to a space, staff are required to reach out to whoever is in that location to offer notice, and must act according to the comfort levels of those who booked the space in advance. 

Our current capacity is limited to 10 people inside the entire building, and we strive to keep the number under 5 when possible.

All artists in the space are given a designated area to place their personal belongings for the duration of their time in the facilities. No one is permitted to touch another person’s belongings without consent. 

Because of the intimate size of our tech booths, we are no longer allowing multiple people inside of them simultaneously. Moving forward, we will separate Stage Managers, Lighting Operators, Sound Operators, and Video Operators as needed, utilizing the space we have available on our catwalk and mezzanine.

Regular sanitization of surfaces

Upon entering the facilities, all visitors are asked to wash their hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. The supervising staff member of any residency rehearsal/event will arrive 30 minutes prior to the artists in order to:

Covid Safety Package and Screening Form

All visitors entering the space are required to read and sign our Covid Safety Package Agreement. This package includes agreeing to fill out a Screening Form each day they intend to enter the space, prior to entering the space. These forms are also to be filled out by the supervising staff member, who will monitor the information provided on the waiver.

If any artist or staff member refuses to fill out a waiver, is experiencing symptoms, or has had possible contact with the Covid-19 virus, they will not be permitted to enter the space and may contact the Joint Health & Safety Committee to reschedule (jhsc@buddiesinbadtimes.com).

If any artist or staff member discovers that they were infected in/around their time in the space, they are required to report this information to the Joint Health & Safety Committee.