The Youth / Elders Podcast

Queer communities sharing stories and sharing space.

host + project facilitator VANESSA DUNN

After the runaway success of the 2016 production of The Youth / Elders Project, we’ve have been experimenting with new ways to foster intergenerational connection inside our queer communities. And so, we’re bringing Buddies’ queer magic out into the community for the latest installment of this work – The Youth / Elders Podcast.

Responding to a need for queer, intergenerational connections and spaces, The Youth/Elders Podcast features personal stories, lived histories, and candid conversations between queer youth, queer elders, and lots of folks in between. Recorded at Toronto’s Oakwood Village Library in the Fall of 2018, the weekly discussions touch on everything from identity and relationships to activism and community spaces (then and now).

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Want to continue the conversation? Check out In Conversation, our ongoing series of in-person, intergenerational community chats hosted here at Buddies by podcast co-facilitators Daniel Carter and LeZlie Lee Kam.


The Youth / Elders Podcast is made possible by support from the Toronto Arts Council’s Artists in Libraries Program and our Education Partner TD Bank.

image by Paul Dotey

All workshops and podcast recording sessions took place at the Oakwood Village Library (341 Oakwood Avenue).

September 8, 2018

Workshop: Creative Writing Laboratory: Sharing Our Stories
Podcast Theme: Golden (Closet) Years: Queer Life as a Senior

September 15, 2018

Workshop: Creative Writing Laboratory
Podcast Theme: The Gay Alphabet (LGBTQ2STTIA*): The Power of Identity & Words

September 22, 2018

Workshop: Speed History, Part I: Youth and Elders
Podcast Theme: Speed History, Part I: Youth and Elders

September 29, 2018

Zine Workshop: Writing (About) Home
Podcast Theme: We Are Family: Exploration of Family of Origin and Chosen Family

October 6, 2018

Film Screenings + Discussion: Before Stonewall
Podcast Theme: We’re Here, We’re Queer: The History of LBGTQ Social Movements + What Now?

October 13, 2018

Workshop: Thinking Outside the Box: Creative ways to problem solve and set goals using the resources in your circle w/ guest facilitator Michaela Washburn
Podcast Theme: Two-Spirit Community: An Exploration of Indigeneity and Queerness

October 20, 2018

Film Screening + Discussion: Paris is Burning
Podcast Theme: Speed History Part II: Youth and Elders

October 27, 2018

Workshop: Podcast Working Session
Podcast Theme: Explorations of Gender Fluid, Gender Non-Conforming & Trans Communities

November 3, 2018

Workshop: Audio Recording Session + Queer Artifacts
Podcast Theme: QBIPOC, QTBIPOC, POC: A Discussion of Race & the Queer Community

November 10, 2018

Workshop: Audio Recording Session
Podcast Theme: DYKE! And Other Discussions Around the Reclamation of Language

November 17, 2018

Workshop: Audio Recording Session
Podcast Theme: Home is Where the Homo Is: Explorations of “Home” –

November 24, 2018

Workshop: Audio Recording Session
Podcast Theme: Speed History, Part III: Youth and Elders

December 1, 2018

Film Screening: The Celluloid Closet
Podcast Theme: Mollywood: Film, The Arts and Being Gay

December 8, 2018

Workshop: Audio Recording Session
Podcast Theme: Home for the HoliGays: Stories of Surviving the Holidays

December 15, 2018

Workshop: Audio Session with Youth and Elders
Podcast Theme: Endings

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Vanessa Dunn
Host and Project Facilitator