Seeding Work

Seeding Work aims to provide space and resources for artists to experiment with burgeoning ideas and questions in their practice and to open up new pathways in a project’s development. Over the course of an intensive, short-form incubation period, this question-driven program encourages performance creators to bridge the abstract into clear steps forward. The name Seeding Work is a nod to Seed Plays, an artistic development program run by Buddies in the 1980s.

The intiative started in the 2021/2022 season, when Buddies invited three artists to pursue their artistic curiosities. The projects were led respectively by Michael CaldwellKitoko, and Julie Phan 潘家雯.

Celia Green brings their work SOWWY to the program this year.


Celia Green is a choreographer, writer, and performer whose focus is on creating highly theatrical and intimate performance works that blend text and movement. They are interested in giving voice to feelings and states that feel inexpressible. Celia was a guest choreographer for Toronto Dance Theatre’s Pilot Episodes Program, and had the pleasure of being part of adelheid dance’s 2021 re:research residency. Their solo work, WAH WAH WAH, was recently presented at English Theatre Berlin as part of their Focus Canada Programming. The main themes present in their work are gender, the fragility of identity, and the pursuit of freedom. 

SOWWY is a new, boundary-breaking performance work that uses movement, text and music to investigate cycles of apology through the lens of gender. The world of this piece is distorted, chaotic, beautiful and sharp. SOWWY features a cast of trans and gender non-confirming performers who embody various beings as they speak, dance, and moan their way through the messiness of gendered violence with humour, nuance, and sometimes, forgiveness.

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