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The Laundry Basket

November 24th, 2022 // Doors  at 5:00pm // Clothing swap/drive Free // Variety Show PWYC

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The Laundry Basket is a place where gender-variant people can swap, drop, and “shop” for gender-affirming clothing. We know the difficulties folks experience shopping safely for clothing and the cost associated with replacing a wardrobe (especially in this time of financial crisis). The Laundry Basket aims to rectify these issues by creating a safe space for gender-variant people to explore their style, share tips on everything from building outfits to doing hair and make-up, and by doing so grow the community that can oftentimes feel non-existent, especially for newly out people.


To close the event there will be a variety show hosted by Brendan D’Souza featuring comedy by Ajahnis Charley, drag by Manny Dingo, and music by Cheez Boys and Chinese Medicine. Bios for each of these performers can be read below:


Host – Brendan D’Souza is a nationally acknowledged comedian and writer from Toronto Canada. Brendan’s acerbic earnestness has won over audiences all over Canada and has been featured at JFL Toronto, JFL Vancouver, We’re Funny That Way, NXNE, and more. In 2022 Brendan was invited to participate in The New Wave Of Comedy for CBC Gem, Roast Battle Canada for CBC, 1 Queen 5 Queers for Crave, and JFL Originals, to be released later this year, and their first standup special was released on OUTTvGo earlier this year. Brendan recently got bangs and hopes they’re pulling them off.


Comedy – Ajahnis Charley (they/them/that bitch) is a Black, Non-Binary comedian and is the Just For Laughs’ New Face of Comedy: Canada. Well, one of them. But look how pretty they are! They are an alum of The Second City and they star in the HBO miniseries Station Eleven and Bell Media sitcom Shelved. They’ve story edited for upcoming comedy series Bria Mack Gets A Life, Stay Tooned, Dirts and has written news satire for platforms This Hour Has 22 Minutes, The Beaverton and Because News. If you hear a pun about butts in Canadian media, they likely had something to do with it.


Drag – Manny Dingo is a Drag King that hails from Haliwood, Nova Scotia. He has been performing since 2015 and started taking up space in Toronto in 2019. He is a powerhouse performer, shy boi, and amateur DJ. He serves you a mixture of Prince, Lil Nas X, and your favorite fashionable gay uncle. He incorporates gymnastics with voguing, waacking, and smooth dance moves across the floor.


Music – Cheez Boyz is an all-queer, gender-variant punk band dedicated to creating safe spaces for trans folk to mosh. They achieve this by unleashing their gayest, most unsavoury emotions upon audiences through the means of some savoury tunes.


Music – Chinese Medicine is a BIPOC/Queer-fronted punk band based in Toronto, Canada. Their unique blend of 80’s and modern post-punk create a sound that is a blast to the face of dirty crunch and dark hooks. Sounding both familiar and fresh at the same time. Their debut EP, Die Aspora, is a hard-hitting, side-splitting fuck you to society’s corrupt systems while exploring life, and self-actualization.


COVID Safety: Masks are required in the lobby and washrooms, and encouraged while inside the Cabaret space.