Artist Announcement: The 37th Rhubarb Festival


With all appropriate fanfare and celebration, we are super excited to announce the artists who will be part of this year’s Rhubarb Festival! Look for full programming and the festival schedule right here on January 4. More Rhubarb info is on The 37th Rhubarb Festival show page.

Alaina Viau
Alex Tichgelaar
Amanda Cordner
Ange Loft
Angie Cheng
Bad Dog Theatre Company
Bruce Gibbons Fell
Buddies’ Emerging Creators Unit
Charlie Murray
Cherish Violet Blood
Clayton Lee
Cole Alvis
David Di Giovanni
DJ L’oquenz
Donna Marie Baratta
Donna Michelle St Bernard
Fatima Mechtab
Gavin Crawford
Girls Rock Camp
Hanneke Kuppers
Heidi Strauss
Holly Tredenick
Jamie Shannon
Jesi The Elder
Julie Dumais Osborne
Loose Tea Chamber Orchestra
Marcus Kopp
Mumbi Tindyebwa
Neil Lapierre
Nic Kay
Pip Bradford
Rajni Pererra
Randy Gagne
Rebecca Vandevelde
Rory Jade Grey
Sebastian Butt
Shane Halcon
Shane Mackinnon
Sina Gilani
Sky Gilbert
Susanna Fournier
Tapa Indie Exchange
Ted Witzel
The Elephants In The Room Collective
Virgilia Griffith
Walter Scott
Yolanda Bonnell

photo of Donna Michelle St Bernard, Ange Loft, and Neil Lapierre by Tanja-Tiziana, doublecrossed.ca