There is Violence and There is Righteous Violence and There is Death or, The Born-Again Crow
March 9 - 29

A Buddies in Bad Times and Native Earth Performing Arts production

Beth wants to burn it all down: the coconut milk section, the lady razor section, the healthy snacks section. The whole damn superstore. She only makes it to the magazine rack, but her act of resistance (or “public breakdown”) gets her fired and lands her back with her mom in the suburbs—where a talking crow shows her how to harness her powerful political rage. A cul-de-sac gothic with a searing punk sensibility, There is Violence reads like an unearthed X-Files episode the suits were too afraid to air. It demands that we acknowledge our fury. Because how else can we feel real?

photography and treatment by Fran Chudnoff

Caleigh Crow // playwright
Jessica Carmichael // director

Sunday, March 9 // 7:30PM (preview)
Tuesday, March 11 // 7:30PM (review)

Thursday March 13 // 7:30PM (opening night)
Friday, March 14 // 7:30PM
Saturday, March 15 // 7:30PM
Tuesday, March 18 // 7:30PM
Wednesday, March 19 // 7:30PM
Thursday, March 20 // 7:30PM
Friday, March 21 // 7:30PM
Saturday, March 22 // 7:30PM
Tuesday, March 25 // 7:30PM
Wednesday, March 26 // 7:30PM
Thursday, March 27 // 7:30PM
Friday, March 28 // 7:30PM
Saturday, March 29 // 7:30PM

Native Earth Performing Arts is Canada’s oldest professional Indigenous performing arts company. Currently, in their 41st year, they are dedicated to developing, producing, and presenting professional artistic expressions of the Indigenous experience in Canada.

Through stage productions (theatre, dance, and multi-disciplinary art), new script development, apprenticeships, and internships, Native Earth seeks to fulfill a community of artistic visions. It is a vision that is inclusive and reflective of the artistic directions of members of the Indigenous community who actively participate in the arts.


Dates & Times

March 9, March 11

Show Run
March 13-29, 2023
Tue-Sat 7:00PM
Sun 1:30PM

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