White Girls in Moccasins
March 8 - 20, 2022

Gi-bgizoomgad epiichi biinjii’yii debwewin-nim

— you swim in your truth —

A manidoons collective + Buddies in Bad Times Theatre production

Miskozi goes on a search for herself and her culture, accompanied by her inner white girl, Waabishkizi, and guided by Ziibi, a manifestation of an ancestral river. An irreverent reclamation story, White Girls in Moccasins world-hops between dreams, memories, and a surreal game show as Miskozi grapples with living her own truth in a society steeped in white supremacy.

photo of Yolanda Bonnell by Dylan Mitro, styling by Vanessa Magic, hair and makeup by Robert Weir

Yolanda Bonnell // playwright & performer
Cole Alvis + Samantha Brown // co-directors
Elizabeth Staples// performer
Ravyn Wngz // performer
Trevor Schwellnus // set design
Rihkee Strapp // projection design
Echo Zhou // lighting design
Maddie Bautista // sound design
Rachel Forbes //costume design
Yolanda Bonnell // movement facilitator
Natércia Napoleão // producer
Steph Raposo // production manager
Ada Aguilar // rehearsal stage manager

Tuesday, March 8 // 8PM (preview)
Wednesday, March 9 // 8PM (preview)

Thursday, March 10 // 8PM (opening night)
Friday, March 11 // 8PM
Saturday, March 12 // 8PM
Sunday, March 13 // 2:30PM

Tuesday, March 15 // 8PM
Wednesday, March 16 // 8PM
Thursday, March 17 // 8PM
Friday, March 18 // 8PM
Saturday, March 19 // 8PM
Sunday, March 20 // 2:30PM

*tickets for previews will be made available closer to the show

manidoons collective logo

manidoons collective is a circle of artists creating Indigenous performance. The artistic leadership includes Yolanda Bonnell (Anishinaabe-Ojibwe & South Asian, european mixed) and Cole Alvis (Michif, Chippewa, Irish & English) both based in Tkarón:to. manidoons collective recognizes the importance of collaborating with Indigenous communities, specifically Indigenous women, 2-Spirit, trans and non-binary storytellers.

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Dates & Times

March 8+9

Show run
March 10-20
Tue-Sat 8PM
Sun 2:30PM

Ticket prices

Sliding scale
$10/ $20/$40

A number of free tickets for each performance of White Girls in Moccasins are available for Indigenous and Afro-Indigenous audiences. These can be selected and booked in advance through our ticketing site. If you have additional questions, please e-mail tickets@buddiesinbadtimes.com.

*tickets for previews will be made available closer to the show

With awareness of the ongoing and evolving pandemic, we’re selling tickets in a phased rollout, starting with 25% of tickets being on sale. We’re optimistic that we will be able to release more tickets in the future, but this phased release is in an effort to anticipate changes in circumstances and restrictions, and to ensure that those who have purchased tickets are able to attend. 

For more information on our COVID safety measures, including our vaccination policy, click here.