FLY ON WALL: Tech Day, A Perspective

Rhubarb Tech Day is a long haul. Shawn Hitchins, blog master, logs the mayhem from his perspective.

11:00am – Arrive late for work, Starbucks in hand.
11:15am – Briefing with Hennebury: “Marla was stopped at the border yesterday. Customs questioned why he had a pound of glitter in his luggage. His response, ‘I just love glitter.'”
11:20am – Office discussion about my new Annie Lennox haircut.
11:30am – Give Healy a quick lesson in French for his interview with Radio Canada on Wednesday.
11:45am – Share a Cliff Bar with Wilcox. 
12:00pm – Sneak into tech rehearsal for Cordelia. Set looks great. Kelly, Tomlinson, and Connor are walking through the set-up.
12:15pm – Catch up with Tistsais, who is performing in Parole Parole. 
1:00pm – Crew Break, a feast of Wendy’s and Mr. Sub. Laura Baxter’s hair is amazing
1:05pm – Neal Medlyn spotted in the building. Red framed glasses. OMG
1:30pm – On the way to Wendy’s to grab lunch, I see half the set of Parole Parole in the hustler park outside the theatre.
1:35pm – Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, Baked Potato with Sour Cream and Chives. Quick and Cheap.
1:58pm – The dramatic conclusion of Criminal Minds. Crew break is over. I wish I looked like Shemar Moore.
2:15pm – Sit in the dressing room with Cordelia and talk about how awesome their show is going to be. Love them.
2:45pm A phone call from Hennebury, ” I just forgot how to type a question mark. That’s where I am right now.”
2:55pm  Dead Wrestlers wait in dressing room. Hair is very Willy Nelson vs. Alanis with headbands. Hilarious.
3:00pm – Rae Spoon on Proud FM tomorrow morning with Patrick and Deb and Jonathan. 
3:02pm – Wilcox walks by office and mutters, “what is wrong with everyone?” I LOL.
3:15pm – Hot guy with brass pole in Lobby.
4:05pm – Hennebury requests 8 hours to be inserted between 4:05pm-4:15pm.
5:00pm – Creative tete a tete with Healy (that’s French). We laugh about the Ad in fab classifieds that is upside down.
6:00pm – Time to get away from computer. I leave, but the tech continues.