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Q+A with Sky Gilbert

This play was actually inspired by Jean Cocteau’s play Les Parents Terribles. The seed for the play is: How much does our upbringing effect our ultimate development? Are our parents responsible for the people we become? Perhaps it’s not your parents that screwed you up, it’s the toxic nature of the nuclear family. In my opinion, the nuclear family is a quite unnatural and very inhuman institution. It’s a powder keg. I agree with Hillary Clinton and Aboriginal North Americans: it takes a village to raise a child; not only a mother and a father.

Who Is Stronger

2014 has been a challenging year for women. With the Ghomeshi and Cosby sex assault scandals reaching critical mass within the media, national discussion has finally turned to issues of privilege and the roles women are forced to play within a patriarchal society. Still, dominant conversations remain insufficient, and are often tied to an understanding of women that still frames their identity in relation to their use or value to men – wife, mother, mistress, sister, etc.