LOL: Missed Connections

Another reason to go to Rhubarb… you might pick up one of the participating artists. Buddies has definitely had its share of missed connections but this one takes the cake…

A proposition for a member of CORDELIA – m4m – 35 (Buddies Rhubarb!)

If you are a friend of the performers in Cordelia and reading this – please alert them! I’m presenting a rare Valentine opportunity here.

You: excited about the fleshlight and didn’t play the guitar. Wearing a blue long-sleeved shirt and dark denim.

Us: delighted by you and not playing guitars, either. Wearing expressive faces full of marvel, sadness, surprise and glee. 

Likely to my friend’s horror, I am sending this messenger pigeon into the thorn-filled cyber universe on his beautiful behalf.

Frankly, we were captivated. Glenn Marla’s glitter may still have been hanging in the air, but you were a soft-focus vision and charming!

On the off chance that you’re single and got some free time on Family Day, take a risk and respond to this and let me set you up on a blind date. It’s going to be a gorgeous day. You can walk around and stuff.

Like you, your potential date has got those Canadian good-looks, a razor sharp wit, and a massive capacity for joy. He’ll be mortified when I tell him how and why he has to wear a grey scarf and be in a ____ at _____ for 2 pm, but has the happy energy, good humour and the secret crush to nudge him in the direction of doing it. Do you?

Be in touch, and have a great show tonight. And so there are no hurt feelings, I will confirm that your co-star is also a hearthrob.

Happy Valentine’s Day to both of you, and whoever else is reading this.