Morsels: Rhubarb is back at it. Ready, willing and very excited, Week 2 opens tonight!

After goddesses and mermaids, cabaret and karaoke, ginger-ale, wallpapering, surgical procedures, beautiful failures, rocking some opera and a bloody good time, we’re ready and willing for another week of Rhubarb Festival.

Expect more raw and radical dance, performance art and theatre.  Week 2 is killer with Settlers and Yellow Towel/affliction kicking of the evening at 8pm.  Be there.  Stay for new works Marine Life, Expectations, Every Day is a Beautiful Day and The Omnibus Bill.  Also this week; Peak Anxiety, Gay Heritage Project, performances from the YCU, more Made to Order madness, a feast, Peak Anxiety, Gertrude and Alice, Mobile Works projects and of course, more parties. 

See you tonight.  Can’t wait.

How else to open a festival but an off the hook, boom-boxed, open-source, in your face in public space dance party.  As promised earlier on the blog we bring to you Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party …tonight!

SECRET START LOCATION IS Union Station (corner of York and Front St)

– 7:30 party starts
– party through Toronto, making our way to Buddies
– fill Buddies with boomboxes and a mean dance party from 10pm til late

Dress up.  Party down.  Get raucous.  Bring your boombox or use one of ours.

We’re a traveling party.  Can’t find us?  Don’t worry, location and pics on our live DDP twitter feed @yyzbuddies