Morsels: Trust My Gut – a high-camp, soap-operatic surgery

Marisa Hoicka as Uncle Wink and Johnny Forever work with themes of love and labour through drag aesthetics in their performance, Trust My Gut

Documentation was film at FADO’s 2011 Emerging Artists Series.

Hoicka and Forever will find humour in tender and confidential moments on the Mezzanine in the Cabaret but you only have two chances to see it!  Trust My Gut happens on opening night of Week 1 (Wed, Feb 8) and Week 2 (Wed. Feb 15) of the festival.

Stay late and party with us on the 8th for Rhubarb Festival’s Kick Off Bash at 10pm and on the 15th for Tom & Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party converging at Buddies at 10pm.

Check out more on Trust My Gut here.