PHEW: Rhubarb Now Out Of Season

To say that the theatre is quiet, would be a huge understatement. Rhubarb is over for another year and the staff here is on recovery mode. Thank you to all the artists, patrons, and technicians who made this festival super sucessful. 

Ashley Botting at Panic Manual equated the festival to a tapas of presentations:

“I thought I’d only see gay people talking about the experience of being gay, but I saw much more at The Rhubarb Festival. The great thing about it is that the shows are short enough to leave you wanting more, or make you glad to leave. Either way, it’s a unique theatrical experience, and worth, in the very least, a little taste.”

Nestruck gave us a good o’ tweet after Neil Medlyn’s Performance:

Leanne Milech from Mooney On Theatre said:

“The last time I saw art this edgy was in L.A., and I have been a lonely, wandering, wistful little Toronto girl in search of inspiring, truly original theatre ever since my time in Cali.  Well, I’ve found it at Rhubarb, where nothing seems too offbeat to be seen in public.  As my date for the evening said, “This is way better than T.V.” And that is something to cheer for.”

Till next year!