TOP 5: Life of a Craphead

Life of A Craphead presents
Top 5 Places to Feel Depressed About Yourself in Toronto
1. McDonald’s parking lot, at Bathurst and Dundas, facing the fence.

2. Looking at the prices of half-opened Fancy Feast in the pet food aisle at the Bargain Store at Bloor and Lansdowne.

3. Receiving gifts from a GoodLife fitness promoter on the street.

4. The food court at Toronto Western Hospital, first floor.

5. At Turtle Island City Dump, when you see companies you pay extra to be environmentally friendly, that claim they recycle used diapers, just dump them in with the regular garbage. Stop them!

Conceptual comedians Life of A Craphead, Amy Lam and Jon McCurley, will perform Please Copy Us Forever as part of Rhubarb’s Mobile Works. 

You can visit them at Double Double Land or find Rhubarb programming details here.