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Reading of After the Trojan Women

November 8th and 9th, 2023

Doors 7:00pm

Show 7:30pm

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Join us for a public reading of Amena Shehab and Joanna Blundell’s new full-length play “After the Trojan Women”.
Inspired by Euripides’ ancient play, “The Trojan Women”. This new version plays on the strange coincidence that modern Syrian women and the Trojan Women both find themselves on the west coast of Turkey, the site of ancient Troy, about to cross the Mediterranean Sea to a new life in Greece or beyond.

We meet three Syrian women fleeing the ongoing war in their country, caught up in personal tragedy. They are longing for safety in Europe and are forced to roll the dice with dangerous people and smugglers to make their way to Greece on rubber dinghies.

We also meet three Trojan women who have just seen their city and homes burnt and taken by the Greek army, the culmination of a ten-year siege of their city. Now, the Greeks, who killed their fathers, husbands, sons, and lovers, are set to put the women on their warships as the spoils of war and set sail for home.

Throughout history, the experience of war, which affects all men, women, old and young in equally profound ways, has primarily been described through men’s eyes. This project, written, designed, and performed by women, will recognize women as reliable and commonplace narrators in the theatre of war – on the battlefield and on the stage.

It is an original work based on real Syrian women and some of Euripides’ characters; it is not an adaptation or a documentary. The characters are fully themselves, woven with stories of many women in war and further interwoven with universal themes of love, grief, and power.


Our staff have been monitoring provincial and city regulations, and have used this information to create a COVID-19 Safety Package for visitors, artists, and staff while at Buddies.