In Solidarity

Today, as we enter into Pride month, we launch our Queer Pride Festival. 

At the same time, protests demanding justice for Black folx who have been murdered by police are being held across Canada and the United States. 

At the same time, Indigenous folx have been murdered by police.

At the same time, a global pandemic is disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable of our communities. Specifically, racialized communities, elders, and lower-income households.

As a queer arts organization, as a queer community, we want to acknowledge our role in opposing, critiquing, and dismantling dominant power structures that allow for the persistence of racism. 

We want to acknowledge the history of activism and labour that has been done by Black queer and trans communities; and to acknowledge the continued labour by these communities, from which we directly benefit.

We want to acknowledge the action we can take as individuals, as an organization, as a community, to centre Black and Indigenous voices. To listen. To learn from what is being shared. To ask what is needed. And to act.

Here is a link to resources for further education, resources for anti-racism practices and learning, and where to donate if you can. 

Here is a link to protesting and donation information and resources to contact your government officials. 

This month as we celebrate Pride and our queer communities, we want to constantly remember that our queer is built on a history of activism. Our queer is allied with struggles for justice and the right to exist. Our queer is a fuck you, our queer is a riot, our queer is a raised fist. Our queer is the Black trans woman of colour who threw the first brick.

Our queer is a dream for a better world.

June 1, 2020

This page is intended as a living document. We acknowledge that anti-racism requires ongoing work and thought, and will update this page with resources, actions, etc, as we continue to discuss this both as an institution and as a collection of individuals voices.

Buddies is entering a consultant-led organizational, which will include updating our equity hiring practices and frameworks, leadership succession planning at all levels (board and staff), and addressing anti-Black racism, racism, reconciliation and meaningful inclusion at all levels of our organization. Up-to-date information on this process can be found here.