Nuit Blanche
October 5

nuit des mauvais jours

Buddies and Nuit Blanche have been eyeing each other across the dance floor and finally hooked up—and obviously, the result is sexy. We’re bringing you a full-facility function that bridges underground scenes.

The intersecting and overlapping projects taking over the theatre’s historic building echo the makeouts and sweat stains of years of parties and performances. We’re serving you ballroom with performances by FakeKnot and DJ’d by Karim Olen Ash, and adding a touch of whimsy with pop art performance duo xLq. Leave a love letter to your missed connection in Buddies’ glittering bathrooms before you crawl home. You won’t sleep a wink (but if you did, this is the party you’d dream of).

Karim Olen Ash is making waves in Toronto’s electronic music scene. Drawing inspiration from a diverse musical background, Karim seamlessly melds house, techno, club, and disco, striking a harmonious balance between intensity and tranquility. Alongside Chippy Nonstop, Karim co-founded Pep Rally, curating a celebrated rave that brings together top artists in contemporary club music. Annually, Karim produces the legendary World AIDS Day Ball in December.

Ralph Escamillan is a queer, Canadian-Filipinx performance artist, choreographer and teacher based in Vancouver, BC. His work questions notions of identity, tradition and clothing, and the influence of pop culture in a globalising world. As the artistic director of FakeKnot, he develops collaborative performance works that have been presented both nationally and internationally. 

xLq is a pop art performance duo — two matching electro-pop superstars from the future. We are party girls and theatre makers. We create interactive theatrical playgrounds with a queer pop aesthetic. We have facilitated the Creator’s Unit at the Paprika Festival for the last three years, including this year’s show: FAST. FASHION. xLq is premiering our new large-scale interactive theatrical game show ARE YOU THE ONE? at Downstage Theatre in Calgary in March of 2025.

Nuit Blanche Toronto is the city’s annual all-night celebration of contemporary art, produced by the City of Toronto in collaboration with Toronto’s arts community. Since 2006, this award-winning event has featured almost 1,600 art installations by approximately 5,800 artists and has generated over $489 million in economic impact for Toronto.


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