Job Posting: House Technician

Working Hours: 2000 hours per year for scheduled season programming and events; First right of refusal for shows/events outside of the 2000 hours. Evenings and weekends req’d. Maximum weekly limit of 50 hours; optional ‘overtime’ hours (beyond 44 hrs/week) accepted at the discretion of the House Technician.

Salary: $40,000

Posting Date: Wednesday November 17, 2021
Closing Date: Friday December 3, 2021
Start Date: Tuesday January 4, 2022 (flexible)

A Note on Access

Buddies in Bad Times is a semi-accessible venue for workers. Our main entrance has a ramp and push button entrance, and we have a key-operated lift to the accessible washrooms on the lower level. Our offices, theatre venues, and tech booths do not have push button access at this time, but we are working to provide barrier-free access to these areas. You can find more information on upcoming accessibility projects on our website. 

We encourage applications from queer, transgender, Indigenous, BIPOC, d/Deaf and disabled applicants. For accessibility options regarding this application and how to contact us, please see the section How to Apply.


Reporting to the Production Manager and Technical Directors, the House Technician assumes the primary responsibility of running the daily operations of the Chamber theatre, including operating lighting and/or sound consoles for events and show-runs. The House Technician should be comfortable assuming leadership, earning the confidence of their co-workers, and inspiring crew members to be engaged, safe, and effective.


  • Communicate with companies to determine the in-house equipment and additional supports required for events and performances presented at the venue.
  • Participate in training and supervising contracted technical staff during load-in, install, strike and show running, taking the lead on in-house equipment installation.
  • Participate in weekly department meetings and anti-racism meetings, and relevant production meetings and post-mortems as scheduled (depending on the nature of the meeting, attendance can be remote), providing feedback to increase the sustainability of the production department.
  • Ensure venue supplies and technical inventories are up-to-date and accounted for.
  • Monitor the condition of theatre equipment and perform preventative maintenance yearly, and additionally during office hours (to be set based on show/tech schedules). Inform the Technical Director of any external repairs required.
  • Ensure that all casual crew are versed in venue-specific safety protocols and processes and are compliant with legislated safety practices, including anti-racism training.
  • Operate the lighting or audio consoles to program and set levels during technical rehearsals, offering assistance and/or guidance to casual crew as needed.
  • Operate lighting and/or sound and/or video for the duration of a show’s run, as deemed appropriate through discussion with the production team.
  • Maintain production paperwork over the course of load-in, technical rehearsals, and show run in order to efficiently problem-solve technical issues, and provide an accurate archive of running notes and show files.
  • Communicate with Front of House and Stage Management prior to and during show run to monitor house count, safety, content warnings, and other relevant information.
  • Assist in the upkeep and organization of the booth, greenroom, dressing room, and storage areas in preparation for and throughout a show run.
  • Maintain an up-to-date weekly timesheet, communicating with the production team regarding any scheduling concerns, including anticipated overtime.
  • Provide support in addressing other technical production-related needs and issues throughout the building as required.

Recommended Qualifications

  • An understanding of the intersectionality of the queer communities.
  • A working knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and a commitment to advocate for safe and humane working conditions for artistic and production personnel.
  • Outstanding communication and organizational skills with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Ability to troubleshoot problems with resourcefulness and flexibility.
  • A working knowledge of all aspects of theatrical production including interpreting construction drawings, lighting, sound, scenery, rigging, video, and related areas.
  • An understanding of, or willingness to learn, various theatre technologies and hardware including QLab, Lighting boards, and analogue/digital sound boards.

About Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre is Toronto’s leading destination for artistically rigorous alternative theatre and a world leader in developing queer voices and stories for the stage. Buddies offers a year-round program that includes a full season of queer theatre, new works festivals, artist residencies, and intergenerational training and education initiatives.

We have dedicated time over the last year addressing the company’s inherent complicity in perpetuating racism, anti-Blackness, and ableism. There is a new section to our website dedicated to updating our community on the ongoing work towards better equity practices in an effort to remain accountable to this very important work. To learn more visit: Organizational Review & Transformation — Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

How to Apply

  • Please submit applications via email to Interim Programming Director, Daniel Carter (daniel@buddiesinbadtimes.com) by Friday, December 3, with the subject line: “House Tech Application 2021”
  • Applications should include a resume and a response to the questions listed below. Responses can be submitted as a written document (max 1.5 pages), audio file or video file (max 5 minutes). 
    • Tell us a bit about yourself! You can include hobbies, working style, goals, favourite books/movies, etc – whatever you would like to share.
    • Why are you applying to this position?
    • What experience(s) will you bring to this position?
    • What do you hope to learn from working at Buddies, and what do you think you can offer to the future of Buddies and its artists?
    • What is your relationship to queerness/queer communities, and how does it affect your work?
  • If you are experiencing any obstacles relating to the application, proposed deadline, or interview dates, please reach out and we will work to meet your needs. You can contact Daniel Carter, Interim Programming Director, at daniel@buddiesinbadtimes.com.