Job Posting: Production Manager

Production Manager

Position: Permanent, Full-time, some evenings and weekends as required
Salary Range: $47,000-$55,000 + 50% of benefits paid
Reports to: Artistic Director (presently, the Interim Programming Director) and Managing Director
Application Deadline: October 1, 2021
Start Date: November 1, 2021 (flexible)

About Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Established in 1979, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre is Toronto’s leading destination for artistically rigorous alternative theatre and a world leader in developing queer voices and stories for the stage. Buddies offers a year-round program that includes a full season of queer theatre, new works festivals, artist residencies, and intergenerational training and education initiatives.

We have dedicated time over the last year addressing the company’s inherent complicity in perpetuating racism, anti-Blackness, and ableism. There is a new section to our website dedicated to updating our community on the ongoing work towards better equity practices in an effort to remain accountable to this very important work. To learn more visit: Organizational Review & Transformation — Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

A Note on Access

Buddies in Bad Times is a semi-accessible venue for workers. Our main entrance has a ramp and push button entrance, and we have a key-operated lift to the accessible washrooms on the lower level. Our offices, theatre venues, and tech booths do not have push button access at this time, but we are working to provide barrier-free access to these areas. You can find more information on upcoming accessibility projects on our website. 

We encourage applications from queer, transgender, Indigenous, BIPOC, d/Deaf and disabled applicants. For accessibility options regarding this application and how to contact us, please see the section How to Apply.

The Role

The Production Manager works in collaboration with the Technical Directors to lead all production efforts including hiring and supervising production crew. They also facilitate communication between all members of the creative team and venue staff to ensure that production elements are executed safely, on time, and within budget. The production team share the goals of maintaining an anti-racist, safe, and sustainable production department, with a focus on health and safety oversight and production expertise. The Production Manager is ​​a self-motivated, organized leader who has the ability to multitask in a spontaneous and creative work environment. 


In cooperation with the Production Department management team, some of the duties and responsibilities for this position include:

  • Secure resources needed to ensure the health and safety of all artistic and production personnel. Nurture a supportive, safe, and professional work environment.
  • In collaboration with the production department and company leadership, create a robust production schedule for all projects associated with the venue’s season. Establish realistic time management and personnel needs for each project.
  • Determine the overall financial needs of the production department for the current season, or multiple consecutive seasons. Provide budget projections for each project and distribute resources to relevant departments.
  • Manage, track, and reconcile all production-related expenses; keep accurate and up-to-date financial records and approve timesheets.
  • Collaborate in hiring, training and on-boarding new production personnel, providing ongoing feedback with all reporting staff. 
  • Ensure that all production personnel are versed in and compliant with current safety practices and legislation, including anti-racism training.
  • Facilitate consultation with company leadership and/or rental clients about the feasibility of their production needs. Negotiate all relevant contracts with the Managing Director.
  • Advise or implement processes to increase the sustainability of the company’s production-related operations.
  • Participate in weekly department meetings, management meetings and company mandated training including anti-racism/anti-oppression meetings/sessions, and schedule production meetings and post-mortems with creative teams.
  • Communicate with various departments to share key production information to support marketing, publicity and fundraising activities.
  • Develop a relationship with hired designers and support the design intention of  projects by collaborating on the feasibility of the design and maintaining the integrity of the project within budget.
  • Anticipate concerns and facilitate conversations regarding rights acquisition of Intellectual Property and protected content, in particular as used by designers.
  • Oversee all lighting, sound and video installs, levels sessions, onstage rehearsals and previews.
  • Generate contracts for designers, stage managers, and other production personnel along with cheque requisitions and payment tracking as required.

Recommended Skills and Qualities

  • An understanding of the intersectionality of the queer communities.
  • A working knowledge of relevant legislation such as Ontario’s Employment Standards Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Canadian Theatre Agreement, and other association agreements (ADC-IATSE, CAEA, etc.).
  • Ability to troubleshoot problems with resourcefulness and flexibility.
  • Outstanding communication and organizational skills with high attention to detail.
  • A high level of computer proficiency including MS Office and GSuite.
  • A working knowledge of all aspects of theatrical production including lighting, sound, scenery, rigging, video, and related areas.

How to Apply

  • Please submit applications to Jacqueline Costa (any pronouns), Acting Director of Production by email: jacqueline@buddiesinbadtimes.com.
  • Applications should include a resume and a response to the questions listed below. Responses can be submitted as a written document, audio file or video file. 
    • Tell us a bit about yourself! You can include hobbies, working style, goals, favourite books/movies, etc – whatever you would like to share.
    • Why are you applying to this position?
    • What do you hope to learn from working at Buddies, and what do you think you can offer to the future of Buddies and its artists?
    • What is your relationship to queerness/queer communities, and how does it affect your work?

If you are experiencing any obstacles relating to the application, proposed deadline, or interview dates, please reach out and we will work to meet your needs. You can contact Jacqueline Costa (any pronouns), Acting Director of Production, by email at jacqueline@buddiesinbadtimes.com or by phone at (416) 975-9130 x70.