Workshops for Elders with Lois Weaver

In preparation for her performance at the Rhubarb Festival, Tammy WhyNot (performance artist Lois Weaver) wants to talk to you!

Drop-in tea and chat (about sex and aging) with Lois Weaver
Saturday, February 10 & Sunday, February 11, 1-3PM
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (Ante Chamber)

As part of the 39th Rhubarb Festival, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre and FADO Performance Art Centre invite you to join Lois Weaver for tea and chat.

These discussions form part of the research for her performance: What Tammy Needs To Know About Getting Old And Having Sex – part-chat show, part-concert, which will be presented at the 39th Rhubarb Festival.

The Elders Tammy talks to as part of the research process may be invited to perform alongside Tammy in the show (if they are interested), either through onstage conversation, or as a ‘WhyNet’ backing singer!

Tammy will be hosting two ‘drop-in sessions,’ providing a comfortable space to chat and share.

Performing our Fabulous Selves
Workshop with Performance Artist Lois Weaver for Elders
Friday, February 16, 1-3PM
The 519, Room 204

In her newest performance project, Tammy  is exploring the topics of age, sex and intimacy but her main goal is helping folks find their most fabulous selves at every age!

One of the ways she is doing this is through her creative workshops: Performing Our Fabulous Selves. This is a fun and easy-going performance workshop designed to help people explore some of the ordinary details and extra-ordinary fantasies of their lives and then turn them into songs, poems, solo performances or even YouTube videos!

Tammy will be using the beg, borrow and steal performance techniques that she learned from her friend, Lois Weaver of Split Britches– like finding your inner diva, building your fantasy persona, writing on your feet, acting on your impulse and telling a story to save your life!

RSVP to vanessa@buddiesinbadtimes.com

Lois Weaver performances

Long Table with Lois Weaver
February 9
The Theatre Centre

Rhubarb collaborates with FADO Performance Art Centre and the Progress Festival to present a Long Table with Lois Weaver at the Progress Festival.

What Tammy Needs to Know About Getting Old and Having Sex
February 17
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Performance legend Lois Weaver brings her country singer-turned performance artist character Tammy WhyNot to Buddies for a one-night-only “concert”, performed with the participation of Toronto LGBTQ elders, talking about age, sex, love, desire, fear, and intimacy.

Presented by FADO Performance Art Centre as part of the 39th Rhubarb Festival.