Queer Pen Pals with Buddies and Pride Toronto






Pen Pal Partner

After the resounding success of our Pride Pen Pals program last June, Buddies is partnering with Pride Toronto to offer another round of pen pal matching to help get you through the winter.

We are looking for queers from across Canada—artists, audience members, club goers, retirees, arts workers, community leaders, arts appreciators — anyone who would welcome the chance to write an email (or maybe a few), and get to know someone through a one-on-one exchange. A chance to share some hopes and dreams for the new year; a chance to exchange some queer life stories and experiences, to write about what things are like right now for you. 

Participants will be matched up with each other via email and are welcome to keep the connection virtual, or switch to snail mail. We will prioritize (unless you indicate otherwise) matching people across generational lines to help connect our queer community and learn from each other. 

“I’ve found that the medium has given me a unique opportunity to think about myself and my story, how I present who I am and my journey to date. It’s been a real opportunity for self reflection, as well as a new friendship. I’m excited for it to continue.”

– Ian, Guelph, ON

The details

  • Sign up by January 18, 2021; our matches will go out January 22, 2021
  • We’ll start by introducing you to your pen pal via email, and welcome you to exchange mailing addresses as you feel comfortable.

Your name and email address will only be shared with your pen pal and with Buddies in Bad Times/Pride Toronto. We won’t add your address to our mailing lists without your consent.

Sign ups are now closed for the Pen Pals program.

If you have any questions, please reach out to penpals@buddiesinbadtimes.com.

banner illustration by Pree Rehal

Pride Pen Pals is brought to you by Buddies’ ongoing Youth/Elders Projects, dedicated to connecting queer folks across generations (previous projects include The Youth/Elders Project stage production (2016/17), the Youth/Elders Podcast (2017/18), and our on-going “In Conversation” series (2018/19 – present).