Buddies Rewards


This button takes you to our on-line ticketing site where you can create or update your account to start earning Buddies Rewards.

You can also call us at 416-975-8555 or speak to one of our Box Office Representatives the next time you’re here.


The more you buy, the more you save with Buddies Rewards

Buddies Rewards is a free program that lets you see more at Buddies for less. There’s no cost to join, no purchase required, and you’ll only receive emails from us if you want to


Buddies Rewards is based on how many tickets you buy in a season (September – June), and earns you bigger discounts the more you purchase. It works like this:

First 2 Tickets – Regular Price
3rd & 4th Ticket – 10% Off
Everything After That – 20% Off

In addition, over the lifetime of your membership, for every 10 tickets you purchase you will receive a free ticket to any show in our Mainstage Season.

Certain restrictions apply – see the Fine Print section at the bottom of this page for details.


Once you sign up, you just buy tickets like you normally would – in person, on-line, or over the phone – and your rewards will be instantly added to your account. Each time you earn new rewards, you will be notified by email.

You can earn and redeem rewards for any show in our Mainstage Season and select community events in our Cabaret. Look for the Buddies Rewards logo – this will tell you that a show is eligible for Buddies Rewards.


Our box office staff are happy to answer any question you have about your Buddies Rewards membership. Call 416-975-8555 or email Buddies Rewards at rewards@buddiesinbadtimes.com.


How do I join?

You can sign up for Buddies Rewards online, in person, or over the phone at 416-975-8555.

Is there a cost to join?

Buddies Rewards is 100% free to join, and there is no obligation to purchase after you sign up.

How do I earn rewards?

You earn rewards simply by purchasing tickets to shows in our Mainstage Season. After you sign up, all eligible purchases made in person, on-line, or over the phone automatically count towards your Buddies Rewards account.

How do I redeem my rewards?

Your rewards are applied automatically at check out. That means no worrying about coupon codes, or missing out on your rewards.

Can I save my rewards for later?

No. Your rewards are automatically applied and cannot be deferred or transferred to a later purchase.

Can I give my rewards to someone else?

No. Your rewards are unique to your account and therefore cannot be transferred to another patron.

Do my rewards expire?

Yes and No. Percentage discounts (e.g. 10% off, 20% off) are based on purchases within a season and reset in July. However, free ticket rewards do not expire or reset ever and are good for the lifetime of your membership.

Are there restrictions on which shows are eligible for Buddies Rewards?

Yes. Only shows in our Mainstage Season and certain community events in our Cabaret earn rewards and are eligible for discounts under the Buddies Rewards program. Always look for the Buddies Rewards logo – that will tell you if the show you want to see will count towards your rewards.

Does Buddies Rewards apply to preview and matinee performances?

Yes, previews and matinees are both eligible for Buddies Rewards.

Can I combine my Buddies Rewards discounts with other offers?

You can only earn rewards and claim discounts on regularly priced tickets. This includes the Regular Adult price, as well as Under 30 / Arts Worker tickets and Buy Early & Save tickets.

Ineligible discounts include Rush Tickets, PWYC performances, and special offer coupon codes.

Will I need to show a membership card at the box office?

No. Whenever you purchase tickets under your name it automatically applies to your Buddies Rewards membership.

What if I forgot to tell your box office staff that I am a Buddies Rewards member?

That’s okay. Discounts are automatically earned and applied so as long as the tickets are sold under your name they count towards your Buddies Rewards membership. If you think that you made a purchase that wasn’t counted towards your membership, please contact Stephanie Malek at stephanie@buddiesinbadtimes.com.

What if I buy a large number of tickets at once – will my discount still apply? Or will I have to wait until my next purchase to redeem my discount?

Your discounts are instantly applied, so there is no need to wait.

For example, if you bought your first four tickets all at once, the first two tickets would earn you a 10% discount that would then be applied to the 3rd and 4th tickets in that order.

How can I find out what rewards I have earned?

Simply call our box office during regular hours (12-5pm, Tuesday-Saturday) or email Buddies Rewards at rewards@buddiesinbadtimes.com.

My rewards weren’t applied to my account – what should I do?

Email Stephanie Malek at stephanie@buddiesinbadtimes.com or call 416-975-9130 x72 and we will correct any errors with your account.

How do I cancel my Buddies Rewards membership?

Simply email Buddies Rewards at rewards@buddiesinbadtimes.com and include your full name and email address.

What does Buddies do with my contact information?

Buddies will only use your contact information for specific reasons related to pertinent information about your account.

  • When you have earned new rewards, you will receive an email from us notifying you of the discounts available on your next purchase.
  • If there are unexpected changes to a performance you have purchased tickets for, such as cancellation or local road closures, we will notify you by email.
  • You may also choose to receive a monthly newsletter that outlines all the upcoming events available to Buddies Rewards members. You can sign up for this newsletter when creating your account, or email rewards@buddiesinbadtimes.com.

Buddies never sells or trades your contact information to third parties. To learn more about how Buddies protects your privacy, see our Privacy Policy.

How do I change my contact information?

Simply call our box office during regular hours (12-5pm, Tuesday-Saturday) or email rewards@buddiesinbadtimes.com.

Does this mean Buddies no longer offers Seasons Passes?

No. You can still purchase fully flexible passes for our Mainstage Season. However,  tickets booked under a Seasons Pass are not eligible for Buddies Rewards discounts.

Get more information about Seasons Passes


Only shows in our Mainstage Season and certain shows in our cabaret earn rewards and are eligible for discounts under the Buddies Rewards program. Discounts can not be earned or applied in conjunction with any other offer such as Rush Tickets, PWYC performances, or special discount codes. Percentage discounts expire on July 1 (free ticket rewards do not expire). Please note that there is no monetary value attached to the free 11th ticket.