Rhubarb Artist Marketing Questionnaire

Please fill out this form (with as much info as you have) by Friday, December 29. If you have any questions, or are having trouble with the form, please contact Natasha at natasha@buddiesinbadtimes.com.

Feel free to send any updates after filling out the form.

  • Primary Contact information

  • We typically communicate with festival artists primarily by e-mail, but we’re always happy to chat on the phone, etc, if that is more useful or accessible to you. Let us know if you have any notes around communication that you’d like to share.
  • Project and artist information

  • Tell us a bit about your piece. What are some themes and/or forms that you’re exploring or questioning? We will use this to create a short description of the project for web/social promo and press purposes, alongside your artist statement (we will pass copy your way for approval). Note: We know this info might not be available to you yet, you can always send us an update in January.
  • Please provide an artist statement or bio (approximately 100 words or less) for the artist or company - this will be displayed on the website alongside the performance schedule. We'll standardize formatting (i.e. italics for performance titles, etc), but if you have specific formatting that this form doesn't accommodate, feel free to e-mail it directly to Natasha at natasha@buddiesinbadtimes.com
  • (if applicable)
  • This is how people will be credited in the house programme and on the website. Be sure to include yourself. (click on the + sign to add additional rows)
    NamePosition/RolePronoun (optional) 
  • Media & Additional Info

  • It's helpful to know who our queer / QTBIPOC / trans artists are as we often get specific media requests. Note: this question is optional, and for our own reference.
  • Like, fluent enough to do a live-to-tape interview.
  • Give us your website, twitter handle, facebook page, youtube or soundcloud links, your tumblr. Anywhere that you’d like people to find out about you and your work (click on the + sign to add additional rows).
  • It's always helpful to have some images on hand in talking about the Festival and individual. If you have artist images, or images/videos of previous works that feel relevant, please attach them here, or provide a link below. Please include photography and any other credits in the file name, or e-mail natasha@buddiesinbadtimes.com with that information.
    Max. file size: 50 MB.
  • If it's easier to share a drive or folder with photos or videos, you can do that here.
  • At Rhubarb we don't distribute comps through our Festival artists, but we have a pretty lengthy list of industry folks (artistic directors, presenters, etc.) that we'll be inviting. If there's a particular industry person that you'd really like to see your work, please feel free to include their name/contact info below, and we'll make sure they're on there. (You can also send these to Aidan at aidan@buddiesibadtimes.com leading up to the festival).
    NameE-mail address