Bizarre Ball 4: Shipwreck!
June 17



June 17 at 10:30pm // The Chamber // Tickets $10 (at the door)

presented by Mother Trouble Nuance, Jazmyn Monroe and Neutron Ebony

Washed ashore with barely an effect between them Mother Trouble Nuance, Jazmyn Monroe, and Neutron Ebony realized that the other survivors needed something to lift their spirits while they waited for rescue. These effervescent adventurers knew just what to do. The runway is ready, the rescue is coming, let’s live for the moment! For it’s 4th instalment, The Bizarre Ball is serving yacht club disaster couture. Come slay the runway, or simply experience the wildest night this city has to offer.

Mother Trouble Nuance
Jazmyn Monroe
Neutron Ebony

John Caffery

Legendary Sevyn 007

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Bizarre: What caused this shipwreck? What foul creature from the depths delivered our adventurers to the steps of certain doom?

Fag Out: A real fag knows how to make the best of a bad situation. In either a coconut or sea shell bra show us just how faggy you can get. Make the survivors gasp on your bubbling gayness.

Hairography: The best way to deal with tension is to shake it out. Bring it to the runway like a crashing wave and whip it, dip it, flick it, and flaunt it! Show us how much long hair don’t care!

Ovah Shoe: Scavenge the washed up luggage for the fabbest boat shoe or pump you can find. The best footwear wins the trophy!

Hair Affair: We wanna see hair art! Let’s hope there is a stylist in the group to give you a hair look inspired by the Kraken. Think BIG!

Best Dressed: You were already wearing your best when the ship went down. So bring it to the runway in your best nautical look!

Runway: Sailors and Sirens! BQs give us a sailor inspired look. Sirens show us your best mermaid couture!

 Face: The face gurls know that even when stranded on a deserted island you must avoid sun damage! Tonight let’s celebrate all their hard work when they come through painted in a look inspired by our favourite water deities! FF’s give us an Ursula inspired look, BQ’s show us Poseidon!

BQUIP: This island may not have a pool, but that doesn’t mean we don’t wanna see a poolboy or three? Pump the runway in a booth short, crop top, and your favourite heels.

Realness: Living in close quarters makes it hard for to remain unclockable. But you know the real REAL kids can do it!
Executives: Give us a ship’s captain look.
Schoolboys: Show us your tennis court ensemble.
Thugs: We wanna see the Lost Boy’s from Peter Pan.

Sex Siren: The ship went down while you were sunning yourself poolside! Bring it in your swimsuit and don’t forget to add a pool toy because any good seduction should be done with a prop.

Performance: Trapped on an island the girls have nothing but time. You might as well work on your spins, dips, and duckwalking. Show off all your hardwork in a hula girl inspired effect!