Last Landscape
January 12 - 26, 2025

Recipient of the Ray Ferris Innovation and Sustainability Grant

A Bad New Days production, in partnership with Common Boots Theatre

In a sometime somewhere devoid of nature, clownish ‘workers’ enter an empty space and assemble a series of artificial landscapes, striving to recreate the natural world from memory. But are we seeing the deep past? Or some genetically modified future? The world premiere of Last Landscape employs Bad New Days’ signature brand of physical theatre, offering a playful meditation on extinction, ecological grief and interspecies care, where colossal puppets of prehistoric megafauna roam free. On the brink of environmental collapse, it offers brave new possibilities for how we might share this big green miraclemarble.

photography and treatment by Fran Chudnoff

Adam Paolozza // conceived and directed by
Victor Pokinko // creative producer


Common Boots Theatre is a Toronto-based theatre company that has been creating welcoming, engaging, and joyful theatrical events and experiences for 40 years. We prioritize the creation of new Canadian work that reflects the place and time in which we live, often in unexpected forms and non-traditional spaces like the outdoors. We value collaboration, care, and comedy in the way we engage both artists and the audiences we serve. Our boutique approach celebrates the intimate and intricate human connections we grow in our communities and into the broader world.



Since 2014, Bad New Days has established a unique presence in Canadian theatre creating visually bold and physically innovative theatrical works that explore the complexity of the human condition through a volatile blend of lightness and gravity, drawing from the theatrical traditions of the past and re-imagining them in a contemporary aesthetic context.

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