March 26 - April 6

“hypnotic”… a potent audio-visual cocktail”

— Globe & Mail

In the future, a dying old woman drifts among the thoughts of someone in the present. In this fantastical dream world, a surreal portrait of our past and future selves unfolds. Seamlessly blending music, storytelling, and cutting-edge technology, theatrical innovator Marie Brassard creates a hauntingly beautiful reflection on time and death.

In Me Talking to Myself in the Future, Marie Brassard reminisces with her future self as Morpheus, the god of dreams, guides her towards death. In her final moments, Brassard’s reverie becomes distorted by pain, desire, love, drugs and fear. This show highlights Brassard’s talent for hypnotic storytelling as she depicts multiple selves engulfed by poetic hallucinations, memories, and dreams.

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre is thrilled to present work by cherished Quebecois performance artist Marie Brassard whom audiences will remember from her award winning performance of Jimmy, presented at Buddies in 2005. In the vein of technologically innovative theatre companies such as Vancouver’s Electric Company and Montreal’s 2Boys.tv, Marie Brassard’s work pushes the boundaries of traditional theatre performance. Brassard’s use of cutting edge technology allows audiences to experience theatre like they never have before. Infarouge’s high-tech landscapes invite theatre-goers to stretch the limits of their imagination as they journey with Brassard into the unknown.

 image of Marie Brassard by Tanja-Tiziana.


Buddies in Bad Times Theatre proudly presents an INFRAROUGE production


written and directed by Marie Brassard
starring Marie BrassardJonathan Parant Alexandre St-Onge
original live music and sound design Jonathan Parant Alexandre St-Onge
16mmm images and video Mikko Hynninen
lighting & video operator Michel Antoine Castonguay
technical director Fred Auger

✭ ✭ ✭ (out of 4)”hypnotic”… a potent audio-visual cocktail”

–The Globe & Mail (Read Article)

“Marie Brassard’s trippy new play at Buddies is out of this world”

–Daily Xtra (Read Article)

“An innovative masterpiece”

–The Theatre Reader (Read Article)

“(Brassard) pulls us into her beguiling narrative by some mysterious mixture of quiet revelation and raw exposure, and holds us there with her expressive hands and honest delivery.”

-Mooney on Theatre (Read Article)