QueerCab: Lostpeople, sadcore, draingang
April 12, 2023


We invite all sadpeople for this iteration of QueerCab, which promises a night of drag, theatre, music, film and more! A handful of outstanding queer artists take on themes of isolation, exile, identity, and of course, AI during this evening where past and future collide.

All proceeds collected at the door will be donated to Stichting Zeilen Van Vrijheid, a grassroots humanitarian organization committed to delivering priority emergency vehicles, medicines, and equipment to Ukraine.

Hosted by Sebastian Urmom

Image of drag performer in red lingerie and a long black coat, striking a pose.Sebastian Urmom not only uses all the pronouns that your mama gave they/she/him last night, but is from the borough where all of the cuties come from… Scarborough! With self produced accomplishments including Heat in My Clutch (2022) and Seb’s PLAYPEN (2023,) Sebastian hopes to use drag to reclaim and foster a healthy/safe relationship with masculinity, and amplify that for others. Now sit back relax and grab a flask as they charmingly sleep their way into your hearts and Quench your thirst for Cute! Follow Sebastian on Instagram.

Featured Performers

Headshot image of Hume. Hume is wearing a tan jacket.Hume Baugh: I have been an actor for 40 years. I am also a playwright, author of Crush and The Girl in the Picture Tries to Hang Up The Phone. I have worked at Buddies numerous times.




Headshot image of Sare. Sare is wearing a leather jacket.Sare Thorpe (Mx, They/Them) is an award-winning theatre artist and performer based in Toronto, and one of the founding members of the independent collective Soup Can Theatre. They are Mad, Queer, and Trans Nonbinary. They received their BAH in Theatre from York University, specializing in devised theatre and collective creation. Credits include conceiving and directing the immersive and site-specific adaptation of “A Christmas Carol” at the Campbell House Museum, creating and performing “Heretic”, a solo retelling of the story of Joan of Arc, and assistant directing the Guild Festival Theatre’s recent production of “Chekhov’s Shorts”. They are currently co-creating a theatre/circus hybrid work called “American Traditional”, about women in the tattoo and circus worlds in the early 1900s. Follow Sare on Instagram.

Headshot image of Eish. Eish is wearing a cap, button down shirt and overalls.Eish Van Wieren is a white (Dutch/UK) trans-nonbinary trans-disciplinary performer, playwright, mask maker and costume designer originally from Mohkinstsis/Calgary and currently based in Tkaranto/Toronto. The wonders of plants, animals, magic, along with their dysmorphia inform their creation of creatures, stories and masks. They are interested in using the wonderful to explore the horrible. Eish is passionate about staging trans/queer stories while building teams that reflect the stories on stage. Eish is an alumni of Playwright’s Workshop Montreal Young Creator’s Unit 2021-2022, Tarragon Theatre’s Extended Young Playwriting Unit 2021 and a current member of the Nightwood Innovators 2022-2023. Their work has been supported by the Canada Council, Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, Theatre Outre, Buddies in Bad Times, Playwright’s Workshop Montreal, Odyssey Theatre and more. Follow Eish on Instagram.

Headshot image of Aaron. Aaron is wearing a blazer over a t shirt.Aaron Clapperton loved to dance, draw cartoons, and retell Greek myths, fairy tales, and Robert Munsch’s stories growing up. He kept at it and after many years of GO Train rides and grueling part-time joe job shifts, he has finally arrived at his first ever QueerCab at Buddies! He is thrilled to be featured alongside showstopping queer, non–binary, and trans talents from in and around Toronto. Please introduce yourself to Aaron! (He loves making new friends.) Follow Aaron on Instagram.

Headshot image of Bronwyn. Brownwyn is wearing an orange button up shirt.Bronwyn Keough (they/she) is a queer, non-binary, multi-disciplinary theatre artist from Ktaqmkuk (Newfoundland and Labrador). A recent graduate of the University of Toronto and Sheridan College, they moved to the mainland to pursue further education, and to connect more freely with a queer community. Since moving to the province, she has written and directed for several student-run festivals, including but not limited to Under Pressure (EDSS, 2019), The Haunted House (Beck, 2019), THE ANYTHING PROJECT (Beck, 2021), as well as producing the 2022 Beck Festival of Creation. Furthermore, she has appeared in several theatrical performances, such as “Fefu and Her Friends” (dir. Brian Postalian), “A Mummer’s Play” (dir. Jordan Vincer), and “Romeo and Juliet” (dir. Paolo Santalucia). Bronwyn was also a participant in the 2022 TENT program as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival. Their work is markedly queer, feminist, and brutally honest. They are concerned with exploring connection between girls and women, our relationship with the land, and intend to act as a voice for rural communities. Follow Bronwyn on Instagram.

Headshot image of Elizabeth. Elizabeth is wearing a long sleeved purple shirt.Elizabeth Rodenburg is a queer, neurodivergent Canadian actor and writer born and raised in Guelph, Ontario. They hope to explore and share their love for theatre and film through both classical and modern mediums, with an emphasis on challenging traditional narratives. They are a recent graduate from the University of Windsor’s BFA in Acting program, and have experience with devised works, puppetry, clown and conservatory style education. Elizabeth has previously performed in many reimaginings of classical works including Brutus/Esther in Portia’s Julius Caesar, Procne in If We Were Birds, and Claudio in Much Ado About Nothing. She is also a participant in Tarragon’s National Young Playwrights Unit (2023) and has previously written and performed a one-person show entitled Shapeshifter, exploring gender identity and mental illness. Elizabeth is passionate about telling often untold stories in a way that celebrates artists and their identities and gives people the opportunity to explore wonderful and exciting as well as difficult narratives. They hope to centre their work around the strength and individuality that can be found in community and is passionate about creating collaborative work that is enjoyable for both artist and audience. Constantly looking for ways to grow as an artist and an individual she is open to new and challenging experiences and roles. Follow Elizabeth on Instagram.

Image of Raymond, wearing a toque and winter jacket.Headshot image of Peter. Peter is wearing a toque and a sweater.The Reading Salon
Raymond Helkio
is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design, whose work has been shown at international film, theatre, and design festivals including Inside Out Film Festival, Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, Design Exchange, Videofag, Art Gallery of Ontario, Glad Day Bookshop, Artscape and Nuit Rose.
Peter Lynch has long been associated with Buddies In Bad Times Theatre in the capacity of an Actor/Writer. He is thrilled to have this opportunity be a part of QueerCab!

Image of two performers in hats with ping pong eyeballs on top. They are both holding fall leaves and wearing brown jackets.Randi + The Worm are a performance duo that explore the mundane through a queer, comedic lens. Using drag, over-the-top characters, and physical comedy they are able to make audiences laugh, gasp, and squirm in their seats.



Image of Dario in profile, holding a red rose.Dario Dvon is a performing artist with 10 years of experience in Events management and production. As a result of his life love and passion for equality and entertainment, Dario at 18 years co-founded one of the first MSM organizations in Barbados called Equals in 2012, which caters to gay/bi males providing a safe space for young men. In this organization which has developed and changed through the years, Dario was the entertainment and activities coordinator planning event like games nights, movie nights, informative men’s health sessions, and pageants. Dario has always had a passion for music and performing arts being part of many creative workshops as well as competitions; Finalist in the Baje to the world talent competition, 2nd place in the Who’s Next Singing competition, and Best Male Vocalist winner in the Sandals Festival of the Arts regional competition. Not having many areas of musical theater in Barbados, Dario found himself working with a group called operation triple treat where he worked in the adult program and their production of the musical Matilda. Dario developed his entertainment and production skills at Sandals Barbados where he worked as an entertainment coordinator and then an as Entertainment Supervisor for the past seven years. There he produced weekly shows, and themed events and managed a team of twenty-plus young talents. Dario’s real strength is pushing the boundaries of creativity with limited resources; producing the first Sandals Carnival – (bringing the carnival experience to the resort), Sandals Circus – (All day circus experience with daytime activities as well as a circus production), and Bedtime Horrors a Halloween production to name a few. Sandals Barbados was Dario’s safe space away from discrimination where he headlined his weekly one-man shows: ‘A Taste of Broadway’ and ‘Love Vibes with Dario Dvon’. In Dario’s artistic journey, he struggled to express himself freely in a toxic and discriminatory environment. Dario attempted to film his first music video for his music and after meeting conceptualizing and shooting, the videographer decided to discard all work due to my sexuality. This sent Dario into a depression, and he realized that he would never be able to live freely and express himself in his current environment which led him to leave his home to pursue his dream and feel free. In this new environment, Dario has the drive and passion to make his dream a reality of being a gay international performing artist with a voice that colors the silence. Follow Dario on Instagram.

Headshot image of Steff. Steff is wearing glasses and a black tank top.Steff Juniper’s Quivering
Steff(ania) Juniper Mendolia (they/them) is a southern Italian/Sicilian-Canadian residing in Tkaronto. They are a sober queer, non-binary trans person, a mad/disability justice worker, creative writer and sound artist. They have completed an arts-based MA in Critical Disability Studies, titled “Trans-Feminist Witchcraft: A Psychiatric Survivor Narrative”. They are currently working on their arts-based PhD in Gender, Feminist and Women’s Studies at York University.


Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Doors at 7:00PM
Show at 7:30PM


PWYC tickets available at the door

All proceeds collected at the door will be donated to Stichting Zeilen Van Vrijheid, a grassroots humanitarian organization committed to delivering priority emergency vehicles, medicines, and equipment to Ukraine.