May 21 - 24

A quixotic ensemble of hunky dancers break the lines between cultures in a viscerally provocative celebration of sexuality. Choreographer Hari Krishnan offers a double-bill of contemporary dance works in his signature global style that revels in lust, love, loss, love, laughter, love, LIFE- glorifying the imperfect beauty in all of us.

photo of Paul Charboneau and Roney Lewis by Tanja-Tiziana.

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre proudly welcomes an InDANCE double bill


choreography Hari Krishnan
starring Paul Charbonneau, Peter Hessel, Gerry King, Jelani Ade-Lam, Sze-Yang Ade-Lam, Ryan Lee, Roney Lewis, Matthew Montgomery & Matt Owen
music composition / sound design Niraj Chag (UK)
lighting design Arun Srinivasan
costume design Rex
visual design Boyd Bonitzke & Rex
stage/production management Gillian Lewis