Queer Pride 2020

Queer Pride is radical love and defiant self-expression. It is a time to celebrate everything that we are and all that we can be, while reimagining the spaces we create for all of our queer communities to come together.

In launching this year’s Queer Pride Festival, the health and safety of our communities has been at the forefront of our decision-making and programming. At the same time, recent (though always, ongoing) events remind us that safety goes well beyond wearing masks and staying six feet apart. We want to acknowledge that the health and safety of our communities is a collective effort. 

In response to calls from the community over the last few weeks, we are taking time to look inwardly, reflect, and take action on issues of structural racism, anti-Blackness, and equity in our own organization. To make space for this, and to allow artists the freedom to make their own decisions about their association with Buddies during this time of examination and change, we are pressing pause on most of our Pride programming. All artists will still be paid their fees in full. Some projects are continuing as planned, and you will find more information on those below.

As we all navigate a very different Pride this year, we encourage folks to consider how they can make a space, an event, a performance, a protest safer for all members of our communities.

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