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“Toronto’s go-to event for thought-provoking, political, adventurous entertainment” -Toronto Life

“A Toronto theatre institution” -Xtra

“One of the best events on the Toronto theatre calendar” -Toronto Star

“Rhubarb is impossible to predict but even more impossible to resist” -My Gay Toronto

This (hopefully comprehensive) list of all projects to ever happen at Rhubarb is our first foray into making this history available to the public in over 10 years. This page is, of course and always, a work in progress – if you want to contribute information to this archive, send us an email at industry@buddiesinbadtimes.com

Special thanks to Franco Boni who compiled and edited the project and performer listings from 1979-1998, published in the anthology Rhubarb-o-Rama; as well as Sky Gilbert, Spencer Charles Smith, Alysha Bernstein, and Thom Bryce for their assistance in assembling this The Rhubarb Archive in 2014.


Festival director Clayton Lee, curatorial collective Van LisaTheresa CutknifeClaudia Edwards, Clayton LeeVictoria Mata

Eat Me

A womxn indulges in her endless taste for cake and capitalism. Come hungry: it’s gonna be nasty.
Desirée Leverenz / the conceiver and the body

The Parasite

Using mask, burlesque, fringe, pompoms, and more, two performers delve into what it means for their queer bodies to create, gestate, and nurture.
Jay Northcott + Alisha Van Wieren / creators + performers

Scary Stories People of Colour Tell in the Dark

Through the lenses of drag and the Black, Latinx and Asian diasporas, this reimagining of a classic horror anthology asks how the things that scare us can bring us closer to our memories, our bodies, and each other.
Patrick Salvani/Ms Nookie Galore, Kamika Peters/Ursula Babb Galore + Franny Galore / creators + performers
Saul Garcia Lopez, Kumari Giles, Khary Mathurin + Shirina Quereshi / collaborators


A story (like all stories) to help guide us through an irrational world and point us toward home, Pouin delves into the urban, the rural, and a sense of unbelonging.
Smith Purdy / writer
Elwood Jimmy / director
Emma Smith / producer
Ashley Bomberry, Jamais Da Costa, jes sachse, Ty Sloane / performers

ritual [moment]um

A dancer and a musician combine forces to explore and unravel the legacies they’ve inherited – deciding what to hold onto, and when to let go in order to heal.
Rajna Swaminathan / musician
Nyda Kwasowsky / dance artist


Uncouth, uncensored and, possibly undressed – Ursula Martinez gets personal, political, and philosophical in this soul-baring solo performance that blends spoken word, performance art, and stand-up comedy.
Ursula Martinez / artist

a few movements

Working its way back from middle age to a time of certainties, when summer nights carried the promise of an entire future, this piece deals in memories of space, city squares, cupboards, steep coastal roads, windows, rooms without walls.
Francesco Gagliardi / artist + creator

Panel Show

Starring celebrities drawn from the audience, Panel Show will interrogate the important question of our time: Are you queer enough?
Moe Angelos / Artist

Are You Still Watching?

After a lifetime of over-sharing herself online and in her art practice, Thirza Cuthand wonders whether she’s scaring away potential partners.
Thirza Cuthand / writer, director + performer

Lao Thai

This is how it begins. The Kong family transports their kitchen into the Chamber for a durational food-based performance. Audience members are welcome to come (and go) at any time during the performance, and are invited to cook, eat, and clean alongside the Kong family.
Lits Kong, Tim Kong, Jailong Kong, Jadalynn Kong  + Hazira Khalek

Practicing listening to the subterranean murmurs

It’s low rumbling unruly states and navigating control – what is done and doing to you, to us, to me, for us, for you, for me. A performance interrogating thresholds, intimacy, and spectacle, on micro and macro levels.
Last Yearz Interesting Negro / concept, choreography, performance + text
Josh Anio Grigg / sound design

Immortal Bodies

Contemporary ballroom performance meets the timeless stories and figures of Greek antiquity, brought to you by the House of Constantine and friends.
JoJo Constantine / curator + performer
Father Dutch Constantine (voice only), Founder Danger Constantine, Mother Kida Constantine, TD Constantine, Legacy Constantine, Tonne Pink Lady, Jimmy 007, Zakiya Constantine / performers


A confluence of words, sound, and memory — the poetry of Arielle Twist is paired with Ziibiwan’s tension-filled soundscapes.
Arielle Twist + Ziibiwan / creators + performers

Spiral Life

A young Deaf woman faces communication barriers, rejection, and her own mortality as she visits her mother in hospice. Performed in ASL with English interpretation.
Tamyka Bullen/ performer
Alex Bulmer / dramaturg + co-director
Chelsea Dab-Hilke / co-director

Trans Gemmes 2.0

Six trans women of colour are ready to fuck you up with their realness: it’s a girls’ night out gone wild complete with pillow fights, dancing, burger-eating and a nosy step-father.
Gabe Maharjan, Leon Tsai, Mars Alexander, Nikki, Scarlett, X / performers + creators
Bilal Baig / director
The AMY Project / producer

Toxic People

Jilted X takes the audience through an exorcism ritual to show us just how easy it is to rid ourselves of toxic energy and turn that frown upside down.
Tiffany Paige + Esther Splett / creators + performers

To All My Past, Present, and Future Lovers… I’m Sorry

Nickeshia Garrick lays it all bare and offers up an apology for herself in this solo dance theatre piece.
Nickeshia Garrick / choreographer, writer, director + performer
Kevin Ormsby / mentor

mientras tanto // 缺口

Two queer women of colour grapple with the politics of their love and intimacy. A physical theatre piece set in and around their bed.
Sofia Rodriguez + Liz Der / creators + performers

What’s Done Must Come

Music, movement, and poetry collide at a dinner party. Delving into the sacred, the profane, and the prophetic, Buddies resident artists We Other Sons collective explore what sex and shame mean for them as queer men of colour.
Daniel Jelani Ellis / co-creator + director
Omar David Rivero / co-creator + sound designer
Daniel Antonio, Micha Edwards, David Lewis-Peart + Roel Torres / co-creators

Queer Church Cabaret

From poetry and experimental music to choreographed numbers, a group of artists collectively conjures a vision of a queer church.
Boiband the Boyband (Monica Garrido, Lucia Linares Leon + Heath V. Salazar), Soft Honey, Tigerwing, Sofia Fly + Pickles Lavey


Violeta Luna channels Frida Kahlo as a manifestation of the women who question and push beyond the status quo, inviting the audience to witness or take part.
Violeta Luna / performer
David Molina / music
Roberto Varea / video

Art Party

A queer-art-party-performance cabaret celebrating madness, sex, intimacy, and the grotesque through sound-art, dance, and performance.
Jord Camp, Brock Hessel, Mich Cota, Steff Juniper, R. Flex, Kenton Smith + Yovska

My Last American Dollar:

Round 1. Tricking and Flipping Coins: Making Dollars Hit,
Round 2. Black Angels in the Infield: Dripping Faggot Sweat,
Round 3. Whatchu Gonna Do: Marvelous like Marva
Locker rooms, strip clubs, waiting rooms, church pews, field days. My Last American Dollar celebrates and ruminates on the forms in which black and brown people hold space for each other: to resist, to slow down, to delight, and to survive.
Keijaun Thomas / artist

Audience Handbook

In 2012, Cara Spooner created the first iteration of Audience Handbook. For this year’s festival, 30 artists from across the country have made their own.
Cara Spooner / lead artist
Anonymous, Mikiki, Christina Battle, Freya Björg Olafson with Penny Olafson, Franco Boni, Erin Brubacher, Michael Caldwell, Naomi Campbell, Daniel Carter, Claudia Edwards, Jenn Goodwin, Mel Hague, Erika Hennebury, Rosina Kazi, Erum Khan, James Knott, Serena Lee, Clayton Lee, Victoria Mata, Evalyn Parry, Rui Pimenta, Kim Simon, Sajdeep Soomal, Adrien Whan + Patricia Wilson/ contributors

Untitled Bathroom intervention

A text-based intervention in the Buddies bathroom.
Kenneth Koo / artist

A Manifesto in Support of the Death of the Festival

A Manifesto in Support of the Death of the Festival is a manifesto in support of the death of the festival, appearing for the first time as a printed text, slapped on the house where Rhubarb lives.
Shannon Cochrane / artist
Lisa Kiss / designer


This year, Rhubarb proposed an alternative: the creation of a physical performative publication that attempts to capture the energy of Rhubarb and, perhaps, recreate the live performance experience itself.

Over 20 artists responded to the prompt to bring performances to the page, with some projects published in the festival publication itself, and other interventions performed on the book after printing.


Canada’s oldest festival of new stage work has taken an unlikely pandemic pivot: it’s become a book – Peter Knegt, CBC Arts

A Risk on Paper: Re-writing Theatre at Home – Mae Smith, Intermission Magazine

Three hands hold a copy of the same yellow book, each one held at a different angle.

Festival Director
Clayton Lee

Contributing artists
Cole Alvis
Natasha “Courage” Bacchus
Sue Balint
Renato Baldin
Seika Boye
Ishan Davé
Aria Evans
[ field ] happy/accidents
Ashanti Harris
Red Hauser
Nicholas Herd
Louise Liliefeldt
楊光奇 · Njo Kong Kie
Gaitrie Persaud-Dhunmoon
seeley quest
Mari “Dev” Ramsawakh
Rockwell Pasta
Frankie Swift
Ashleigh-Rae Thomas
Marshall Vielle
Ravyn Wngz

Design and layout by
Monnet Design

Illustrations by
Isabel Laínez
Erick M. Ramos
Samantha Slinn

Photo by Dahlia Katz


“What does it mean after a year such as this, to regenerate one’s practice? What have we left to deteriorate, and what do we use as fodder and fuel for new creation?”

– Design lead Andrea Shin Ling

In 2022, Rhubarb transformed once again under festival director Clayton Lee’s curation, with design lead Andrea Shin Ling creating Calculus of an infinite rot, part 1, a large-scale installation in the Chamber space that served as a site for artists to respond to, engage with, and leave their mark on.


Designing Decay: Calculus of an Infinite Rot at the Rhubarb Festival, Toronto – Elsa Lam, Canadian Architect

Decay and Regeneration: Re-Framing the Rhubarb Festival Chris Dupuis, Intermission Magazine

Four good things that have happened for theatre in Toronto Karen Fricker, Toronto Star

Calculus of an infinite rot, part 1Several tree stumps of ranging size and shape.

A reflection on philosopher Reza Negarestani’s position that decay is not the marked absence of life or wholeness, but rather, the negotiation between shifting states of living and dying. Decay and regeneration are paired processes, where the entropy of one system is used for the organization of another. Through decay, the differentiation between humans, trees, insects, and microbes blurs. Parts of us become parts of them and vice versa. It is a process that is leaky, smelly, and messy.

Collected from fallen maple and spruce trees, 34 stumps have been processed to various levels of finish. Many of them were then inoculated with fungus and bacteria and left to incubate for a month. These objects are ‘in transit’, slowly morphing in visible and invisible ways and existing in an ecosystem, which temporarily includes the space of the theatre, that can make use of them in ways that humans cannot. But, most critically, these forms will continue to move through ever-changing states of rot, decay and regeneration long after the boundaries of time marked by the Rhubarb Festival dissolve.

lead artist Andrea Shin Ling
curator Clayton Lee
fabricators Leah Ataide + Nicholas Hoban
technical support Betty Poon + Anna Gregorczyk + Olga Chomiak + Natasha Christie-Holmes (Temerty Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto)
special thanks to Toronto Tree Removal + Ataide Family Farm + FADO Performance Art Centre + Jehoshua Sharma

Fragile Glim

A person stands in front of a wooden piano, with the front cover removed, exposing the hammers and cords inside. To their right is a small table with a sound board. In the background we see audience members, out of focus.

A multi-form soundscape composition for degenerative piano, field recordings, improvisation, and spoken word, Fragile Glim questions the need for anthropocentric ideals of beauty and exploring unadorned-organic modes in musical performance.

neo-speculative artist Stanford Cheung
poet Alvin Wong

Land of the Living

A person wearing a blue and yellow dress stands on top of a tree stump in a darkened theatre space. They have a red metal bucket on their head, covering their face. Behind them are other carved wooden objects.

In this work Louise plays with metaphors of a kind of parasite, disease, infection and decay both spiritually and physically in lieu of the times we have been and are currently living in. In most ways this performance has nothing to do with the Covid-19 Pandemic but mostly has to do with a part of our history as people while using elements of our current state.

artist Louise Liliefeldt

Working with Wood

A person with white hair and a white beard stands in their underwear holding up a piece of a log. In the background is a projection of a lawn chair on fire, and firewood behind that.

Like the rest of nature, a tree is a responsive and creative body and should not be fixed simply in the realm of the material nor the sublime. In this durational performance, Johannes responds to the central festival installation, alongside a collection of tree remnants that he has come to know. Integrating movement, sound, and footage of nature, these recollections and contemplations will unfold as an honouring of the trees’ lives.

artist Johannes Zits

looking for a safe home

Written on white paper "I am 57 and broken in pieces. I am not sure the pieces will be back together. I need to face the depths of this. I need help to see what it means for my art." The paper is on a black floor, with part of a tree stump visible in the corner of the image.

Artist claude wittmann, having found an (at least temporary) ending to his second months-long housing crisis in less than two years, has invited visual artist and writer Serena McCarroll to join him; Serena went through a similar eleven-month long crisis in 2021. Together, they will accept and receive the Rhubarb Festival frame as a paying container that can allow them, in some way, to ground nanobits of their internal decay and trauma, and if possible nourish a personal need of the moment.

artist claude wittmann

Rats of Woolpit

Two figures wearing neon rat masks in a theatre space. The one on the left kneels in front of a tree stump - atop it are a hot plate and frying pan and two bottles of soap. The figure on the right crouches over a tree stump that holds a small sound board and a microphone.

Splett and Ward play alien rats with yeast infections who harvest the mold from cupcakes and the mossy detritus from pop-psychology in this electronic and sensory performance.

created and performed by Brawk Ward + Esther Splett
outside eye David Bateman

Akin to the Hurricane

A large dark space with theatrical lights on the ceiling. A figure is backlit, standing on stilts, and holding an outstretched whip above their head. Below them are several tree stumps and wooden objects.

Continuing an iterative series that began in 2018, this impromptu sound performance utilizes the symbolic space of the hurricane to question ideas of sovereignty and belonging. This is an effort to exercise fugitivity as a point of agency, autonomy and potentiality.

artist Jesús Hilario-Reyes
collaborator Callum Magnum

Between Points A and B, there are infinite potential directions of movement: A Micro-Party!

A person with short hair stands in front of a laptop and DJ setup. They are wearing a white blouse, headphones, and a face mask. In the background a screen with a projection on it is out of focus.

In 1977, a golden record of the Sounds of Earth was shot to outer space on the Voyager spacecraft. Now in the so-called Anthropocene, as today’s artists and cultural programmers, we’ve gathered our own top picks. So come share space, while we spin our favourite records of protest & resistance. Entrance your eyes and nose with a steady stream of live-remixed film projections, and with our resident fungi. Time is a loop, time layers; together we will draw a space to decompose and recompose, to remix and regenerate.

concept and performance Claudia Edwards + Tram Nghiem

Matter/Matter + Memory

A child with long brown hair and bright yellow headphones around their neck sits on a tree stump holds a plastic object. To left of the image, a person leans over a piece of cloth on the floor, laying out small objects. In the background are sculpted wooden objects and the darkness of the theatre space.

Generational duo Ruby Caldwell Kramer and Lara Kramer use curiosity and play to plunge into the flesh of remembrance and discovery, charting a living landscape of their relationship in this howl towards what is reimagined.

conceived and performed by Ruby Caldwell Kramer + Lara Kramer

Stumped: Conversation 3 at the End of Theatre

The theatre space is lit in blue lighting. In the foreground pennies are laid out on the floor, making the shape of a maple leaf. In the background, and audience member sits on a chair, and there are wooden objects visible beside them.

In conversation with the space and festival installation, Sarah Garton Stanley presents the third lecture in a series of five exchanges at the end of theatre, modelled off of the annual Massey Lectures.

performer and creator Sarah Garton Stanley
music and sound designer Richard Feren
dramaturg Nick Carpenter


A person with long brown hair and a red jumpsuit holds a blue thread. The thread is attached to a brown material that is stretched out onto a black frame with string. The frame sits on an easel.

Meditating on kinship, gut memory, and our connections to place, Jessica Johns shares with the audience a process of framing dehydrated SCOBYs, beading significant places and trails onto the stretched canvases they create.

artist Jessica Johns

A person sits on a glowing blue circle. In front of them are handprints on the blue surface.

In a timeless space flooded with light, light artist Paul Chambers erects a permeable boundary between matter and emptiness, warmth and absence, sleep and wakefulness. As images come pouring in, and the setting subtly altered through delicate manipulations, this entrancing ceremony invites audience members to sharpen their gaze.

light artist Paul Chambers
soundscape composer Jesse Peter Ash

special thanks to Maxime Sauvage, Nathalie Banger, Chad Dembski, Lael Stellick


note: Two socially-engaged Rhubarb projects (one by Moe Angelos and one by Myung-Sun Kim) will occur at a later date dependent on COVID safety and restrictions. We will share updates as they’re available.

Photos by Henry Chan, Dahlia Katz (Stanford Cheung), and Gabriel Li (lead installation photo)


Festival Director Clayton Lee

Over the past three years, Rhubarb has been developing relationships with live art festivals around the world, with the intention of contextualizing local artistic practice within a larger, global performance ecology.

In 2023, the festival intentionally expanded its scope internationally, through a curatorial exchange with three live art festivals in Europe and the UK: Bastien Hippocrate through Les Urbaines (Lausanne, Switzerland); Laura Fisher through BUZZCUT (Glasgow, UK); and Publik Universal Frxnd (fka Richard John Jones) + Louwrien Wijers through FLAM (Amsterdam, Netherlands). This exchange followed appearances by Rhubarb artists at these same international festivals over the past year.

In addition, this year the Rhubarb Festival welcomed live art producers and curators from across Canada and beyond, with an industry initiative that included taking in performances, connecting with local and international curators and artists, as well as seeing highlights of Toronto’s artistic and performance ecology.


Experimental theatre performers of the world unite for this year’s Rhubarb Festival – Peter Knegt, CBC Arts

Repertório N.2

Image of performers Davi and Wallace posing on the stage floor. They are wearing black shoes and socks. Audience sits behind them in chairs and on the floor, masked. A bright light sits on the floor in the top left corner of the stage.

Drawing on dissident and informal techniques of dance and self-defence, Davi Pontes and Wallace Ferreira experiment with ideas of violence and resistance, all the while embodying and activating visionary fantasies, futurities, and modes of remaining in the world.

artists Davi Pontes + Wallace Ferreira

What a peach could have been and might yet become: a conversation about artistic failure and excellence

Image of Julian and Henry sitting in armchairs on stage with a table in between them. There is a jug of water, two water glasses, and a peach on the table. Both Julian and Henry speak into microphones and hold cue cards. Projected on a screen behind them is the title of their project; “What a Peach Could Have Been and Might yet Become: A Conversation About Artistic Failure and Excellence”

In 2018, Henry makes a short film starring Julian, entitled What a Peach Is. While the project is rejected by almost every film festival that they apply to, the duo continue to extend the project’s life through sequels, exhibitions, and even a graphic novel. At Rhubarb, they dig into their ongoing commitment to this failed project, raising questions of success, collaboration, and comradery.

artists Henry Adam Svec + Julian Higuerey Núñez

FORGED (in the tender heat of your embrace)

Image of two large projections of performer Laura Fisher cradling their art. Audience members lie on mats and pillows on stage.

FORGED (in the tender heat of your embrace) is an installation for gallery spaces and an expanding, archive documenting the ongoing choreographic collaboration between artist Laura Fisher and seven sheets of copper metal.

Drawing parallels between the material properties of the sheet metal and the artist’s body which experiences chronic pain, the collaboration utilises body heat to create an intimate relationship of co-dependency. FORGED alludes to wider themes around illness, objectification, sexual agency, care, power and intimacy and the complicated relationship between these things that often exist for disabled people.

For Rhubarb they share elements of the archive re-imagined for a performance venue via the body of an absent performer, inviting audiences to engage with the work through a collective act of resting.

creator & performer Laura Fisher
dramaturg Thulani Rachia
costume designer Zephyr Liddell
cinematographer (Film) Lucas Chih-Peng Kao
audio description (R&D) Sky Su Emma Jane McHenry 
movement research (R&D) Sarah Hopfinger 

Presented in partnership with BUZZCUT

Commissioned and supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, with funding from Dave Toole OBE Bursary Fund and Creative Scotland. Supported by Dance Base and The Work Room’s residency programme.

The copper used in FORGED (in the tender heat of your embrace) is responsibly sourced European copper, re-purposed from industrial waste and manufacturing by-product. The artist is sensitive to the historic and present environmental and colonial impacts of copper mining and commits to working sustainably and respectfully with materials in their practice.

Super Queer Social

Image of three mashed artists addressing the audience from behind their serving table. The Cabaret is full of audience members seated with drinks and food at tables or on couches.

In channeling our super power of queer desire, SQS v.2 (Super Queer Social) is a gathering over food that explores the meaning of what horizontal lineage and queer heirlooms could be. Each item on the menu and each story offered will evoke the magic of a shared meal to bring forth connection, sustenance, and care. The first iteration of SQS (Super Queer Supper) was a collaboration between Lisa Myers and Myung-Sun Kim in 2018.

artists Myung-Sun Kim, Jody Chan + Ness Lee

Not Yet

Image of Publik Universal Frxnd sitting on a platform on stage in front of a seated audience. The Frxnd has a large orange wig on, with striped pants, boots and a shirt with ripped long sleeves. A large piece of chart paper with writing in green marker sits on the platform with them.

A poetic meditation on the death of the artist and an exploration of intergenerational friendship, Not Yet uses textual artworks by Wijers in combination with the Frxnd’s spoken word to punctuate moments in time and evoke past conversations about the future.

artists Publik Universal Frxnd + Louwrien Wijers

Presented in partnership with FLAM, and made possible with the support of the Mondriaan Fund.

Chocolate Betty Crocker Fudge Goddess

Image of Mars in frilly white socks, bib, bonnet, and clown makeup sat inside a table. On the table in front of their torso are cake legs. The audience surrounds Mars, a couple of them reaching for cake, grabbing bites off of the cake legs with their hands.

Who’s in your bed this morning? Italians? Caribbeans? How do you take your coffee? Black? Or with a little bit of milk? Do you prefer white meat or dark meat? In this messy and deliciously interactive burlesque performance, Mars Alexander is the main course—a decadent cake to feast your eyes on and devour.

artist Mars Alexander
cake designers Anna Randall + Claire Geddes Bailey

I Still Like You

Image of two performers on stage walking and holding hands. Large black cubes are on either side of the stage and a river is projected behind them.

KINUK, the collaborative duo of Ursula Johnson and Angella Parsons, invites the audience to witness I Still Like You a dialogue on perspectives of bodies sharing common space and time, queerness and cross-cultural (Indigenous/settler) relations contextualised within their interpersonal relationship.

artists Ursula Johnson + Angella Parsons

Chance Variations

Image of performer in a glass rectangle container on stage. The performer is wearing all white, and is lying in a bright blue powder. A kettle, blanket, and ball sit on the stage floor behind the performer, as well as a small black table with a coffee mug and filter. In the background three large screens depict images of kitchen/housework.

What does it mean to be affected by chance? In its use of AI to generate visuals based on pre-recorded actions, Chance Variations might be considered a performance of a performance of a performance, developed using a variety of propositions that allow for coincidence.

artist Simla Civelek
digital artist Zhino Yousefi


Image of performer holding a microphone, walking among a masked audience, wearing a black jacket.

A performance experiment using the audience as a scenographic social constellation, this work of autofiction examines the impact of intrafamilial sexual violence on its victims, collateral victims, and perpetrators. LoveLettersOrNot looks at how silence is created, who it serves, and how to move towards healing.

artist Bastien Hippocrate
dramaturge Selima Chibout

Presented in partnership with Les Urbaines


Image of performer in an black oversized suit, lying on their back with their legs in the air.

This solo movement piece tackles themes of transformation, pain, and the body, with Celia Green’s emotion-driven choreography inspired by a custom suit by Madeleine LeBlanc.

artists Celia Green + Madeleine LeBlanc

Come Hell or High Femmes: The Era of the Dolls

Image of performer lifting a bag of gold glitter over their head, standing on a stump under a spotlight.

In this three-part film and multimedia performance, Keioui Keijaun Thomas charts a post-apocalyptic geography, imagining a time after mass extinction, when dolls (trans femmes so flawless they’re no longer considered real) are the only ones left. With choreography based on queering landscapes, camouflage, and metamorphosis, the piece moves through sound, light, poetry, and dance to reclaim what it means to be Black and queer in nature.

artist Keioui Keijaun Thomas

Guzzle ‘n’ Puzzle

Image of a masked artist holding a puzzle and engaging with audience members in the Cabaret’s Puzzle Lounge.

Throughout the festival in the Cabaret

Join Moe Angelos in her caftan at the Rachel Hauck-designed Puzzle Lounge! Grab a guzzle from the bar and enjoy some queer eye-hand coordination development! Throw in a few pieces or commit to a full day of jigsaw with one of over 400 puzzles from the archive of the artist Melissa Levin (1958-2015), courtesy of her estate and Nina Levitt.

puzzle chaser Moe Angelos
environmental designer Rachel Hauck 
Lesbian Ancestor Melissa Levin

Image of performer Claudia Edwards. Claudia is lifting a long, teal piece of fabric, wearing a black jacket and pants, and a white headband, in a studio space. In the background are two standing speakers, a chair, table, and an ASL interpreter, wearing all black.

photo by Julia Bauer

A surreal performance lecture given by a holy fool. Zigzagging through Western and Eastern philosophy from modern to ancient times, individual, social, and material relations are cross-examined, whilst a series of states become altered with time.

artist Claudia Edwards

The curatorial network and industry series are made possible through the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Canada Council for the Arts. The Adam Mickiewicz Institute is supporting the participation of one industry series member.



//BUZZCUT// is a organisation dedicated to creating exciting, supportive environments for artists and audiences to experiment with live performance. From its beginnings in 2012, //BUZZCUTT// is now an internationally recognised organisation supporting radical performance practises from all over the world, holding annual festivals of Live Art, year-round artist development opportunities and their monthly performance programme Double Thrills.


FLAM, Festival of Live Art Amsterdam was founded in 2011 by artists Rose Akras and Dirk-Jan Jager. FLAM was the first recurrent festival happening in gallery spaces in the Netherlands,  dedicated to live art as a genre  which is not tied to a discipline or conventional relations of duration,  public and space.

Les Urbaines

Taking place in various locations in Lausanne, Renens and Chavannes, Les Urbaines festival creates a vibrant time-space dedicated to emerging arts: a place that seeks to capture the moment when singular practices take shape and prefigure the aesthetics of tomorrow. The festival is entirely free of charge and brings together over forty projects (visual works, live shows, DJ sets, performances, workshops).

Festival Credits

Clayton Lee // festival director
Sue Balint // industry series concierge
Dylan Tate-Howarth // festival coordinator
Rach Shaen // festival lighting designer
Amber Pattison // head technician – running crew
Kit Norman // head technician – operator
Theo Belc, Luke Dobson, El Patey, Diamond Srey,
Katherine Teed-Arthur + Van Ward // crew

Rose Akras, Navid Amini and The Theatre Centre, Marcio Beauclair, Shannon Cochrane, Julie Dabrusin, Jess Dobkin, Marci Ien, Luzminda Longkines, Cedric Ortiz, J.T. Pickering, Ysaline Rochat, Paul Smith, Karl Taylor, Tracy Tidgwell, William Zapata

Photos by Henry Chan.


Dead Wrestlers

Writers, Directors, and Performers: Aurora Stewart de Pena and Nika Mistruzzi
Filmographer: Sofia Bohdanowicz
Performers: Cara Gee, Nicole Stamp, Rebecca Applebaum, Jolene DeVoe, Gwynneth Tossel, Donna Maloney, Julia Lederer and Liz Peterson

Dead Wrestlers charges triumphantly among the path separating two epic Wrestling Dynasties, the Lovers and The Von Spikehorns. Taking place sometime in the fog between 1975 and 1982, these two noble families will fight to the death for the title, shining with body grease, resplendent with sound effects and holding a grudge. Six Wrestlers. Three Belts. One Title. Brought to you by Birdtown and Swanville.

Week Two Opening Night Bash

Performer: Betty Burke

I’ve Got My Own Thing Going On

Performer: Chris Dupuis

Meet Chris Dupuis, Celebrity Artist! In 2007 Paris Hilton successfully trademarked her personal catch-phrase That’s Hot! with the US Patents office. Following Hilton’s lead, Dupuis has trademarked his own catch phrase I’ve Got My Own Thing Going On. Meet Dupuis and learn how to use this handy phrase in everyday conversation.

she (part 1 of the she raw now trilogy)

Writer and Performer: d’bi.young
Composer: prymtym

she is the first play in a new trilogy of biomyth-monodramas by d’bi.young entitled she raw now. A young black womban snew is enchanted with a pop icon. As her enchantment becomes obsession, what’s real is make-believe and lines of fantasy and reality are possibly permanently blurred.


Writers and Performers: David Tomlinson and Ryan Kelly
Director: Patrick Conner

Cordelia, you’re gone again. Cordelia, it’s gone wrong again. Cordelia…are you gonna make it okay?

Tender Buttons: Objects Play

Director: Devon Elke Sound
Designer: Matt Smith
Lighting Designer: Jonathan Adjemian
Set/Costume Designer: Nicole Neufeld
Performers: Liz Peterson and Lara Arabian

What can be known after memory and recognition are abolished? An encounter for two women. Taking place in the labyrinth and continuous present of nightmare. Stein’s great destructive composition provides an anchor for this theatrical queering of conventions and the conventional.

Sister Mary’s a Dyke?!

Writer and Performer: Flerida Pena

Abby didn’t think High School would be like this…

Tragic Magic

Writer and Performer: Glenn Maria
Choreographer: Bethany Elkin

One tranny’s dark, hilarious exploration of how we interact with our bodies and our past. Glenn’s new work combines text, dance, face masturbation, affirmations, body break ups, glitter, grit and a bathtub striptease, continuing his tradition of visual and theatrical daring.

Don’t Dream with the Lights on

Writers and Directors: Hanah Cheeseman and Rose Plotek
Co-Writers and Performers: Lindsey Clark, Susanna Fournier, Eleanor Hewlings, and Katie Swift

Well, basically we can’t help but communicate. It’s not something we have control over, we’re going to be communicating whether we want to or not. We can try and choose what we communicate and when, but we’re basically doing it all the time; even when we die, that’s like the ultimate communication. I’m not here.

Le Petit Mort

Writer and Director: Ian Mozdzen
Co-Writer and Performer: Mia van Leeuwen

Le Petit Mort was created with the financial assistance of The Winnipeg Arts Council. Le Petit Mort is based upon Georges Bataille’s short story The Dead Man (or Le Mort). Le Petit Mort… our sloppy spin on Georges Bataille. Raw expressionistic erotic…Mia wrestles with, a divinely filthy heroine – Marie – a widow who nakedly flings herself into snatchety snatches, poo poo, and doo doo… and she wrestles a dwarf, too.

The Future of Theatre

Writer and Performer: Jeremy Bailey

Jeremy Bailey will demonstrate innovative new software he has created specifically for the performing arts industry. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to witness the future of theatre.

Everything I’ve Got

Writer and Performer: Jess Dobkin
Director: Stephen Lawson
Production Manager: Laura Baxter
Production Designer: Sherri Hay
Sound Designer: Richard Feren
Lighting Designer: Laird MacDonald

Jess Dobkin’s newest performance art piece is a raw and intimate examination of creativity and mortality where the artist offers up the entirety of her collection of artistic ideas. With the urgency, vulnerability and humour that marks much of her work, she focuses attention on her own artistic practice and confronts her own temporality.

Writers and Directors: Jonathan Heppner and Sasha Kovacs
Co-Writers and Performers: Andrya Duff, Tina Fushell, Kat Sandler, and Rebecca Singh

Headbanger: A fan of heavy metal music. Headbanging: A dance that involves violently shaking the head in time with music, most commonly rock music and heavy metal music. Headbangers: A piece that finds the subversive in our everyday patterns of head-bobbing and head-butting through an unlikely groups’s descent into the world of metalheads and extreme hair.

Let Me Entertain You

Writer and Performer: Jonathan Schuster

Welcome to design guru Chip Peterson’s fabulous loft. The signature drink tonight is sangria and on the menu for the evening is love.

Moustaches & Lipstick

Writers: Jonathan Seinen and Lindsey Clark
Performer: Aubrey Laufer

Fusing live theatre and electronic music, Moustaches & Lipsticks explores rhythm, gender, love, communication, escape and sequins.

Writer and Director: Jordan Tannahill
Producer: Sarah Sherman
Composer: Katie Stelmanis
Performers: Melanie Barber, Simon Brand, Justine Kitteringham, Miya Strauss, and Liam Sullivan

Five pre-teen youth are brought to an abandoned suburb where they launch a rebel insurgency against an unknown enemy. In the post-cause generation, what is there left to die for?

Writer and Performer: Karen Bernard

Is based on Francois Ozon movie Swimming Pool, parallels the story’s protagonist, an English novelist, who becomes involved in a dangerous sexual fantasy that is part fiction and part desire. Karen Bernard creates a heightened noir physical drama fractured by non-performative tasks of manipulating a laptop and projector.

The Keith Cole Experience

Performer: Keith Cole

Rhubarb Festival Kick Off Bash
Performer: Neal Medlyn
Performers: Lucas Silveira and Frostituition

The Neal Medlyn Experience

Performer: Neal Medlyn

A live, faithful re-enactment of Beyonce’s 2007 concert DVD The Beyonce Experience Live! featuring backup dancers, birthday cake, cameos by Destiny’s Child, and box fans to blow Neal’s hair. Presented to great acclaim and sold out crowds at the New Museum for Contemporary Art in New York as well as the TBA Festival in Portland Oregon, Austin’s Fusebox Festival, and will appear at the Warhol Museum in 2010.

Obeah Opera
Writer and Performer: Nicole Brooks
Performers: Amina Alfred, Abena Malika, Saidah Baba Talibah, Dana Phoenix, and Nicole Brooks

A piece that musically dabbles in the woes of womanhood and the mystical – hundreds of women are accused of being witches and bringing Obeah to a good Christian town. Meet five women in a holding room, waiting and sharing in their fate for what could be their last…

Week Three Opening Night Bash

Performer: Pony Da Look


Writer and Performer: Rae Spoon
Animator: Jessica MacCormack

Rae Spoon traces his journey from growing up in a pentecostal church in Calgary to touring as a transgendered country singer and beyond with music, stories and animations.


Writer and Performer: Ryan G. Hinds
Composer: Edi
Choreographer: Renald Jean-Pierre
Costume Designer: Trish Fedora

Madonna had The Girlie show. Michael Jackson had Dangerous. Now, Ryan G Hinds enters the world of pop concerts via STADIUM, an original multi-media pop show with back-up dancers, glittering costume changes, and high energy routines that take you from the runway to the dance floor to outer space.


Writer: Shannon Blake
Director: Megan Watson
Performers: Sandi Ross and Dana Rogers

Dinah, a blind octogenarium, and Iris, her late-twenties friend and caregiver, sit in a pick-up truck facing the flooded remains of the factory where Dinah’s husband died 25 years ago. Together they consider sisters, bridesmaids, swimming, marriage, men and the vital question: Is that because you’re gay?

Writer and Performer: Tyson James

Some voices are never heard.

Teddy Chainsaw Massacre

Writers, Performers, and Costume Designers: Ulyssess Castellanos and Sherri Hay

Teddy Chainsaw Massacure is an adaptation of Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, performed entirely with teddy bears. A collaboration between Sherri Hay and Ulysses Castellanos, Teddy Chainsaw Massacre take its cues from children’s shows such as Polka Dot Door, in which actors manipulate stuffed animals to enact a narrative.

Parole, Parole

Writer and Director: Zack Russell
Composer: Jonathan Adjemian
Production Manager and Stage Manager: Ruth Spencer
Costume Designer: Erin Freedman
Performers: Carmen Grant, Joanna Caplan, Lindy Zucker, Kate Siemiatycki, Alexandra Contreras, Sarah Murphy Dyson, and Molly Grundy

Welcome back. On tonight’s show: author Cesare Pavese, singer Rita Pavone, and a surprise mystery guest. Mystery guest, are you ready? Let’s play: Talk to me [Colloquio a Me airs daily at 5pm on RAI-English translation provided]

A Bee Sees
Writer and Performer: Zita Nyarady

Swarm the starting line, its a race to the sun.


Writer: Alex Napier
Director: Philip McKee
Performers: Hannah Cheesman and Liz Peterson

In a series of encounters between two women, Guns portrays a kind of science fiction wherein dinner party guests arrive armed, and handguns are plain as potato chips: so visible they’re nothing at all.

Stay Here, Don’t Go

Writers and Performers: Alicia Grant and Andrea Spaziani

Witness what happens when we go past the point of mental and physical exhaustion. Through a series of weirdo meditation techniques, rockstar ambitions and a willingness to be uncomfortable, dance artist Alicia Grant presents an endurance challenge for a constantly changing world.

Of A Monstrous Child: a gaga musical

Writer and Director: Alistair Newton
Choreographer: Sky Fairchild-Waller
Composer: Matt Dolmage
Burlesque Choreographer: Kaitlyn Regehr
Costume Designer: Marianne Jette
Video Designer: Alex Josselyn
Stage Manager: Charlotte Moffatt
Make-Up Designer: Stacey Laureyssens
Performers: Bruce Dow, Nick Green, Tyson James, Clinton Walker, Anthony MacPherson

Performance legend Leigh Bowrey hosts a musical exploration of one of our most enigmatic stars, Lady Gaga. Brought to you by Buddies in Bad Times resident company, Ecce Homo Theatre.

And then there were 4…

Writer and Performer: Anna Jane McIntyre

A mysterious and magical tale with a ghost, a monster, a ringmaster and a six-breasted shadow puppeteer named Ezili Sometimes. A spectacular presentation by Montreal’s multidisciplinary artist Anna Jane McIntyre, who fuses the languages of theatre, dance, circus and sculpture to create extraordinary characters.

And Sheep Are Scared…

Creators: MiMo (Samuel Morgenstein and Matt Miller) + iNSiDEaMiND (DJ Steptone and Professor Fingers)
Video Artist: Ben Chaisson

Utilizing an arsenal of common household objects, such as kitchen utensils, water toys, and other non-traditional instruments, MiMo and iNSiDEaMiND blend live improvisation with turntable artistry to create an audio soundscape that will challenge your notion of what defines music.

A Weekend in Alphaville
Writer and Director: Bruce LaBruce
Collaborators: Robin Poitras and Edward Poitras

A cinematic pas de deux between the organic and the mechanical, between the spirit and the flesh, between nature and culture, between the past and the future from queer icon Bruce LaBruce.

Detroit Time Machine

Writer and Performer: Detroit Time Machine
Director: Erin Brandenburg
Composers: Andrew Penner, Brian Poirier and Iner Souster
Instruments and Set Designer: Iner Souster
Visual Designer and Animator: Howie Shia
Costume Designer: Rachel Ford
Performers: Gordon Bolan, Alan Penner, Andrew Penner, Brian Poirier and Iner Soust

Called music for the undead to dance to, Detroit Time Machine melds original music, playable sculpture art and video imagery to explore the rise and fall of industrial Detroit. This piece brings together some of Canada’s top indie musicians with award-winning visual artists and the theatre makers to create an apocalyptic tribute to the era of mechanization and the future of the industrial world.

On Linvingston’s Method

Good Citizens Svec
Writer and Performer: Henry Adam Svec

Part concert, part lecture, On Livingston’s Method presents the findings of anthropologist Staunton Livingston who, in the late 1970s, captured a surprising series of fold songs from players in the Canadian Football League.

Dear Neighbour: Homecoming

Writer and Performer: Erin Brubacher

After 12 years away from Toronto, Erin is moving home.

time 2b fame us

Writers and Performers: Ian Mozdzen and Mia van Leeuwen
Dramaturge: John Turner
Special Guests: Marcel Balfour and Michel Saint Hilaire

Through an outlandish pastiche of stolen moments from Madonna and Tom Cruise, Winnipeg’s out of line theatre tears down beloved idols only to resurrect them for sacrilegious contemplation.

The Me Show

Creator and Performer: Kaleb Robertson
Photographer: Jennifer Rowsom
Choreographers: Kate Franklin and Kat Nimmo

Kaleb Robertson has been a gender warrior from a very young age, both on stage as a cabaret performer and in life. From self-parody to earnest self-revelation, The Me Show, plays with dance, drag, video and comedy to celebrate the multiplicity of selves that we perform over a lifetime.

RUN LIKE HELL (vagy menj a Pokolba)

Writers and Performers: Kevin Rees and Sean MacMahon

Returning to Toronto after a four year absence, conflicted optimists emergency exit perform an autopsy on a despondent world; a critique of the grand work of man by a team of highly qualified experts.

Godwin’s Law

Writer: Nicolas Billon
Director: Ravi Jain
Performer: Claire Calnan

In this darkly comedic monologue, one woman’s religious faith is put to the test after she is evicted from her apartment. A troubling portrait of the politics of our time, brought to you by the creators behind the SummerWorks hit Greenland.

Affirmation : A Sex Show in Six Movements

Writer and Performer: Olive-or-Oliver
Director: Evalyn Parry

Intersection Project

Writers and Performers: Priscilla Guy and Kate Nankervis

Intersection Project is led by dance artists Pricilla Guy and Kate Nankervis. The project aims to reinforce the presence of artists in the larger society through pedestrian and simple movement vocabulary in city landscapes performed by a large group of dancers. From Sept. 2010 to Jun. Intersection Project will occur in ten different urban locations in the city. Every month, Intersection collaborates with different performers, as well as different videographers and photographers to document the work, and posts it online in order to make it accessible to all sorts of audiences.

The Lovely Babe

Writer and Performer: Meg Gennings

Jesus Chrysler

Writer: Tara Beagan
Director: Michael Wheeler
Performers: Keith Barker, Margaret Evans, and Christine Horne

Banned by a Prime Minister! Meet Jim Watts: born into a life of wealth and privilege, and by the Great Depression a communist, activist, and theatre director, whose civil rights themed work was banned by order of a Prime Minister. Toronto’s beloved Praxis Theatre shines the light on this extraordinary historical character who defined virtually every social convention to become the most un-famous of significance in Canadian history.

Writer, Director, Performaner: Jordan Tannahill
Cinematography/Video Design: Samuel Lebel-Wong
Set Design: Ben Carson, Rebecca Powell
Projection: William Christopher Ellis

Theatre wunderkind Jordan Tannahill reveals his ten-year old self with this intimate piece about the make-believe world he retreated into during his childhood. Through the use of live storytelling and film, Tannahill uncover the imaginary nation of Bravislovia, a fractured former Soviet republic on the Baltic Sea and its unsung hero, Isaac Nyakov, a fugitive poet who is resisting the tranny of Bravislovia’s oligarhic regime. A poetic and personal homage to the power of imagination.

Who Who Who’s Got a Crush on You? (A Slumber Party for Boys)

Writer and Performer: Johnnie Walker
Co-Writers and Performers: Morgan Norwich, Adam Bourret, Jordan Tannahill, Mark Shyzer, and Michael David Lorsch
Choreographer: Kendall Forde
Designers: Stephanie Avery and Nicole Bazuin
Stage Manager: Mark Aikman

Everyone’s invited to the best slumber party ever, featuring MASH notes, practice-kissing, Dream Phone, and all the other things we weren’t allowed to do when we were little boys. Put on your best PJs, and pull up a pillow while we call friends, get clues, and find out which guy really likes us.

How to Survive While in Exile

Writers and Performers: Coman Poon and Erica Mott
Performers: Philip Arima, Sandra Brrewster, Christina (Steen) Starr, Jeanette Cabral, and Brian Smith

How to Survive While in Exile is not plot-driven but it is structured as an experiential journey into and out of liminality. As a dance-theatre ritual, Exile deals with experiences of personal and metaphoric catastophe, im/migration and the borders and boundaries we each choose/are forced to cross.

Let’s Get It Together: Bridging the Great Divide

Hosted by Darren O’Donnell (Artistic Director, Mammalian Diving Reflex), with Emelie Chhangur (Assistant Director and Curator, Art Gallery of York University), Jonathan Goldsbie (Journalist, National Post & Spacing Magazine and Municipal Activist) and Jordan Tannahill (Artistic Director, Suburban Beast)

Toronto’s changing. Communities are divided. We need to get it together. Stemming from the shift to the right politically in our city and the outcome of the recent municipal election, this group discussion and think-tank will focus on bridging the divide between downtown and communities elsewhere. An opportunity for you to voice opinions, have conversation and brainstorm around what we can creatively do as concerned citizens.

Live Photo

Photographer and Performer: 2Fik

Working as both photographer and subject, single-handedly recreates de La Tour’s famous painting Cheat with the Aces of Clubs in front of an audience. Through a dazzling display of technology and performance, 2Fik transforms himself into the multiple characters that make up this Baroque masterpiece and digitally produces a replica of the painting.

Post-Living Ante-Action Theatre (PoLAAT)

Writer: My Barbarian (in collaboration with local artists)

Los Angeles-based art group My Barbarian will lead local artist-participants through workshops and a public performance of Post-Living Ante-Action Theatre, an original performance form developed by the company, which evolves from their own interdisciplinary practice as well as two avant-garde collectives of the 1960s: New York’s Living Theatre and Munich’s Action-Theatre. The performance will also draw on current events and political situations. This is the Canadian premiere following Post-Living Ante-Action Theatre projects in New York and Cairo.

Semitic Score

Writer and Performer: Oreet Ashery
Performer: 2Fik
Co-Presenter: FADO Performance Art Center

Semitic Score is a multidisciplinary performance that takes its roots from the notion that both Muslims and Jews come from the same Semitic DNA. Created in collaboration with British art star Oreet Ashery and accompanied by avant-garde world musician Debashis Sinha.

The Beauty Project: the male gaze
Devisers: (rAiz’n Ensemble) Jajube Mandiela, Maxine Marcellin, Tanya Pillay, Meghan Swaby, Navneet Rai and Malube Uhindu-Gingala
Directorial Outside Eye: Maxine Marcellin

Through the medium of devised theatre, an inter-generational group of six women openly share their thoughts and experiences around cult of beauty. A political and personal presentation by graduating members from the 2007-2010 rAiz’n Ensemble, b current’s 3-year Professional Training Program for emerging artists.

Toronto Show & Tell

Curator: Laura Nanni
Host: Chy Ryan Spain
Speakers: Atom Egoyan, Lex Vaughan, Franco Boni, William Ellis, Bojana Stancic, Victoria Hardie, Brendan Cormier, Alex Marques, Amelia Ehrhardt, Elley Ray Hennessy, Simon Rabyniuk and Patricia Wilson.

A curated Show & Tell featuring the ideas, objects and stories that make Toronto strange and special.

Femmes de Feu and Zirco Circus
Writer and Performer: Sabrina Pringle
Co-Writers and Performers: Holly Treddenick, James Fisher, Lara Ebata, Natalie Fullerton and Jonah Logan

Arial dance company Femmes de Feu join forces with visual artist and electronic musician Zirco Circus in this new Steampunk performance, celebrating early experiments in flight.

k[NO]w places

Writers and Performers: Helene Vosters, Marlene Mendonca, Saul Garcia, Tara Ostiguy, Beyhan Farhadi, Bradley High, Guillermo Galindo

Follow this group of artists as they perform innappropriately private actions in public spaces throughout the city for accidental audiences.

Please Copy Us Forever

Writer sand Performers: Amy Lam, Jon McCurley, Gwen Bieniara, Felix Kalmenson, Mark Connery, Adriana Disman, Adam Cowan, Charlie Murray, Xan Hawes, Simon Schlesinger, Mark Rainey, Chandler Levack, Claudia Whittman, Matt Smith, Glenn Macaulay, Daniel Vila, Zoe Gordini, Seth Scriver, Filip Anton, Jeremy Tracz, Zeesy Powers, Vanessa Rieger, Jamie Shannon, Jesjit Gill, Sari Lightman, Romy Lightman, Matt King, Christian Scriver, Nazarah Scriver, Patricia Scriver, Steph Davidson, Yuula Benivolski, Xenia Benivolski, Mark Roberts, Laura McCoy, Audree Juteau

Conceptual comedians Life of a Craphead and friends perform crazy advertisements inside the Yonge and Dundas 30-second scramble crossing. Over 20 characters promote themselves in the middle of the intersection every time the lights change.

The Centre for Sleep and Dream Studies

Writer and Performer: Richard Windeyer
Co-Writers and Performers: a.rawlings, Ciara Adams, and Chris Dupuis

Core members of performance group bluemouth inc. and poet a.rawlings invite you to the immersive electroacoustic somniloquixotic environment of The Centre for Sleep and Dream Studies.

News Commutes

Writer and Performer: Maggie Flynn

Performance artist Maggie Flynn has been travelling the TTC, collecting passengers’ conversations and turning them into playfully impromptu news broadcasts. Join her as she performs the breaking news of the every day throughout the city.

The Border
Writer and Performer: Evan Vipond
Director and Dramaturge: Evalyn Parry

Divorce Play: Russian Doll

Writer and Performer: Andrew Robinson
Director: Clinton Walker
Dramaturge: Evalyn Parry

Upper Toronto – Community Consultation
Writer and Performer: Jacob Zimmer
Co-Writer and Performer: Tim Maly

Upper Toronto is a science fiction design proposal for the building of a new Toronto above the current one. When Upper Toronto is finished, all residents of Lower Toronto will move up and Lower Toronto will be transformed into some combination of intentional ruin, national park, and farmland. This is, of course, a terrible idea. But it is a terrible idea that lets us imagine what kind of world we might want if we could start fresh. What kind of city do you want your grandchildren to live in?


Writer and Director: Adam Lazarus
Creator and Performer: Phil Luzi
Lighting Designer: Michelle Ramsay
Consultant: Gillian Gallow

Today, something about Norman is off. Today, he didn’t go to work. Today he stayed at home. Now he is beginning to bleed.

Writer and Director: Alex Napier
Assistant Director: Naomi Skwarna
Performers: Emma McKenna, Amy Lam, Liz Peterson, and Meghan Swaby
Visual Artist: Sojourner Truth Parsons

A rebellious musical exploration of identity, through the lens of Ovid’s myth of Iphis,

Yamantaka//Sonic Titan
Writer, Director, Choreographer, and Performer: Angela Loft
Co-Writers, Composers, and Performers: Alaska B and Ruby Kato Performers: Brendan Swanson and Daniel Ellis
Projection Designer: Aylwin Lo

A black and white Noh-wave rock opera from up and coming music sensations Yamantaka//Sonic Titan.

Birdtown and Swanville
Writer and Director: Aurora Stewart de Pena
Conceptual Director and Performer: Nika Mistruzzi
Dramaturge: Leora Morris
Set Designer and Costume Designer: Allie Marshall
Technical Director: Remington North
Sound Designers: Alia O’Brien and Andrew Zuckerman
Fight Director: Kaleb Alexander
Performers: Donna Maloney, Cara Gee, Brett Donahue, and Norman Yeung

A 17th century ghost story from the pioneering ladies of Birdtown and Swanville.

Walk With Me
Writer and Performer: Aynsley Moorhouse

Plug in your i-pod and take an audio walking tour of the perception and memories of people suffering from dementia.

Blue Light
Writer and Performer: Berenicci Hershorn

Tell a secret, then hear one in return.

satan in me
Writer and Performer: cassy walker
Director: Audrey Dwyer

A piece about negotiating a desire for self harm, and embracing parts of yourself that are considered evil.

Betterave Rouge/Red Beet
Writer and Performer: Claude Wittmann

Feed, be fed, change clothes, and do it all over again.

The Gay Heritage Project
Writers and Performers: Damien Atkins, Paul Dunn and Andrew Kushnir
Historian: Paul Halferty
Consulting Director: Ashlie Corcoran
Lighting Designer: Kimberly Purtell

Three leading queer creators/performers tackles ideas of gay identity, community, and heritage.

speaking of sneaking
Writer and Performer: Daniel Jelani Ellis
Director: Evalyn Parry

A young, black, queer Jamaican man negotiates when to silence and when to give voice to his intersecting identities.

Psychic Cooking Show
Writer and Performer: David Frankovich

Taste your future and have your fortune told from a tarot deck of canned food.

Gender Me
Deviant Productions
Writer and Performer: Evan Vipond

Come play dress up with a gender deviant.

Aujourdhuy 15e septembre 1738…’
Writer and Performer: Heather Hermant
Script Translator: Nadine Desrochers

Re-live the true story of 18th century gender-bending immigrant Esther Brandeau. Performance available in English and French.

Stepping Between Projections
Writer: James Diamond
Moderator: Ananya Ohri

A retrospective of work by celebrated video artist James Diamond, addressing issues of the body and multi-racial, queer, and mixed-sex identities.

Disease of Kings
Writer and Performer: Jamie Ebbs
Director: Alistair Newton

A young gay man’s battle with depression, and the glamorous facade he uses to veil his condition.

Trust My Gut
Writers and Performers: Johnny Forever and Marisa Hoicka

A high-camp, soap-operatic surgery performed to your favourite song.

Make Your Own China Doll Workshop
Writer and Performer: Johnson Ngo

Learn how to make a doll using a variety of materials.

Writers and Performers: Jona Nah

Hold hands, smile, and come for a walk through the village.

Justin Vivian Bond
Writer and Performer: Justin Vivian Bond
Accompanist: Nath Ann Carrera

New York cabaret sensation Justin Vivian Bond performs a selection of songs from Dendrophile and readings from Justin’s book Tango.

CROTCH (All the Joseph Beuys references in the world cannot heal the pain, confusion, regret, cruelty, betrayal or trauma…)
Writer and Performer: Keith Hennessy

An elegy of queer art and personal heartache from internationally-acclaimed San Francisco performance artist Keith Hennessy.

Klangkorper 2.0 (‘Resounder Body’)
Writer and Performer: Kenji Ouellet
Performer: Katharina Weinhuber

Transform your body into a musical instrument in a live, surround sound performance.

Made to Order
Writer and Performer: Lady Janitor (aka Eroca Nicols)
Performers: Krista Posyniak, Madeleine Shen, Sky Fairchild-Waller, Cara Spooner, Rob Kingsbury, Karen Fennell Hostess: Messapotamia LeFae DJ: Peter Mitton

Throughout the festival, visit the Made to Order Cafe in Buddies’ Ante Chamber between 7-8pm to place an order for your fantasy dance performance, then see it performed live on stage Sunday night.

Sea Foam Blue
Writers and Performers: Leah Fay Goldstein, Emma-Kate Guimond and Julie Thomas
Composer: Brooke Manning

Through live animation and dance, three artists bring you the fantasy world of a sexually confused mermaid.

Light Fires
Performers: Light Fires

A live set by electro-dance duo Light Fires.

Department of Public Memory
Writers and Performers: Maggie Hutchenson and Elinor Whidden
Dramaturge and Performer: Zita Nyarady
Performers: Heather McLean, and Loree Lawrence

A public intervention about things we risk losing to municipal budget cuts. Meet the Department of Public Memory at Bloor St E. entrance to the Yonge/Bloor subway station and travel to Scarborough to visit the site of a bus route threatened by service reduction.

Hosts: Meera Margaret Singh & Luke Painter

Sing along to karaoke videos created by local artists at this raucous late night party.

all the things we should have said that we never said
Writer and Performer: Melissa D’Agostino
Dramaturge: Diana Bentley

A chance to have that conversation you’ve been longing for.

Everyday is a Beautiful Day (nichi nichi kore ko nichi)
Director: Rose Plotek
Performers: Eleanor Hewlings, Amy Nostbakken, and Katie Swift

A performance determined by chance, inspired by the work of John Cage.

The Failure Show or: A Thirteen-Point Manifesto for the Consideration of Failure
Writer and Performer: Sarah Stanley
Director: Michael Rubenfeld
Video: David FM Hanes

This is about failure. This is about me and you. Let’s fall in love.

Red Coat Romance
Writer and Performer: Shannon Roszell

Have a Valentine’s Day skating date in Nathan Phillips Square. Come to the 519 to get your invitation ti this one-of-a-kind Valentine’s date.

Writer and Performer: Sian Robinson Davies

In this show you will think about what it is that you want to receive from me and I will think about what it is that I want to give you.

The Little G8 That Could…
Edge of the Woods Theatre
Creator and Performer: Dan Watson
Video: Kathryn Heming, Andrew Sheppard, and Brenda Darling
Makeup: Lisa Quall

A live action documentary exploring the legacy of the G8 summit in Huntsville.

Night and Day
Writer and Performer: Mikiki
Sound Designer: Chris Regnier-Davies

A response to Susan Sontag’s AIDS and it’s Metaphors from sex educator and AIDS activist Mikiki.

The Big Thaw

A dance party to warm up your winter, with late night tunes supplied by Regina the Gentlelady.

Yellow Towel
Choreographer and Performer: Dana Michel

Dance artist Dana Michel tackles notions surrounding her African Caribbean heritage.

Writers and Performers: Thomas Morgan-Jones and Clare Preuss
Director: Nina Lee Aquino
Composer: Michelle Bensimon
Associate Director: Kawa Ada

A highly personal, physical exploration of a body in the grips of Multiple Sclerosis.

Marine Life
Writer: Rosa Laborde
Director: Natasha Mytnowych
Performers: Tommie-Amber Pirie, Phillip Riccio, and Scott McCord
Set and Costume Designer: Patrick Duwors
Lighting Designer: Trevor Schwellnus
Sound Designer: Eric Meadows
Stage Manager: Robin Munro

A tragic comedy about sibling relationships at the end of the world.

The Omnibus Bill
Writer: Darrah Teitel
Director: Esther Jun
Performers: Margaret Evans, Patrice Goodman, Lisa Li, and Natasha Greenblatt Designer: Joe Pagnan

A gender-bashing parliamentary re-enactment of Trudeau’s famous bedrooms of the nation Omnibus Bill.

Tom & Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party
Special Thanks: Melissa Wong and Unsilent Night Toronto

Grab your boombox, take to the streets and crush the despotic party paradigms of yore with some free and democratic open-source partying.

As in Happy
Writer and Performer: Michael David Lorsch
Director: Brendan Healy

On the eve of a national referendum on gay marriage, David searches for happiness in the end of a relationship.


Writer and Performer: Coral Maloney
Co-Writer and Performer: Ian Mozdzen

Two queer Winnipeggers tackles the festishization of cowboy culture in a frenetic protest/performance that asks if we call it all ‘queer,’ does that make it okay?

All the Ladies
Choreographer and Performer: Sasha Kleinplatz
Performers: Kelly Keenan, Rosie Cantin and Angie Cheng

This visceral dance performance builds and deconstructs ideas of femininity inside the frame of an all-female fight club.

Insert Monologue re: My Youth, Drugs & SSRI’s, HIV/AIDS, Angels in America, That Time Tilda Swinton Hugged Me
Writer and Performer: Vincent Chevailer

Layer images, text, and digital projections, the artist exposes their personal history through acts of disclosure.

Composer and Performer: Scott Christian
Director: Leora Morris
Performers: Hume Baugh, Miranda Calderon, David Christo, Colin Doyle, Caitlin Driscoll, Alex Fallis, Sochi Fried, Eleanor Hewlings, Viv Moore and Andy Trithardt

A Victorian farce performed to a live piano in the style of silent film that investigates the tricky relationship between money and marriage.

Fay Slift and the Three Bears
Writer and Performer: John Paul Kane
Co-Writers and Performers: Trixie & Beever and Kaleb Robertson
Director: Lindsay Barton
Choreographer: Kitty Neptune
Costume Designer: Atom Cianfarani
Make-up and Photographer: David Hawe
Set and Props Designer: Nina Bunjevac

Ladybear Extraordinaire Fay Slift stars as Goldilocks in a high-drag, choose-your-own-adventure take on this familiar fairy tale.

Choreographer and Performer: Sze-Yang Ade-Lam
Co-Choreographers and Performers: Jelani Ade-Lam and Kumari Giles
Dramaturge: Gein Wong

Dance sensations ILL NANA take to the stage with courageous stories of personal survival in the face of homophobia, racism, shaming, and discrimination.

Host: Roy Mitchell

Be a part of a special live broadcast the addictive ROYNATION. The weekly internet radio show/podcast/love-in will be chatting with some of the artists in Week Two of this year’s festival.

Naked Page
Writer and Performer: Nichola Ward
Music: Lynn Phillips

Merging poetry, music, and Japanese rope bondage, the poet-performer uses the bondage bottom as a naked page upon which to compose a formal poem.

Rhubarb Festival Kick Off Bash
Performer: Vag Halen

Toronto’s feminist art rock band is bringin’ the bad with a dash of ass to kick off this year’s Rhubarb. The night kicks off with a set of Vag Halen‘s queer cock rock, and goes late into the night with tunes by DJ Vanessa Dunn.

Dirty Plotz
Curator: Alex Tigchelaar
Performers: Jess Dobkin, Christine Pountney, Keisha Scott, Laura Kane, Hoa Nguyen and Zoe Whittall
Choreographer: Cat Nimmo

An ensemble of female performers take on the historical exclusion and erasure of women in art and social justice movements.

The Faroe Islands
Writer: Nicolas Billon
Director: Ravi Jain
Performers: Claire Calnan and Jessica Moss

A young woman’s idealism is challenged by the infamous whale hunt in Faroe Islands. This special presentation is staged for an intimate audience of 15 people inside The 519.

How Can I Forget?
Writer, Director, Performaner: Sook-Yin Lee
Performer: Benjamin Kamino
Assistant: Adam Litovitz

An immersive multimedia exploration of remembering and forgetting, featuring original videos and a musical score by Sook-Yin Lee.

Choreographer and Performer: Brandy Leary
Performers: Brandy Leary, Ryan Lee, Amy Hampton, Jennifer Robichaud, Lucy Rupert and Louis Laberge Cote
Composer: James Bunton

Follow a group of dance artists as they create a massive human glacier that slowly moves through the city streets. Music for this performance will be posted on our blog on the day of the show.

Evil Love Songs
Writer and Performer: Katie Sly
Director Jess Dobkins
YCU Director: Evalyn Parry

Explored at times on the streets downtown Toronto, and at other times in mythic labyrinths and forests filled with fantastic creatures, in Evil Love Songs a young woman grapples with being caught between the dichotomies of gay and straight, as well as monogamous and promiscuous.

Graceful Rebellions
Writer and Performer: Shaista Latif
Director: Evalyn Parry
YCU Director: Evalyn Parry

Meet Laily, Wazma, and Zenat. Each have a story to tell. Each suffer for joys divine and destructive and all have much to lose. Can an Afghan woman gain power under the rule of man?

All Good Things
Writer and Director: Bruce Barton
Performer: Martin Julien
Lighting Designer: Laird MacDonald
Sound Designer: Steph Berston
Dramaturge: Pil Hansen

Hold someone’s hand as if your life depended on it. Because it did, and it does, and it will again.

Disco Hospital
Writer and Performer: Andrew Zeally

Experience a new queer shamanism in this performance ritual that combines therapeutic touch and sonic therapy. Participants are invited to bring an offering in exchange for this experience.

Writer and Performer: Rachel Steinberg
Explore a room full of curated objects as you hear stories about their history.

Fearful Ghost of Former Bloom
Choreographer and Performer: Davy Bisaro
Music: Max Alexander

Use your flashlight to illuminate the performer and her mirror-balled hands to create your own intimate universe of moving stars.

Moles Dancing
Writer and Performer: Cathy Gordon

Slip on a pair of headphones, don a blindfold, and stumble into the mole hole for a clumsy encounter.

Silver Threads and Golden Needles
Writer and Performer: Stacey Sproule

Receive a tattoo, embroidered on your clothing, as you meditate on rites of passage and the idea of healing.

Writer and Performer: Michael Rubenfeld
Performer: Mary Berchard
Collaborators: Sarah Stanley and Natasha Greenblatt

Join in a recreation of an unfinished argument between the artist and his mother in the hopes of finding a resolution.

The Day You Died and the Hour You Were Born
Writer and Performer: Brescia Brixia Bloodbeard
Performers: Melisse Watson, Naty Tremblay, and Joce Tremblay

Journey into a magical world of shadow puppetry, where imagination illuminates the space between life and death.

Monsters, Angels and Aliens are not a Substitute for Spirituality
Writer and Performer: Andrew Tay

Part performance, part ritual, and part spiritual investigation that delves into the strange and impossible ways we use to comfort ourselves when faced with the unexplainable.

Step By Step
Writers and Performers: Andres Galeano and Ieke Trinks

Two artists create and perform a new choreography every night by searching random ‘how to’ instructions on the internet.

Shostakovich, or Three Days in Red
Writer, Director, Choreographer: Adam Paolozza
Co-Writer and Composer: Sam Sholdice
Performers: Viktor Lukawski, Rob Feetham, Daniele Bartolini and Miranda Calderon

Four actors simultaneously play a single character in this movement-based piece that explores the effects of oppression on the human body.

Peachy Coochy on Ritual: The Everyday, the Occasional, the Invented and the Inherited
Curator: Erin Brubacher

Erin has invited people. They’ve assembled a collection of images on these notions of ritual. They’ll have 20 seconds per image to tell us about them. They’ll have to be quick on their feet. Derived from the Japanese PechaKucha, a form devised for young designers exactly a decade ago, the Peachy Coochy is smart, sweet, reveling and revealing.

Dandy Decay
Writer and Performer: George Stamos
Sound Designer: Jackie Gallant

A virtuoso solo performance that traces ideas of queer family, inheritance, and power from the AIDS activism of the 1980s through to the present day.

How to Store Pomegranates
Writer and Performer: Sina Gilani
Director: Alistair Newton
YCU Director: Evalyn Parry

A young man is chosen, for reasons unknown to him, to be in a space for 25 minutes to tell a story, and it’s great since the young man is looking for a space, a refuge really, from everything out there.

To the Other Side
Writer and Performer: Aemilius (Milo) Ramirez
Director: Gein Wong
YCU Director: Evalyn Parry

A trans narrative where before and after is reclaimed and redefined. This semi-autobiographical piece presents conversations not often given space to share: the acceptance and forgiving of family, learning to honour your body, acknowledging your past, confronting a life no less difficult or complicated. This piece is dedicated to those who in leaving this world took with them many stories left unsaid

Creators: Jordan Tannahill and William Christopher Ellis

Join a travelling intervention that brings light to the spaces in our city where we do not feel safe at night.

Knit Bombing Installation
Textile Installations by: Johnny Forever and Kate McGrann
Knitters: Michael Mackid, Debbie Arruda, Isidra Cruz, Katy Grabstas, Kesta Graham, Marcia Johnson, Kristy Kennedy and Dylan Uscher

Buddies’ Ante-Chamber and some nearby outdoor spaces get bundled up for winter by our team of knit bombers and textile artists.

Resistance & Raunch
Co-Curators: Kim Crosby, Vivek Shraya and Mikiki

This late-night cabaret reacts against slut shaming and sexual violence in a radical celebration of sex, resistance, smut, difference, spirituality, and unapologetic pleasure.



Throughout the festival, one artist will cover Buddies in a colourful mosaic of duct tape.

artist Mark Reinhart


Witness an artist fill the Ante Chamber with miniature imagined performance spaces, inspired by the work in this year’s festival and conversations with you.

artist Katrin Whitehead


A collection of scripts, books, posters, photos, programmes, and other interesting ephemera from the history of Rhubarb will be on display throughout the festival for audiences to read, share, and add to.


Be a part of a special live broadcast of the addictive ROYNATION. The weekly internet radio show/podcast/love-in will be chatting with some of the artists in this year’s festival. The podcast will also be available for download later in the week.

host/producer Roy Mitchell | producer Sandy McLeod


Using a unique blend of live animations, video projections, music, and storytelling, the artist creates an intimate portrayal of physical and mental illness.

creator/performer Kerri Flannigan | performer Claire Lyke


A high-camp sci-fi odyssey about one woman’s quest to save our planet’s pop music after the earth is destroyed by aliens.

creator/performer Maggie MacDonald | director Stephanie Markowitz | performer John Southworth | visuals Roxanne Luchak


This film-noir lesbian melodrama thrusts you into a ‘high-estrogen’ world of lust, betrayal, and murder.

playwright Hope Thompson | director Morgan Norwich | performers Carolyn Taylor, Kat Letwin, & Sarah Joy Bennett | sound Kevin Krouglow


A late-night series of short performances that imagine the future possibilities of our queerness.

curators Sedina Fiati, Vivek Shraya & Nat Trembly


Experience the live taping of an old fashioned internet variety show, complete with serial drama, music, science fiction, and some special surprise guests.

Small Wooden Shoe | producer/host Jacob Zimmer | writing from Brendan Gall, Jacob Zimmer, Evan Webber & Deanne Taylor | music director Scott Maynard | performers Christopher Stanton, Nicola Correia-Damude, Richard Allen Campbell & Susanna Fournier | different special guests each night including Vivek Shraya, Becky Johnson, Hannah Cheesman, Chad Dembski, Felicity Williams, John Southworth, Maggie MacDonald, Jessica Moss, Thom Gill, Stewart Legere, Mel Hague and more.


An autobiographical tale of heartbreak told through a series of marriage proposals, starting at the age of six.

writer Jill Connell|director Katie Swift


A politically and sexually charged 19th Century rock and roll melodrama.

creator/director Henri Fabergé | writer/performers Henri Faberge, Kayla Lorette & Alex Tindal | musical accompanist D. Alex Meeks


Using a unique blend of performance art, dance, and prop comedy, one performer tells the story of two sisters who were once friends and are now enemies.

creator/performer Bridget Moser | prop construction & production assistance Paul Tjepkema


Vogueing, hip hop, and striptease blend into a virtuoso solo dance performance set entirely to Janet Jackson remixes.

creator/performer Gerard Reyes | artistic advisors Archie Burnett & Jose Xtravaganza | music “Control” and “Anytime Anyplace” by Janet Jackson, James Harris III, Terry Lewis | original music composer for vogue track & editor for “Anytime Anyplace” Devon Bate | music editor for “Control” Tyrone Callender | costume designer Vincent Tiley | lighting designer Marc Tétrault | photographer Damian Siqueiros

This project was funded in part by Le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.


Join the artist on an epic hero’s journey as he completes a series of challenges to examine his family’s Viking roots and ask what it means to be strong.

creator/performer Humboldt Magnussen


Experience the ultimate performance in this bouffon-inspired send up of experimental theatre and performance art.

ZOU Theatre | creator/performers Viktor Lukawski & Nicolas Di Gaetano | performer Deanna Jones


Visit this installation at The 519 to exchange something you know for something you don’t. Performances take place at regular intervals, so audiences may come at any point during the day.

creator/performer Golboo Amani

presented in partnership with The 519 Church Street Community Centre.


A marathon 24-hour listening party at the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives digitizing and broadcasting their extensive collection of cassette tapes.

creator Christopher Willes | dramaturg Cathy Gordon

presented in partnership with the Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives.


The latest performance in 14-year long series of participatory, site-specific works about male intimacy.
creator/performers Paul Couillard & Ed Johnson

Presented by FADO in association with The 35th Rhubarb Festival.


Find out what happens to race and identity in our distant future – a time where all living beings have turned transparent.

creator/performer Alvis Parsley | with assistance from Kat Kleine


The artist invites you to tell a story about someone you miss. As they listen, they draw you a portrait of that person.

creator/performer Evan Tapper


Tell someone about a time you’ve been called ‘crazy’, maybe it’s something that’s happened to a lot of us.

BIRDTOWN AND SWANVILLE | creator Aurora Stewart de Pena | performed by Rebecca Applebaum, Jessica Salgueiro, Julia Lederer, Gwyneth Tossell, Lauren Bride, Jill Holmberg and Mark Aikman


Be a part of a special live broadcast of the addictive ROYNATION. The weekly internet radio show/podcast/love-in will be chatting with some of the artists in this year’s festival. The podcast will also be available for download later in the week.

host/producer Roy Mitchell | producer Sandy McLeod


Becoming an Image, a piece that works at the interstice of performance and sculpture.

Using their extensive physical strength and training to unleash a full-blown attack on a 2,000-pound block of clay, the artist delivers a series of kicks and blows in total darkness. The spectacle will only be illuminated by the flash of a photographer, burning the image into the viewer’s retina. The remains is a violent sculpting, a soft passive clay body bearing the indexical trace of the beating it has taken.

creator/performer Heather Cassils | photographer Alejandro Santiago

co-presented by The 35th Rhubarb Festival, Pleasure Dome and Trinity Square Video in association with The Art Gallery of York University.


Artists from throughout Rhubarb’s history mark the festival’s 35th anniversary with raw remixes of past work and radical responses to what’s happening now.

curated by Laura Nanni | hosted by Keith Cole and Shannon Cochrane | featuring Sky Gilbert, Cynthia Grant, David Roche, Daniel David Moses, Elley Ray Hennessy, Ed Roy, Death Waits, Mammalian Diving Reflex, Coman Poon, David Bateman, Cathy Gordon, Sarah Stanley, Chad Dembski, Sonja Mills, Shannon Cochrane, Alistair Newton, Jordan Tannahill, Tawiah M’carthy, Keith Cole, Birdtown Swanville, Life of a Craphead, Patricia Wilson, Nicolas Billon, Erin Brubacher, Vertical City, Ill Nana, Liz Peterson, Ryan G. Hinds, Hannah Moscovitch and many more.


The very first theatrical offering from the first lady of Toronto’s indie music scene, Regina the Gentlelady, from the band Light Fires.

creator/performer Regina the Gentlelady | outside eye Adam Lazarus


A collection of stories about life as a single mother and queer femme of colour, set to a musical playlist. Plus an opening performance from Dainty Smith.

playwright/performer Catherine Hernandez | director Gein Wong | music consultation Brescia Bloodbeard | dramaturg Cyrée Jarelle Johnson


Twin fetuses question the nature of their existence and whether they are alive at all; as they start to unravel the answers they realize that one of them is vanishing – and being absorbed by the other.

writer/performer Rory Jade Grey | director Evalyn Parry


A questioning bisexual woman exposes her struggle with desire, repression, and the need for transformation; through a collage of personal narratives, the public eye is acknowledged and challenged as a reflector for what is normal and alternately “mad”.

writer/performer Jackie Rowland | director Alistair Newton


A 24-year-old closeted gay man struggles with societal pressure, mortality, and regret. In his emotional paralysis, this dark comedy explores what it means to be successful and to challenge society’s – and his own – standards of happiness and failure.

writer/performer Ramon Vitug | director Brendan Healy

The YCU is part of Buddies’ Queer Youth Arts Program and is supported by our Education Sponsor TD Bank Group.


Watch as lemonTree creations interview key players from seminal queer newspaper The Body Politic and incorporate what they learn into a scene or monologue which is performed live on the spot.

This is a durational project, so feel free to pop in whenever you like and stay for as long as you want.

lemonTree creations | creators Indrit Kasapi, Cole Alvis, Jonathan Seinen, Nick Green, Gein Wong | performers Tawiah M’carthy, Jeff Ho, Shaista Latif, Amanda Cordner | speakers El-Farouk Khaki, Sonny Mills & more

Beyond Body Politic was developed as part of Buddies’ Artist Residency Program and presented at Rhubarb in partnership with Pink Triangle Press.


Participate in the archiving of our city’s history, as elder members of the queer community share their memories with you to be documented, cherished, and passed on.

creators Gein Wong with Kim Crosby & Jade Lee Hoy

presented in partnership with Glad Day Bookshop



Live music and puppetry come together to create a fantastical choose-your-own-adventure performance.

writer / director / performer Anand Rajaram


A fast-paced dark comedy about three twenty-something women waiting at a bar. Two are sisters; the other is their father’s new girlfriend.

playwright / producer Susanna Fournier | director / producer Nathaniel Fried | performer / producer Perrie Olthuis | performers Chala Hunter + Nina Gilmour


Step up to the Identification Station and receive a laminated ID card that identifies you on your own terms.

creator / visual artist / performer Trevor Campbell  | performer Natalie Kulesza


A decade after leaving, Shaista Latif revisits her time living at Covenant House. A personal project about memory, loss, trauma, and awareness.

writer  /performer Shaista Latif | dramaturge Leah-Simone Bowen


A gay sex drag opera featuring eight original songs drawn from direct transcripts of real life sexual experiences.

writer / performer Joel Klein | pianist / performer Karen Lee-Morlang | composer / collaborator Isaiah Bell


A high-femme drag extravaganza set amongst intergalactic unrest in the brave new queer future.

creator / performers Heather Caplap, Hannah Morrow + Sky Oestreicher 


A gender-bending adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet set in the Buddies bathroom.

creator / performers David Bateman, Paul Bellini, Brock Hessel + Donnarama Versace | videographer / artistic director Raymond Helkio


An artist confronts sex, god, and religion eleven years after he came out to his family and community.

creator / performer Andrew Robinson | director / dramaturge Taryn Jorgenson  | sound Alicia Porter


An ongoing workshop series about the original femme fatale, Frank Wedekin’s Lulu. Using texts written by a prolific group of Toronto writers, the workshops will explore Lulu’s brutal end at the hands of Jack the Ripper.

director ted witzel


After leaving your cake out in the rain, sometimes you just want to tease out your hair, get your sequins on, and dance your heart out.

dancer / choreographers Ryan G. Hinds + Nicole Rose Bond | dancer / dramaturge Dylan Shumka-White | dancer Shakeil Rollock


After finding an old set of 8mm film, Polish artist Janek Turkowski, worked painstakingly to locate the film’s subject, a woman from East Germany. He shares his story in this special performance, in conjunction with the Progress Festival.

creator/performer Janek Turkowski | video Margarete Ruhbe, Martyna Głowacka, Adam Ptaszyński, Marcin Piątkowski + Janek Turkowski | set design Wiesława Turkowska, Martyna Głowacka + Janek Turkowski | music Roger Anklam + Przemek Radar Olszewski | translators Jeannette Boettcher, Marcin Piątkowski + Andrzej Wojtasik


Clown sisters Morro and Jasp are looking for someone to connect with. Could it be you? Come and see what happens.

creator  / performers Heather Marie Annis + Amy Lee | director / dramaturge Byron Laviolette


Performed in a rooftop swimming pool under the stars, Ocean Carving explores what happens when a young woman embraces her sexuality and dives into the deep waters of her ancestry.

writer/director Gein Wong | performer Catherine Hernandez


A new opera about the romanticization of suffering and depression in LGBT youth. This workshop presentation will feature early explorations of the music and writing for the first act of the show.

composer / libretist Bruce Dow | performers Jordan Bell + Jordan Fantauzzo with Kayla Coolen, Cassie Doane + Danik McAfee | dramaturge / associate director Isaac Robinson | production stage manager Katie Honek


Wander the corridors, nooks, and crannies of the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives where you will encounter a series of performances and installations inspired by queer history.


co-creators Heather Hermant + Alvis Parsley

Share a slow dance with someone while they share with you the stories they discovered in the archives.


creator Melissa Koziebrocki

A performance of due-process in the criminal justice system that recreates the 1981 Bathhouse Raids.


creator / performer Olive-or-Oliver

Archival audio mixes with original music to create heart-felt songs about hope.


Vince Ha

An interactive photo and film installation inspired by material at the CLGA.


creator / director Rob Kempson | choreographer Brandy Leary | performers David Coomber, Blair Francey, Aidan Grove-White, Andrew Pimento, G Kyle Shields, John Thai, Andrew Usher + Greg Wong

A dance piece that juxtaposes the portrayal of gay culture in mainstream media with its representation in text-based erotica.


choreographer Darryl Tracy | performers Simon Renaud + Juan Villegas | text by Keith Cole

Catch a peek of this durational dance installation about how history etches itself into photos, texts, and our bodies.


Enter an installation of radio theremins, glitch noise, video projections, and crocheted sculptures to experience a queer feminist retelling of Slavic myth.

sound, radio theremin installation, concept, performance (live music and radio transmission) Gambletron |  video, soft sculpture installation, concept, performance Johnny FOREVER


What happens when Canada’s best cabaret performer assembles a three piece band and takes a walk on the scarier side of the street? Full Dark expands

Sharron Matthew’s signature style to delve into the darker sides of storytelling – about growing up fatherless, about being bullied, about sexuality and danger, the unacceptable, and the unexplained.

creator / performer Sharron Matthews | director / dramaturge Andrew Kushnir | musical director / arranger Steve Thomas | guitar / mandolin Jason Chesworth | percussion Michael Doherty


creator / performer Robert Kingsbury | performer / collaborator Alicia Grant | outside eye Francesco Gagliardi


The tumultuous story of a skydiver whose parachute fails to open. Witness the last ten seconds of Susannah’s life, performed entirely on trapeze.

playwright Natalie Frijia | director Zita Nyarady | performer Morgan Johnson


Expect the unexpected in this collaborative performance combining contemporary dance and performance art with rock and roll.

creator / performers Karen Fennell + Jackie Gallant


A duet.

Justin Many Fingers + Brian Solomon


This playful dance installation takes us to the heart of an extravagant and stimulating world. Pop up performances happen all over Buddies throughout the evening.

choreographer Marie Lambin-Gagnon | performers Kathia Wittenborn, Michelle Zimmerman + Erin Poole


The Young Creators Unit presents original, 30-minute solo shows created and performed by four queer-identified young people.

kumari giles, Faith-Ann Mendez, Andre Prefontaine, Brian Postalian

The Young Creators Unit is run by Evalyn Parry, as part of our Queer Youth Arts Program – sponsored by TD Bank Group.


An immersive installation made of text messages and emails that have never been answered. One by one, the messages will be pulled out and read aloud until the cloud no longer exists.

Vivek Shraya


An Indigenous girl struggles to cope with her addictive personality as a giant bug named Manidoons creeps ever closer.
performer + playwright Yolanda Bonnell //director Cole Alvis // composer Classic Roots

A group therapy session meets in a church basement in Alabama. Fresh baked goods are served, and then things get weird.
writer + director Bruce Gibbons Fell // performers Marcelo Arroyo, Jonathan Carroll, Carlos Gonzalez Vio, Rosalba Martinni + Jessica Zepeda // producer + stage manager Alisson Escobar // designer + audio Ben McCarthy

An unreliable narrator threads together gender, sexuality and race from the vantage point of two separate pairs of shoes, worn on one pair of feet.
performer + co-writer Amanda Cordner // director + co-writer David di Giovanni

“Your walls may be high and your windows barred but they will come.” A loss of electricity illuminates how close and how far neighbours are.
playwright DM St. Bernard //director + choreographer Virgilia Griffith // performers Arlen Aguayo-Stewart, Falen Johnson, Susan Lock + Chiamaka Ugwu // text dramaturge Gein Wong // assistant director Daniel Ellis //illustrator Stephen Jackman-Torkoff // photographer Tsholo Khalema

[elephants] collective re-presents a classic piece of realist drama while holding kitchen sinks over their heads.
creators Jesse Byiers, Michael Reinhart, Thomas McKechnie // creator + performer Krystina Bojanowski
// creator + designers Anahita Dehbonehie, Richard Lam, Montgomery Martin, Michael Palumbo // creator + director Ximena Huizi // creator + sm Nicole De Angelis // production support Donna Marie Baratta

A live video game unlike anything you’ve ever seen (or played) before.
writer + performer Neil LaPierre // set design Vida Beyer

Montreal’s Andrew Tay sets us on the impossible task of building a shared imagination together with his unique mix of dance, performance, visual art and philosophical theatre.
Andrew Tay in collaboration with Francois Lalumiere + Vanessa Jane Kimmons // created with and performed by Kate Nankervis, Robert Kingsbury + William Ellis

A theatrical MixTape tells the story of the B-Girl and the DJ as they transverse time, place and the Diaspora to confront the silencing of women’s musical and aural voices in a multi-disciplinary remix of theatre, music and spoken word.
ift Theatre + Motion Live Collective // writer + performer Motion // dj + composer L’Oqenz // director Mumbi Tindyebwa-Otu

The fourth instalment of the red light district’s Lulu project sees its director, ted witzel, embody the original femme fatale. Facing off against the female performers who played Lulu before him, the piece asks: What gives him the right to represent women this way? Who has the right to tell this story and why?
created by susanna fournier + ted witzel, with mayko nguyen, sedina fiati, aurora stewart de peña + helen yung
// sound + video design wesley mckenzie // assistant director daniela pagliarello // stage manager alanna dunlop

A conversation between a human and a real-life artificial intelligence on the nature of their consciousnesses and whether either of them are what they think they are.
playwright Rory Jade Grey //director + dramaturge Sina Gilani // performers Katie Sly, Jackie Rowland + Katherine Marie Orsten

This live radio play follows three women who grew up across the street from each other, tied forever through a mysterious disappearance.
director + designer+ performer Ange Loft // performers Cherish Violet Blood + Dayna Danger // stage manager Iehente Foote // audio engineer Alaska B

A chamber orchestra partners with a trance DJ to fill the cabaret with a live reimagining of Beethoven’s 5th symphony.
Loose TEA Chamber Orchestra // conductor Alaina Viau // trance dj artist Shane Halcon

Chicago performance artist NIC Kay presents an experimental solo performance composed of biographical moments that are equal parts narrative and dream.
creator + performer NIC Kay

A meeting of glamour and demons in a female powered contemporary circus dance rock show.
Femmes du Feu // choreographer Holly Treddenick // director Monica Dottor // performers Holly Treddenick, Lara Ebata, Natalie Fullerton, Angola Murdoch, Lindsay Goodtimes + Haley Shannon

An epic boy-band rock opera that bridges heavy metal, romantic funk ballads, and puppets.
director Alex Tigchelaar // performer + costume + director Sebastian Butt // performer + music Charlie Murray // performer + music Randy Gagne // performer + choreographer Andrya Duff // performer Shane MacKinnon // performer + costume Jamie Shannon // performer + costume Jesi

Wendy, an armoured space pirate, is informed by her naturopath that in order to exorcize her abdominal pain, she has to find her ex-boyfriend and kill him.
creator + performer Walter Scott // curated by Videofag

Inspired by the Georges Seurat painting “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte”, a massive cast of improvisers fills the Cabaret with characters, inviting the audience to speculate on the intimate details of their lives.
Bad Dog Theatre // director Julie Dumais Osborne // music Nick DiGaetano

After appearing in six of Sky Gilbert’s plays, internationally renowned actor and comedian Gavin Crawford take on the role of Gilbert’s interpreter/challenger/murderer (if the author is indeed murdered by interpretation).
writer + director Sky Gilbert // performer Gavin Crawford


Feminine hygiene products are donated and slipped into the “collective vagina” located in the basement and transformed into a menstrual melange of femininity, flavour and fun.
concept + creation Kate Nankervis + Vanessa Jane Kimmons

Watch Clayton Lee attempt to eat a table’s worth of food over the course of the day in front of a live webcam, delving into the intimacy and isolation of online interactions.
concept + performer Clayton Lee

Explore a durational solo dance piece inspired by Madam Butterfly with a few colourful surprises along the way.
collaborating choreographers Angie Cheng + Theirry Huard // performer Angie Cheng

The Barreness von Haag invites you for an intimate psychic reading of your menstrual cup / used products and to behold your destiny in her sacred and profane abyss.
creator + performers Alexandra Tigchelaar + Fatima Mechtab

As you walk around the People’s Gallery you can choose to become the art or critique the art. There are no right or wrong ways to participate, so long as you participate.
art is hard productions // curators Pip Bradford + Rebecca Vandevelde

Watch as this durational dance piece transforms into a video projection of moving bodies on the ceiling.
adelheid dance // performer + choreographer Heidi Strauss // filmmaker + collaborator Jeremy Mimnagh // dancers on screen le broke lab (Roxane Duchesne-Roy, Merryn Kritzinger + Susan Paulson) // music Broken circles (Koen Holtkamp), Sensation (Mariana Rosenfeld)

Send the artist your picture, and she will send you one back. This ideal electronic interaction quickly makes any real encounter irrevocably awkward.
concept, performer, edit Hanneke Kuijpers // camera Brechje de Koning // camera Eric Steensma


The Emerging Creators Unit presents original, 30-minute shows created and performed by four queer-identified young people. It is run by Sunny Drake, as part of our Queer Youth Arts Program – sponsored by TD Bank Group.

A short performance about choosing your idols, and making yourself up.
creator + performer Marina Moreira // director Gein Wong

Max is a play that deals with the issues of intimacy between an older and younger man.
creator + performer Joshua Middleton // performer Greg Campbell // director Alistair Newton

Al/Lex is an interdisciplinary piece about a character who begins to unravel the parts of themselves that have been hidden, suppressed and shamed. Within Alex emerges Lex who is initially drawn out by his sexual exploration, but who is she and where has she come from?
creator + performer Chase Lo // director Tawiah M’carthy // stage production support Kumari Giles

A journey from one home to another, a series of stories from my life in Mexico through my journey to Toronto, as I search for my voice as a Queer woman. Funny, honest, and uncensored.
creator + performer Monica Garrido // director Beatriz Pizano


Through acrobatics, dance, and knife-throwing, artist Scotty Dont explores the weight and absurdity of the gender and racial tropes that society imposes on othered bodies.
interpreter Scotty Dont

An aspiring camera operator finds herself on the set of an indie femdom porno. A video/play hybrid exploring the queer female gaze and the ethics of what turns us on.
creator + playwright Anais West // creator + videographer + choreographer Shauna Griffin // director Fay Nass // performers Nneka Croal, Jeff Gladstone + Sara Vickruck

An immersive museum exhibit from the distant future chronicles the rise of a ‘dark age’ brought on by the figure of Joan of Arc. With a live band.
director + creator John-Philip Faienza // performers + creators William Ellis, Marina Moreira, Mariana Medellin + Jackie Rowland // performers, composers + creators Roberto Ercoli + Teri Madonna // sound design + systems Benjamin McCarthy // 
video design + systems Jonathan Carroll // stage manager Alisson Escobar // vocalists Jonathan Caroll, Niko Combistis, Iain Soder + Michelle Baynton

A queer Persian man contrasts his life in Canada with an imagined one in Iran, integrating the two through live performance and video.
writer + performer Izad Etemadi // director + dramaturge Liza Balkan // filmmaker Moze Mossanen // scenographer Trevor Schwellnus

Pandemic Theatre tackles identity, the pluriverse, and the politics of death in this absurdist-inspired, satirical performance/lecture.
Pandemic Theatre // 
lead creator Jivesh Parasram // 
co-creator Tom Arthur Davis

Performance artist lo bil seeks an aesthetic independent of categorization. An experiment in failure with the best of possible intentions.
artist lo bil // 
outside eye Cathy Gordon

A man’s body runs on a treadmill, while his spirit travels through spacetime.
NYC/Toronto-based AnimalParts presents the final part of their Tenderpits trilogy: He’s Built A Fucking Time Machine, an interactive meditation on looking back, moving forward and what it truly means to be present.

AnimalParts // 
creators +performers Anthony Johnston + Nathan Schwartz // producer Johnnie Walker

An apocalypse has wiped out all of humanity except for three indigenous comics: a Dene, an Ojibway, and a Mohawk. Who will become the supreme leader of the world? Things are about to get nasty, so prepare for some low-down inter-tribal shenanigans. Blending sketch comedy, stand-up, and traditional territorial rivalry, Manifest Destiny’s Child is bringing the salt to the table!
Manifest Destiny’s Child 
writers + performers Melissa DelearyCourtney SkyeJL Whitecrow, Lena Recollet + Denise Booth Mcleod
with Adrian Sawyer

FADO Performance Art Centre presents
in association with The Rhubarb Festival
FADO Performance Art Centre and Rhubarb are proud to welcome Staceyann Chin’s unique voice back to the stage at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. This is a rare opportunity to experience the powerful and provocative work of Staceyann Chin, an out spoken-word poet, performance artist, and LGBT rights and political activist. In her MONOMYTHS performance, Chin weaves excerpts from her 2015 solo performance Motherstruck! with new thoughts and words ruminating on survival and action strategies for living in the current political situation in the USA as an intersectional life-term activist.
artist Staceyann Chin // curated by Shannon Cochrane + Jess Dobkin

Dirty Looks creative director Bradford Nordeen presents Hardcore Home Movies, delving into explicit films and short videos of the Queercore counter-cultural movement to unearth the fluid exchange of erotic representations amongst queer bodies. Presented in partnership with Inside Out and Images Festival.
curator Bradford Nordeen

UK visual artist and DJ Jeffrey Hinton digs into his personal video archives, spanning a career of over 30 years in London’s underground club scene and in clubs around the world. Performance clips show London’s most profound queer performers – including rare footage of Leigh Bowery, Boy George, Divine, Christeen, Deee Lite and many more – before Hinton transforms the cabaret into a visual dream collage of intimate moments of play.
filmmaker Jeffrey Hinton // curated by Kevin Hegge + Mixed Blood Media

A sacred fight space where performers and stuffed animals come together using kalaripayattu, kink, and dance to evoke intimacies of queerness.
creator, producer, assistant director + performer Gitanjali Lena // director Gein Wong // choreographer Maria Victoria Mata Soledad // performers Bilal Baig, Jasbina Justice + Sheesha Yadil // movement coach Brandy Leary // stage manager Samson Brown

The internal conflicts of two ‘straight’ women around bisexual desire and identity are articulated through overhead projection art and performance.
creators + performers Claren Grosz + Keshia Palm // animators Jocelyne Lamarche, Sydney Herauf, Kathleen O’Reilly + Maya Findlay

Open Fortress, Ceramic TL and Bryce Kushnier create an environmental performance celebrating light, sound, and movement; inner and outer space; econoline psychedelia; and life on earth.
Open Fortress // dancers + collaborators Alexandra Blumas, Lee Gelbloom, Jolyane Langlois + Anna Mayberry // music composer + collaborator David Psutka // lighting designer Bryce Kushnier

Sonny and Davina are off to see the couples counsellor.  It’s a boy-girl problem.
director Elley-Ray Hennessy // assistant director Veronika Hurnik // writer + performer Sonny Mills // performer David Benjamin Tomlinson

A live transcription of the 15th century trial of an egg-laying rooster plays out against images of drag queens and other pop culture references, interrogating the evolving politics and performance of “crimes against nature.”
performers + creators BAMBITCHELL

A Filipinx horror drag cooking show re-imagines the tastes and tales that bring us home.
writer + performer Patrick Salvani / Ms. Nookie Galore // director kumari giles // sound designer Khary Mathurin // projection artist Shirina Qureshi // costume designers Afi Browne + Franny Moreno

I can cope with rejection. I am an independent woman, I need my space, I need more time for myself, you know what I mean? Like I feel as though life has something in store for me, something bigger than myself, I can reach so high and far you know?  A live graphic novel performance by Toronto indie-music sensation Lido Pimienta.
performer + creator Lido Pimienta // director Gein Wong

After months of learning, sharing, and exploring our queer lives and histories, members of our Youth/Elders Project ensemble present their work to an audience for the first time, as they prepare for a Mainstage production in May 2017The Youth / Elders Project is a year-long community arts collaboration between Buddies, The 519, and Senior Pride Network that brings together young and old to create a living document of our personal queer histories, integrating text, movement, music, and design.
directed by Evalyn Parry with LeeLee Davis + Vanessa Dunn
performers + creators Jordan Campbell, Daniel Carter, Brian Cope, Monica Garrido, Genady Gavleshov, Riley Kelk, Bella Larsen, LeZlie Lee Kam, Neila Lem, Lila Pine, Russell Powell, Shauna Sloan + Ty Sloane

Winnipeg-based troupe 100 Decibels bridges the gap between the hearing and Deaf communities through mime, physical comedy and storytelling, tenderly depicting the ups and downs of human connection.
performers Joanna Hawkins + Christopher De Guzman

Black Lives, Black Words
Local black playwrights write ten-minute plays responding to the theme “Do Black Lives Matter today?” The project that has explored the Black diaspora experience in Chicago, Minneapolis, and London, UK, gets its first Toronto iteration, in a partnership between Rhubarb, Obsidian Theatre, and the National Arts Centre.
project creator Reginald Edmund // organizers Reginald Edmund + Luke Reece // writers Leelee Davis, Kanika Ambrose, Jordan Laffrenier, Tawiah Ben Eben M’Carthy, Motion, Luke Reece + Meghan Swaby // performers Akousa Amor-Adem, Shomari Downer, Virgillia Griffith, Cassandre Mentor + Nabo Nabea // directors Audrey Dwyer + Jamie Robinson


For one night only, the ghosts of Rhubarb past take over Buddies and artists bring old work back to life in a full-facility performance installation.
co-curators Mel Hague + Chad Dembski

Evalyn Parry, Anna Chatterton + Karin Randoja

Jacob Zimmer

David Bateman, Raymond Helkio, Stewart Borden, Hélène Ducharme + Christopher Rouleau

Alistair Newton, Stacey Laureyssens, Lyon Smith + Chris Blackwell

Trixie & Beever, Kaleb Robertson, Fay Slift

Brian Solomon + Justin Manyfingers

Kristina Bojanowski, Jesse Byiers, Nicole De Angelis, Ximena Huizi, Thomas McKechnie + Michael Reinhart


The Emerging Creators Unit presents original, 30-minute shows created and performed by four queer-identified young people. It is run by Sunny Drake, as part of our Queer Youth Arts Program – sponsored by TD Bank Group.

Billo, a sex worker from the khwaja sera (third gender) community based in Heera Mandi, Lahore, Pakistan, and her estranged brother Arsalan have not spoken in 15 years. The very thing that still binds them together is also what haunts them.
creator + performer Bilal Baig // director Esther Jun // performer Ash Knight // technical direction Nida Haroon

In April 1975, the Aquarius bathhouse in downtown Montreal was firebombed, killing three patrons, two of whom were never identified or claimed. Aquarius tells the story of two men who met in the bathhouse that night.
creator + performer François Macdonald // 
director Sunny Drake // sound designer Jason Thomson

After facing a fundamental impasse, a person’s consciousness becomes fractured. Anato/mía is a physically poetic exploration of trauma, healing, and how body and mind find their way back to each other.
creator + performer Sofía Rodríguez // director Tawiah Ben Eben M’Carthy

The infamous Queen of the Night from Mozart’s The Magic Flute stops singing mid-performance to take the opera singer playing her on a musical journey of personal reflection and discovery.
creator + performer Teiya Kasahara // director Andrea Donaldson


Fusing movement, sculpture, and aerial dance, Otros Rostros delves into Mexican masks, folklore, popular culture, and memory.
Diana Lopez Soto / artistic director, choreographer + rigging designer
Elizabeth Dawn Snell, Lara Ebata + Irma Villafuerte / performers
Tony Neale / music composition
Natasha MacFadyen / regalia artist
Rebecca Carney / outside eye
Charissa Wilcox / production manager + rigging artist

How do you stay connected to your culture and find your roots growing up in a white-washed world? Through humour, song, and Wheel of Fortune, a young Indigenous woman contends with her inner white girl.
Yolanda Bonnell, Elizabeth Staples + Binaeshee-Quae / performers
Clare Preuss / director

Confessions, home videos, dance, song, and sentient projections all come together as four performers embark on a spontaneous investigation of the politics of feelings in a culture obsessed with positive thinking.
Elena Eli Belyea / co-creator, playwright, performer
Ley Doré / co-creator, choreography, performer
Tori Morrison / co-creator, projection and sound design, performer
Philip Nozuka / co-creator, videographer, costumes
Alison Yanota / costume design

Alien android (and 1% human) Miss Sinvergüenzilla kicks off week one of Rhubarb with karaoke for the end of the world and, of course, a dance party.
Jessica Zepeda / performer + creator
Ben McCarthy / sound design and composition + creator
Bruce Gibbons Fell / director + creator
Alisson Escobar / design, CG + stage manager
Cale Weir / video + gifs

An immersive installation invites you to celebrate and interrogate this highly charged part of the anatomy, with performance, dance, somatic healing arts, sound, video, and sculpture.
Lo Bil / “clitoris”
Victoria Cheong / “breath”
Susan Wolf / “blood”
KINSFOLK (Holly + Jackie Timpener) / “muscle”
LeeLee Davis / “uteral oracle”
Brian Solomon / “ghost vagina”
Rain Chan / “fire heart medic”
Francesca Chudnoff / “cellular”
Nazli Dincel / “solitary acts”
Kate Barry / “bums”
Cathy Gordon / outside eye
Robert Kingsbury + Claude Wittman / inside eyes
Claude Wittman / inside eye

Starring Pearle Harbour as chanteuse, bandleader, and dear leader, Battle Cry is a queer reimagining and re-enactment of some of the most popular pro-war rallying songs of the last century — proper propaganda to get your toes tapping and feet marching!
Justin Miller / creator + performer
Rebecca Ballarin / director
Steven Conway / musical director + creator
Emmalia Bortolon-Vettor + Sarafina Bortolon-Vettor / musicians
Ashleigh Furniture + Keith Lam / guest performers

Choreographer Esie Mensah tackles our insecurities and truths around the subject of shadeism through theatre and dance.
Esie Mensah / choreographer, creator + dancer
Akosua Amo-Adem / dramaturge + director
Percy Anane-Dwumfour, Tereka Tyler-Davis, Roney Lewis + Miranda Liverpool / dancers

Katie Sly curates a special Rhubarb edition of Too Queer: A Bi Visibility Cabaret, a multidisciplinary performance event celebrating bisexual and pansexual artists and culture.
Katie Sly / producer, curator + emcee
Wayne Burns, #ClownsKillEmpires, David Frankovich, Jackie Torres + Dominique Wakeland / performers
Dainty Smith / choreographer

Performance legend Lois Weaver brings her country singer-turned performance artist character Tammy WhyNot to Buddies for a one-night-only “concert”, performed with the participation of Toronto LGBTQ elders, talking about age, sex, love, desire, fear, and intimacy.
Lois Weaver / creator + performer

Three bandmates stare down their 20-something ennui as a mystery plague ravages Toronto. A quarter-life crisis of epidemic proportions set to live, original, Canadian indie music.
Collette Radau / co-director + dramaturge
Leighton Alexander Williams + Marienne Bulson / performers
Curtis te Brinke / co-director + writer
Rouvan Silogix / performer, musician + composer
Daniel Bagg / songwriter

Alek and Dayna fall for each other quickly, only to find that it isn’t always easy to keep politics out of the bedroom. Their relationship challenges the notion of the universal Black experience.
Teneile Warren / writer
Audrey Dwyer / director
Emerjade Simms + Aisha Bentham / performers
Rebecca Warren / production assistant

Chicho wants to be beautiful. Can he still be beautiful and be Queer, Catholic, and Venezuelan? Can he still be beautiful as his birthplace descends into chaos? Spanglish, song, movement, stand-up comedy, storytelling, and lecture-style projections all scramble together in one young, diasporic body.
Augusto Bitter / creator + performer
Claren Grosz / director
Jivesh Parasram / dramaturge
Deanna Choi / sound designer

An experiment in form that tells the story of Amy – a girl trying to save her father from the latest in a wave of tsunamis – first as a solo live performance and then as a ten-minute suspense film.
Chala Hunter / performer, co-director + writer
Jill Connell / director, dramaturge, story editor + collaborator
Tim Dowler-Coltman / cinematographer + editor

Can you see the colour of the water when you’re drowning? Using her unique sound art and wit, Alexis O’Hara invites you to join her in a transformational exploration of the muck we’re soaking in: white privilege, youth culture, late-capitalism, oh my!
Alexis O’Hara / creator + performer
Atom Cianfarani / production design

Waawaate Fobister explores the resilience of the Anishnaabe people of Grassy Narrows and the ways in which they are stitching their fractured landscapes back together.
Waawaate Fobister / creator + performer
Troy Emery Twigg / director + outside eye
Sage Paul / costume designer
Marc Merilainen / sound designer + composer

The Latinx drag king experience you’ve been waiting for; Papi, H&M, and Baby Face dance their way into your hearts (with your consent, of course) at our week two kick-off party.
Monica Garrido / creator, performer + producer
Heath V. Salazar / creator + performer
Lucia Linares / creator + performer
Tricia Hagoriles / director + creator
Camila Diaz-Varela / musical director + composer
Sebastian “El Toro” Marziali / choreographer
Sofía Rodríguez /  Vocal Coach
En Tze Loh / Logo Design

JL Whitecrow reclaims the lost Anishinaabe tradition of jiisakan, creating a futuristic shake-tent and calling on you to consider your own presence in this sacred space.
JL Whitecrow / artist
Louis Esmé / production support

A Deaf Culture cabaret showcasing three performers’ unique experiences within the d/Deaf community.
Tamyka Bullen, Ralitsa Rodriguez + Sage Willow / creators + performers
Elizabeth Morris / director

17-year old Noor encounters her own sexuality and Islamic faith through a contemporary examination of the poet Rumi and his muse, Shams. A staged reading of a new play by Erum Khan, featuring live music by LAL and Anwar Khurshid.
Erum Khan / writer
Erin Brubacher / director
Amanda Ghazale Aziz, Madison Baines + Rosina Kazi / performers
Nicholas Murray / composer + sound artist
Anwar Khurshid / performer + musician
Liz Peterson / outside eye

Four children discover Marx and Engel’s manifesto and decide to play and act out passages from the book, which leads to introspective journeys, betrayal, and possibly an exorcism. A play for grownups about class, boredom, and innocence lost.
Bruce Gibbons Fell / writer
JH Capraru / director
Liz Peterson, Carlos González-Vio, Sofia Rodríguez + Justin Miller / performers
Ben McCarthy / sound design
Allison Escobar / stage manager

Too Attached (sibling duo Vivek Shraya and Shamik Bilgi) launch their second album Angry, a reclamation and a celebration of POC rage.
Vivek Shraya + Shamik Bilgi / Too Attached band members
Lido Pimienta, Casey Mecija, Jenny Mecija, Kamilah Apong + TiKA /

Two older gay men inhabit their mothers’ psyches to better understand their experience of having sons who came out later in life.
Brian Cope / creator + performer
Charles Hayter / creator + performer
Sadie Epstein-Fine / director
Steph Raposo / sound designer

A choreographic investigation of the moments when words are not enough, Ceremony contrasts the burgeoning love of a young couple with the life-long relationship of an elderly couple.
Kanika Ambrose / writer
Virgilia Griffith / choreographer
Tsholo Khalema, Ordena Stephens-Thompson + Amanda Cordner / performers
Wagner Pierre Pembe / musician

The noise/performance art duo of crypto-femme demoness Jill Flanagan and garbage-mouth seabird Lorene Bouboushian put on a punk set and tear apart ideas of art-world desires and respectability politics.
Lorene Bouboushian / performer + creator
Jill Flanagan / performer + creator

A woman is trapped in purgatory and forced to navigate a space she has no power to escape. As she waits for an ultimate judgement, she grapples with various fractured memories of her life. Inspired by the work of avant-garde filmmaker Maya Deren, Becomingdelves into a stream of consciousness exploration of the ever-evolving perspectives we are subjected to, and the ways in which it informs the identities we take on for ourselves.
Erum Khan / creator + performer
Liz Peterson / director

The one and holy Gay Jesus is a fluid king serving mouth-watering communion with latinx wine and non-binary bread. Born of virgin-ish loins and baptized in sex-appeal, Gay Jesus is best known for bending politics and gender with multidisciplinary protest pieces. In Virgen, our sultry saviour spits garter-clad gospel restructuring scripture and stripping down the chastity belt. The Church of Gay Jesus is in session and this propheta puto is pounding out prayer after prayer for Purity.
Heath V Salazar / creator + performer
Evalyn Parry / director

There’s a 400 km corridor between Saskatchewan and Alberta that is monitored closely for signs of rat infestation. Phil is a chocolate-milk enthusiast and rat hunter in search of his heart. Ricky is his eager apprentice. Stella is a high-femme dream jumper navigating past traumas. She also happens to be the Last Rat in Alberta.
There Are No Rats In Alberta is an exploration of dreams, rats, and gender identity.
Rhiannon Collett / creator + performer
Moe Angelos / director

In theatre, we often see portrayals of characters living with “mental illness”. What responsibility do artists have to honour truth in these narratives to diminish misconceptions and stigma? How can artists create works that speak to the spectrum of experience within this community? Join our panel of artists as they discuss how they integrate stories about mental health in their work and discuss the representation of those living with mental illness in theatre and performance.
Olive Jane / moderator
Thomas McKechnie, Lorene Stanwick, Bruce Gibbons Fell / panelists


A new parent attempts to recreate the emptiness of the year she spent alone at home with her baby.
Katie Swift / performer + creator
Rose Plotek / director
Amy Nostbakken / movement director

Two misfit artists take a plunge into the taboo yet inevitable subject of death in a non-linear performance incorporating video, crafts, and dress-up.
Jacqueline van de Geer + Michael Martini / co-creators and performers

In a town where Angels are impregnating women on their 21st birthdays, a genderqueer revolutionary holes up in an abandoned church to take control of their own destiny.
Rhiannon Collett / playwright + director
Cole Alvis, Robin Luckwaldt Ross, Gabe Maharjan + Heath V. Salazar / performers
James Knott / designer
Brian Quirt / dramaturg
commissioned and developed with the support of Nightswimming

A radical feminist inheritance, a lost text called Sex in a Box, and childcare after the Bomb? Natasha and her mother Kate combine forces to finish a performance trilogy from the 80’s – how has the game changed?
Kate Lushington + Natasha Greenblatt / co-creators + performers
ahdri zhina mandiela / director
Astrid Janson / design dramaturge

This afro-futurist, queer rock opera charts alien witch BiG SiSSY’s journey from Black Starr Planet to Earth to liberate us from our oppressive systems.
Athena Holmes / writer, performer, video designer + producer
Jupiter Brown / performer
Aisha Bentham / director
Ugo Nganga Gitau / costume designer

Imagine a future world where Queerness has become the dominant religion. You’re invited to take part in a future-faith that isn’t just making room for you, but where your joys are the very Word of God. There will be glitter.
Adam Barrett / producer, director, projections + preacher
Kaleb Robertson / preacher + DJ
Trixie & Beever / design + iconography
Shadowland Theatre / design consultants
Matthew Eger / choreographer + movement consultant
Mary-Dora Bloch Hansen, Rodney Diverlus, Justin Gray + Geoff Stevens / dancers
Michael Robert-Broder / music director + choir
Devin Herbert, Sarah Hicks + Renée Salewski / choir

An otherworldly multimedia installation takes over the Antechamber, sharing the fable of an intergalactic cyborg.
Waleed Ansari / set, lighting, and projection designer
Angela Cabrera / costume designer
Electa Porado / videographer
Ammanuel Solomon / creator, director (film + live performance) + star

Alien android (and 1% human) Miss Sinvergüenzilla kicks off week one of Rhubarb with karaoke for the end of the world and, of course, a dance party.
Jessica Zepeda / performer + creator
Bruce Gibbons Fell / director + creator
Ben McCarthy / sound design and composition + creator

Three BIPOC Deaf artists weave together their diverse backgrounds into a theatrical experience you won’t want to miss. Performed in ASL with English subtitling.
Thurga KanagasekarampillaiRalitsa Rodriguez + Ali Saeedi / creators + performers
Elizabeth Morris / Deaf consultant

Bricks and Glitter, Toronto’s DIY summer QTBIPOC festival, brings their queer magic to Buddies for an evening that includes performance art, queerlesque, comedy, and an avant-garde slop queen.
Brock Hessel + Vince Rozario / curators
Mikiki Burino + Monica Garrido / hosts + performers
Carolina Brown, Sedina Fiati + Coco La Creme / performers

Multimedia artist Maziar Ghaderi envisions a futuristic concert, with live projections and sci-fi remixes of the Iranian pop songs of his mother’s youth.
Maziar Ghaderi / director, original concept
Amirali Kamali / music producer, arranger, violin, kamancheh & tanboor
Sara Ahmadieh / singer
Mona Moradi / percussionist
Jeremy Sykes / show switcher, software development
Maziar Ghaderi, Jeremy Sykes / visuals
Loretta Faveri & Egan O’Sullivan / costume

Part storytelling, part photo-essay, part movement piece, part rope bondage scene, How to Self-Suspend is an interactive performance about how trauma informs – and can be perpetuated by – the choices we make.
Presented in association with Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre
Mx. Katie Sly / writer + performer
Justin Many Fingers / director + choreographer
Nicole Olson Grant-Suttie / lighting design + stage manager
Bianca Guimarães de Manuel / spatial dramaturg, costume + set design
Davey Samuel Calderon / creation facilitator
Addie Tahl / rope bondage instructor

Femmes du Feu’s Holly Tredennick grapples with fire, trauma, and the memories of her firefighter father in an intimate aerial circus performance.
Femmes du Feu / producer
Holly Treddenick / creator + performer
Monica Dottor / director
John Gzowsi / composer
Renee Lear / video projection
Angola Murdoch / aerial choreographer outside eye
Sara Porter / outside eye
Alex Bulmer / dramaturg + accessibility consultant
Mel Hague / dramaturgy
Kat Germain / audio description
Stacie Patterson (Dagg & Stacie) / costume designer
Upstage Fabrication / apparatus build

Following two queer relationships as they unfold against a backdrop of war in an unnamed Arabian city, The Green Line contemplates the way cultural memories are inherited and erased.
Makram Ayache / playwright + director
Amena Shehab / dramaturg
Laith Al-Kinani, Sukaina Ibraheem, Rayan Jamal + Yousef Kadoura / performers
Madeleine Monteleone / stage manager
Madison Robinson / assistant stage manager

New York-based Pioneers Go East Collective presents a dance-theatre kinetic ride through the cowboy myth, inspired by artist-activist Agosto Machado’s stories of Stonewall and the early Gay Liberation movement.
Gian Marco Lo Forte / writer + director
Daniel Diaz / dancer + storyteller
Agosto Machado / video interview

پتھر کی زبان (PATTHAR KI ZABAAN)
Two artists chart their connections to Pakistan, using video, object manipulation, and live sound to investigate relationships between land, body, and language.
Erum Khan + Tijiki Morris / co-creators + performers
Camila Diaz-Varela / performer
Nicholas Murray / sound designer
Michelle Urbano / puppetry coach

The deep bonds of an intergenerational trans friendship contend with love, racism, activism – oh – and parenthood.
Hanlon McGregor / playwright, director
Mihaly Szabados / director, performer
Syrus Marcus Ware / co-writer, performer
Karla Rae James / performer
Irene McGregor / performer
Diane Flacks / playwriting mentor + dramaturg
Stephen St. Christian / makeup artist
Nicole Eun-Ju Bell / projection designer

Is it possible to get better at loss? Three collaborators draw upon their own experiences to create a new way to grieve, finding opportunity for play in the great unknown.
Simon Bracken, Philip Nozuka + Brendan McMurtry-Howlett / creator

An immersive and interactive sonic experiment invites you to give in to your innate curiosity, as the Antechamber is transformed into a musical instrument animated by Twin Mask and played by you.
Steven Conway / creator + performer

Celebrate the kick-off of Rhubarb Week 2 with club music collective Raven’s Vision, listed as one of the groups defining Toronto’s music scene by NOW Magazine. Raven’s Vision is a Toronto-based collective and record label focused on highlighting the sounds of the queer underground.
Featuring: Myst Milano, Blip†or, Casey MQ, Max Mohenu, Victoria Long

A group of young trans women and trans femmes of colour share powerful stories in this culminating performance of the AMY Project’s Performance Creation Program.
featuring Gabe MaharjanScarlett JodhaIsisLeon TsaiX + Mars Alexander
Bilal Baig / director
Adri Noronha / producer

Toying with the idea of comedy as an often-overlooked art form, we’re bringing together an outstanding lineup of queer and BIPOC Canadian comics to experiment at Rhubarb.
Natalie Liconti / curator
Kyle Brownrigg, Elvira Kurt, Brandon Ash-Mohammed, Hoodo Hersi, Ben Sosa-Wright , Kirsten Rasmussen + Tricia Black / performers

Follow the bearded sequinned wonder Princess Edward on her quest through a visually stunning fantasy world to save her beloved. A fully lip-synced, live-action-queer-anime-extravaganza.
Aaron Collier / co-creator, writer, performer, sound + projection designer
Richie Wilcox / co-creator + performer
Deonie Hudson / co-creator, claymation artist, costume designer
Jay Whitehead / video performer
John DeStigter / video performer + video design
David Gabert / english narrator
Minori Inoue / japanese narrator + translator
Emily Pettet / stage crew
Matt Miller / illustrator
Michael Charles McNeil / videographer

Your favourite drag storytellers Fay Slift and Fluffy Soufflé present a full-blown afternoon cabaret – including kids as audience members and performers. Everyone is welcome!
Kaleb Robertson / Fluffy Soufflé
John Paul Kane / Fay Slift

In this solo performance, Tobias Herzberg digs beneath the labels he’s been assigned – gay, Jewish, German, romantic, nymphomaniac, and uncircumcised – to create a militant hymn for the perverted and marginalized of this world. Rhubarb and the red light district present a special presentation from the Maxim Gorki Theater’s Studio Я in Berlin, with the support of the Goethe Institut and with friendly support by Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk (ELES), Germany.
Tobias Herzberg/ creator & performer
Markus Karkhof 
/ stage & costume design
Sasha Marianna Salzmann & Dustin Hofmann  
/ dramaturgy
Monica Marotta 
/ project manager
Felix Roadkill/ tour manager



Model Homes Act One, Abridged
Writer: A. Shay Hahn
Director: Karla Faulconbridge

A poet, a psychiatrist and an arts reporter are caught in the all consuming whirlpool that is Genevieve Deacon, literary agent and one of Toronto’s most infamous pseudo celebrities. Join them as they frantically race through a treacherous labyrinth of restaurants, book launches and theatre openings. Model Homes is a comedic address to the condo/loft dwelling citizens of Toronto and a sympathetic look at the price of perfection.

Headache Grey
Writer: Adam Cowart
Director: Chris Kent

A dark comedy about the inevitability of cubicle life at 3:42am, Headache Grey is a desperate tale of escape. While the seconds tick slowly through the 142nd minute of his shift, Robert watches the palm trees dance through the window he wasn’t supposed to have.

Steve and Grace
Writer: Blair Francey

Ooglie Boogly
Writer: Bradley Garrick
Director: Alison Lawrence

A summer. An audition. A retreat. A cult.

All I Ever Wanted To Be
Writer: Cathy Gordon-Marsh
Director: Kyle Tingley

Actress. Gardener. Poet. Architecht. Lawyer. Politician. Comedian. Novelist. Painter. Chef. Dancer. Camp Counsellor. Director. Model. Fashion Consultant. Massage Thearpist. Secretary. Dishwasher. Singer…so many professions, so little time.

The Road (Part One)
Writer: Charles Picco
Director: Kelly Thorton

From a certain point onwards there is no longer any turning back. That is the point that must be reached.

Rockstar 101
Writer and Director: Chris Leavins

A play about Nightclubs. Featuring four number one hit singles written specifically for the show. COME AND GET DOWN!

The Erotic Curve of the Earth
Writer and Director: Conrad Alexandrowicz

Pop Songs and Pop Culture. How do they define our relationships, our self image, our lives? What drives us to worship at the altar of the pop divas and the body beautiful? The Erotic Curve of the Earth asks the age-old question: Does love exist beyond neurotic dependency?

Repeat Ad Lib. And Fade
Writer: Corrina Hodgson
Director: Molly Thom

A memory piece set in a lodge in northern Ontario. The play travels between the present in which a woman and her daughter prepare to sell the lodge which has been in the family for years. The tragic connection between the lake and the grandmother emerges slowly as layers of deception and family history are swept away.

Writer and Director: Darren O’Donnell

It’s a difficult play to describe; it’s really only a conversation. It’s just as hard to think of reasons why anyone should be interested in it as as it is to think of reasons for why they shouldn’t. It’s no big deal. Honestly; see for yourself. It’s about life after the revolution.

The Bather: How I Learned to Swim to Cambodia and Hush
Writer and Performer: David Bateman
Director: Cameron Esler

Performance artist David Bateman presents two new monologues, THE BATHER: HOW I LEARNED TO SWIM TO CAMBODIA (Paula Vogel meets Spalding Gray on the titanic), followed by HUSH (Shari Lewis meets critical race theory at the Pound). These two introspective tirades give new meaning to Whose Dog’s Life is it Anyway?

The Freelance Lover
Writer: Evalyn Parry
Director: Meredith Vuchnich

Sampling lovers like they’re career options, she ethically sluts her way through Toronto’s girl-scene, aided and abetted by her post as a Starbucks barrista…told in rhyme, this musical adventure of lust and freedom is the first installment in the (somewhat smutty) adventures of ‘The Freelance Lover’.

Enter the Chicken
Writer: Gil Garratt
Director: Warren Sulatycky

(actual stage directions from Gil’s play) From the wings, comes flying, bounding in, a young man dressed like a fighting cock, he is hollering and panting. Offstage, a second vicious wild war cry of the inbred warrior chicken is heard.

Dear John: What’s Left After Goodbye?
Writer: Gordon Mackeracher
Director: Jordan Merkur

You’ve received that dreaded letter saying your grand love affair is over. What’s left after goodbye? Dear John is a comic series of reflections on urban gay love, sex, and heart-break. Recovery has got to mean more than desperate midnight phone calls, chain-smoking, revenge fantasies, and Mary Tyler Moore re-runs. Doesn’t it?

Margot and the Great Big Plate
Writer: Greg Kearney
Director: Caroline Azar

PASSION. COURAGE. SMALL PERT BREASTS. Just a few of the ingredients that make your average Champion. A Champion like Betty. Margot, on the other hand, has a very hard time finding the proper athletic support.

Girls Girls Girls
Writer: Greg MacArthur
Director: John Delacourt

Brockville, Ontario. OFSSA gymnastic finals. Splitz chokes. Missy comes out with the red. Splitz wants revenge. Tragedy’s coming in on the morning bus. Loosely based on the brutal murder of Reena Virk.

…Open Wound
Writer and Director: Jacob Zimmer

A play for four actors, a film projector, a reel to reel, some bleach, a lot of coffee, and the erosion of memory into paralysis.

Roller City
Writer: James Flagal
Director: Patrick Conner

There’s a first time when we all fall in love. Before any labels erect barriers. Before we’re consumed by peer pressure. But what happens when a 13 year-old boy is confronted by his first love and worst fears at Roller City? Are roller discos really a thing of the past – or do they always lurk beneath the surface?

Turkey in the Woods
Writer: Jan Derbyshire
Director: John Palmer

In a small clearing near a turkey shooting range. Two estranged sisters and their strange mother attempt to celebrate Thanksgiving for the first time in ten years.

Playing in the Leaves
Writer: Jefferson Guzman
Director: Ruthe Whiston

Searching for more? A high energy and comedic story of people who search for more. Some find love, and an understanding of their relationships … some discover their sexual orientation and the intricacies of gay life … others awareness and enlightenment.

Writer: John Delacourt
Director: Chad Dembski

Bunnyfucker is a goat play for the theme park generation … A shiny, happy, rubber baby revolution reverie.

Rabid: Part One, Tommyskeds.
Writer: Kevin Jd Rees
Director: Sam Stedman

A skinhead faerie tale: I’m normal love! This place is Jiminy crickets. But I am normal. So normal. White picket fences, the whole bit! I am so goddamn normal.` Happily … However After.

The Anna Russel Story
Writer: Marc Richard
Dramaturge: Robert Tsonos Musical
Director: Michael Jones

Before Bette Midler … Before Mary-Lou Fallis there was…Anna Russell. A Canadian-born comedic icon, she set the standard for others to follow … Welcome to 1953, the Eaton Auditorium, Toronto.

Matador Love
Writer: Morwyn Brebner
Director: Kate Lynch

The story of Enid and Mr. Anonymous – their dinner, their fistfight, their maybe-love. He has a fetich, she has a complex. He wants to fuck and fight; she wants to be in love. Are these goals compatible?

The Butler Enters
Writers: Rebecca Brown and Jennifer Tarver

Blowing the dust off a 1941 textbook on ‘How to Direct’, The Directors’ Gym sets the stage for a face-off in a maze of compositional parameters. Bound by a fixed set of ‘theatrical rules’, a select group of Toronto’s cutting-edge directors flex their directorial muscles. Sparks will fly as modern artistic instincts collide with archaic ground rules of the past … let the games begin. The Butler enters, re-enters and enters again.

Writer: Ronit Cohen
Director: Bruce Hunter

The Nesbitt’s anniversary dinner isn’t what they thought it would be when they invite their lesbian neighbours over to celebrate. A FedEx blunder, Glenn Close, and a favour to ask … Salad anyone?

Writer: Sean Raycraft
Director: David Oiye

Leo Mantha found love with Aaron Bud Jenkins in the summer of 1958. Leo had just turned 30, and was a sailor for Victoria’s merchant marine. Bud – ten years Leo’s junior – was an officer for the Royal Canadian Navy. They had an intense affair – a short affair – and shortly after midnight, September 6th, Bud was found stumbling through his naval base. His forehead was slashed open. A knife stabbed through his throat.

WHY? A Drunken Comedy in One Act
Writer: Tara-Michelle Ziniuk


hey rea, hey rea
Writer: Anna Chatterton
Director: Sue Miner

I don’t like my belly, it’s lumpa lumpy stumpy. Other people looking at me and my lumpa stumpa bawdly. Like yuck like fuck like stuck here I’m stuck here wanna be scrawny. I want-a have it spit and be cooler. My weight state status lapis beauty, slurpies slurped up.

Monologue for a Woman with No Hair
Writer: Bernie Martin
Adapter: Kate Story
Director: Susan Spicer

Dancing faeries. Giant hat -pins. A woman who believes she is universally despised and bald. This little jewel written by Bernie Martin discloses from within its false gold proscenium a richly – layered, tightly – wound and slightly sick Victorian Sensibility.

Writer: Caridad Svich
Director: Eryn Dace Trudell with the company

Nightwood brings forth a dark and beautiful, gender labyrinth. This, continuously altering state of consciousness, journeys the sexual and spiritual world linking Olokun (Christopher Sawchyn), Olosa (Eleonor Prokop) and Yamaya (Laryssa Yanchuk) Weaving the erotic with the violent, this path of awareness mingles elemental landscape with animal instinct and evokes a sense of looking inside the body outward.

Comedy of Horrors I: Cardboard Box
Writer and Director: Celia McBride

Charlie has terrible nightmares and likes to wear his wife’s Avon products. His wife, Who is named Avon , and who works for Avon, secretly moonlights as a display at a pornographic museum. Their daughter Libby has to live with this knowledge. Even BoBo, their Chihuahua, cannot escape unscathed.

The Mourning
Writer: Charles Picco
Director: Edward Roy

I supposed every writer must inevitably, and often regrettably, tackle his/her family play. So, without further ado, here’s my family play. Not to imply this particular family play is about my family. Or even your family. But I’m certain it’s about someone’s family. I thank you for your time.

Fridge Magnet
Writer: Christian Lloyd
Director: Pragna Desai

Michael and Sebastian are celebrating their 3rd anniversary during day 3 of the Montréal ice storm. No food , no heat, no corkscrew for the wine. They soon discover that the basement holds the answer to their prayers. ( think beaches set Antarctica!)

Humpty Dumpty Meets the Last Adult Virgin
Writer: Claudia Dey
Director: Daryl Cloran

The world is ending … A diner the one in the middle of nowhere and everywhere, between suburbia and a hard place. Its neon sign flickers: if looks almost as deserted as the woman standing next to it. Guinevere – the last adult virgin. She has just fallen, Watch he as she meets her maker: Humpty Dumpty, the patron saint of cracked, broken or somehow compromised eggs. Hey, it’s a short trip from virgin to slut.

The Strange Wet Saga of the Disappearing Ballerina
Writer and Director: Gil Garratt
Co-Director: Ken MacKenzie

A soft wild whispering scream while standing in the rain at the opera dreaming sequined and sparkling circus bodies burning by the floating candles in the long sad river of leaky buckets. We holler and dance, giggling among the vicious fish. The lights fade softly on this water ballet funeral.

Writer, Director, and Performer: Greg MacArthur
Co-Writers and Performers: Clinton Walker (House of Slacks) & Erika Hennebury and Ruth Madoc-Jones (Les Vaches)

Good food. Good wine. Good friends. Good time. Normal events seen as harmful.

Ontario 2055
Writer (adaptation) and Director: James Harkness

Based on the play Lithuania, by Rupert Brooke.

Violence is inevitable in a society which lacks compassion… A frightening tale retold from 21st century north American perspective. Where will we be in Ontario, 2055? Did this year’s tax cut really improve your situation?

Spinning in the Rain
Writer: Jefferson Guzman
Director: Clinton Walker

Clouds span the sky, running from the eye of the storm. I choose to walk blinded to it’s center. I pray let me pass without harm. Leave me spinning, gently in the rain.

Writer: Jeffrey Simlett
Director: Stephen Seabrook

(A long contemplative silence) Andrew: What am I doing?(The doorbell rings. He doesn’t move.) How long have I been sitting here? (The phone rings. He sits even more than before). I used to have hair. (Music. He adjusts himself. Douglas enters) Douglas: Lets get down to business. I’ll get the corkscrew. (The music swells).

Writer: Kevin Morris
Director: Carlo Guillermo Proto

An exploration of existentialist thought, in which a man becomes lost in his own mind while contemplating existential questions. The result, well, you’ll see.

Sardine Mean
Writer and Director: Lindsay Price

The rat race can be seen as a can of sardines. A man takes a subway hostage in the middle of morning rush hour. He’s got a grudge against anyone who lives for a job they hate. Sardine Mean: a roller-coaster ride from beginning to end. All commuters beware.

Fucking Anais
Writer: Linor David
Director: Ellen-Ray Hennessy

When it is dark and you feel as if tomorrow will never cum, stimulate the light in yourself…

Great White Hopes
Writer: Melissa Bell
Director: Dean Gabourie

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch.

Writer: Mike McPhaden
Director: Patrick Conner

4 lives. Up in the air.

Bitch and Bastard Play
Writer: Scott McKay
Director: John Delacourt

Such a simple request. Can’t a guy get some more cheesies before the game starts, without a big song and dance? But it’s enough to re-ignite a duel that’s lasted longer than neither Hector nor Bob can remember.

Moth Girl and Sunchild at the Shop N’ Save
Writer: Shannon Quinn
Director: Michele Coleman

There are over 10,000 species of moths in North America. When I was six my mom Zina had to go away for a little bit. She grew gold and silver paper wings. The best place to spot a moth is on a warm, muggy, moonless night. All night gas stations are also a good choice.

The Regina Monologues
Writer: Shoshana Sperling
Director: Ed Sahely

Disclaimer: No actual monologues will be used during this performance. It’s as cold as ice. You’re willing to sacrifice our love.

Mom’s Favorite Jesus
Writer and Director: Sonja Mills

Horrible childhood relationships with one’s siblings lead to unpleasant adult relationships. It is the sincere, if impractical opinion of this playwright that children just shouldn’t be raised together. It can only lead to misery.

Sometimes They Take You Places
Writer: Vanessa Shaver Director: Vinetta Strombergs

A cab ride becomes an unexpected experience for a woman fighting against mid-life doldrums.


Look Busy
Writer: James Harkness
Director: Brian Quirt

Martin sits alone feeding his pigeons. He remembers a time when coffee and a doughnut only cost $1.80. Now the cafe wants $1.75 for a medium coffee. What’s a man to do? Originally created for the Bye Mike Cabaret, in response to policies of the current Ontario Government.

Delusions of Grandure
Writer: Mariko Tamaki
Director: Clinton Walker

An artist, her ego, her dream and her mother. A quasi-fictional investigation into the social and genetic origins of one woman’s delusions of fame.

Stroke Static
Writer and Director: Lindsay Price

Stop. Go. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. If a man has static upstairs in his attic, to the point where his reason is smeared, will the weight of a stroke make his mind sputter shock will the surface has drown disappeared. Blood stop. Blood go. Blood Stop. Blood Go. Blood Stop.

Writer: Alex Poch-Goldin
Director: Sarah Phillips

On a snowy evening in Victorian England, in the cramped confines of Mr. Cringeworthy’s office, the repercussions of a bad business deal reach disturbing proportions. Senor Tarantella, responsible for a large sum of money to the conniving Cringeworthy, is educated in the arena of payback.

5 Easy Steps
Writer: Scott McKay
Director: Ellen-Ray Hennessy

Tired of being an underpaid or unpaid theatre hack? Catch this high energy, mind-toggleing seminar with marketing guru, Jarry Hardin–guaranteed to make yer balls tingle!

The Source
Writer: Rosa Laborde
Director: Ian Carpenter

You can choose to live frustrated and unfulfilled, or you can choose to cut out those things you don’t need and live the life you deserve–in the dark, with a scalpel, with God, with drugs.

infoline, bonjour
Writer: Julian Doucet
Directors: Erika Hennebury and Clinton Walker

In the summer of the Mike Harris Provincial Conservative Government sent out a questionnaire entitled, We want to hear from you to every household in Ontario. I was hired to answer to toll-free line published in the survey. We were instructed not to give out our names…instead we were given a number. Mine was 39. This is what I heard from Ontario residents.

Cold Water
Writer: Henry Bakker
Director: Michael Kessler

Four outsiders, each suffering in their own private hell, meet randomly at a remote truck stop. Peculiar circumstances, and lots of coffee, compel each to reveal the source of their sorrow. One by one, these horrific accounts tangle together to reveal the true nature of their collective nightmare.

Writer and Director: Celia McBride

It’s Bob’s birthday. Or is it? Alice wants Bob to wish for a job. But Bob is a slob. Bob doesn’t want to wish for a job. And Alice is about to get robbed.

You Are There
Writer: Wes Berger
Director: Celia McBride

A family watched a televised news account of a drowning caused by indifferent bystanders. Who could do such a thing? the appalled parents ask, even as their own children’s cries go unanswered. Is passivity the disease of our era? Tune in at 11:00…

Three Legs at Night
Writer and Director: Christopher Benisch

Three stories about love, fellatio and porn weave together and unveil the frailties of our sexual politics;;as told through the voice of an 8-year-old-girl-cum-pornstar (and her speech about the cockroach). An entomological comedy. An anthropological tragedy.

Everybody’s Whore
Writer: James Massri Chaarani
Director: Greg Campbell

Whoring isn’t easy. Samir is thrown out after coming out to his Islamic parents, and finds himself trying to satisfy his religion, family and boyfriend. And the boyfriend is twice his age! What’s a boy to do?

Killer Keller
Writer and Director: Alex Bulmer

The audience sits in the dark, unable to see a thing…nothing…nil. Through the magic of words and sounds, an entire world of places, people and things will come to life through description.

Clean Irene & Dirty Maxine
Writer: Anna Chatterton
Writer: Evalyn Parry
Director: Sue Miner

A modern moral tale of obsession and demise in which a series of distressed damsels all meet their untimely ends as victims of their fashionable fixations.

Dead Teenagers
Writer: R. M. Vaughan
Director: Moynan King

The Reverend has a peculiar problem–she can’t stop attending funerals. Big public funerals for teenagers are her specialty. A play about voyeurism and mortality. Dead Teenagers is the final installment of Vaughan’s Monster Trilogy.

Creator: Canadia dell’Arte Theatre
Director: Peter Reitzel

Are you a member?

City of the Blind
Writer: Adam Gaudreau
Director: Ruth Madoc-Jones

You wake to find a shadowy figure standing on your chest. It tells you of a city where the people are blind, the buildings are beautiful and the scents as lulling as that of a newborn babe. It tells you that only through this scented labyrinth will you find escape from your present horror. Slowly you open the door, only to find another door, and another…and you are sure of nothing more.

Boob Soup
Writer: Emma C. Roberts
Director: Allegra Fulton

Boob Soup chronicles the highly charged, murderous attraction between a jaded Head of State, the Queen, and a brash charming thug, the Prisoner, who meet and fall in love in a dungeon. A play about the tenacity of love in impossible situations.

Fridays with Frieda
Writer: Christian Lloyd
Director: John Gordon

Frank goes to the park for lunch. Frieda goes to meet someone. The share a bench. The next week, Frieda is waiting for someone. She meets a complete stranger, Frank. It’s Harold and Maude meets Memento.

Writer: Leanne Dixon
Director: Viv Moore

Project Bone is an individual and highly personal one whose history lies within my own experiences dealing with a physically debilitating illness. The piece explores the skeleton of human existence confronting issues of self-power, fear and our own mortality. Stripped down to our bare essentials, beyond our masks and defenses, what lies at our core?

The Trials of John Demjanjuk
Writer: Jonathan Garfinkle
Director: Jennifer H. Capraru

Did he or didn’t he do it? No. And yes. They look alike. Smell alike. Dress alike. Who is who? Murderer. Family man. Sadist. Sweetheart. John Demjanjuk, meet you doppelganger, Ivan the terrible, the man who controlled the gas chambers in Treblinka death camp. A poetic journey into cabaret, inspired by the 1987 Jerusalem Trial.

I Like You
Writers and Directors: Kevin Rees-Cummings and Sean MacMahon

There is no narrative. This is no experiment. It’s just that, we really want you to like us. Honestly, Sean and Kevin.

Emma Zunz
Adapter and Director: Christopher Brauer
Choreographer: Heidi Strauss.

Based on a short story by Jorge Luis Borges

This is an insignificant piece, about an insignificant woman who commits a murder. It is a small story, though no less chilling for it. Perhaps not surprisingly, it is also a true story. Now, whether what you will see is true…that is a whole other story.

Writer and Director: JP Robichaud

A piece of performed sculpture. Untitled is JP’s first return to this medium since graduating from York University’s Visual Arts Program in 1997.

Writer: Greg MacArthur
Director: David Oiye

We live simple and quiet, me an Marjorie. We got what we need and we like what we got. Not much. A Wood stove, a ski doo, a collection of videos. I always thought I was the kind of person that needed more from like. I was wrong. At the edge of a glacial sheet, four remote people tell their stories, and try to thaw their lives.


The Language of Love
Co-Writers: Ayumi Izuka, Doug Morency and Jim Clayton
Director: Chris Earle

When a forlorn ingenue meets a medium height and handsome’ish stranger at the zoo, can love be far behind? Classic…timeless…silly. A complete musical in under 20 minutes! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and then you’ll laugh again.

Writer: Shane MacKinnon
Director: Patrick Conner

Do more hair and a deeper voice make a person more of a man? If you want to know how a man will treat you, look at the way he treats his tractor.

Writer: Dave Tomlinson
Director: Steve Morel

Booze. Boys. Bedtime. A misplaced house key becomes the catalyst for lost inhibitions between two friends who can’t decide which side of the late-night intimacy boundary-line they’d rather be on. Keyed takes a humourous look at the issue of infidelity and friendship between two thirty-something gay pals.

Kyke Kabaret
An Oleh Veh Shalom Production
Creator: Dov Mickelson
Co-Director: Michael Rubenfeld

Berlin, 1945. Exibit A: Do Not Touch the Glass. Abe and Izzy. Two Jewish cabaret comedians – Silver and Gold, find themselves in a glass prison. The last 2 Jews on Earth. A dark, dark dramedy with music that explores faith, humour, memory and redeption.

Come Sit on my Face of the Earth
Writer: David Bateman
Director: Cameron Esler

Through the character of drag queen Chi Chi la Nook, Come Sit on my Face of the Earth comically and poetically channels issues around identity, geography, weather and class in inner-city Calgary as it represents Canadian urban life during the 21st century’s only palindrome.

…This, Forward…
Writer and Director: Eugene Slonimerov

It’s about how everybody knows who you are. A second in a series in search of a holy, ritualistic, experiential theatre.

Love Among the Ruins
Writer: R. Kelly Clipperton
Director: Ed Sinclair

2043, the world is ending again. Should I stay or should I go.

Puppet Buffet We Don’t Serve Rat
Creators: Linor David, Noah Kenneally and Rachel Matlow

Like weeds growing in the cracks of the Rhubarb! sidewalk, these are the days of our puppet lives…Country/Western serenades, puppets in PVC, rabid vegetables, espionage and more espionage…come stuff yourselves silly.

Talkmen/Do you hear me?
Unit Theatre (Czech Republic)
Creator: Kristof Kintera

All of us are hiding thoughts under our clothes, skin and eyes. While three characters wait at a bus stop the sound of their thoughts spreads across.

Ugly Girl
Writer: Dave Deveau
Director: Shane Anderson

It’s always the ugly ones: the fatties, the ones with braces, with scars, burn victims, whatever, girls who really missed out on the looks; it’s always those ones up there alone at the bar. And always pretending not to be.

Pancake Tuesday
Writer and Director: Lindsay Price

When their company goes belly up, the bosses prepare to take the proverbial swan dive off the top of their office building. But not before they figure out if they’re writing notes. Or if Sister Mary Virginia was in the sixth or eighth grade. Or if they’ll bounce.

The Hurricane Project
Writer: Jennifer Fawcett
Director: Shari Hollett

One night on a highway as a storm approaches something happens: An act of love. An act of hope. An act of malice. The Hurricane Project is an exploration of the moment of change.

Writer: Pierre Brault
Director: Brian Quirt

Artist, fraud, chameleon, victim. Elmyr de Hory was all of these, and arguably the most notorious, successful and prolific art forger of the twentieth century. About to be extradited from Ibiza to France to face charges of grand larceny after several decades of countless undetectable fakes and shadowy identities, Elmyr de Hory, at once the swindler and the swindled, finally reveals his own private truth.

I Know You
Creator: Halka Tresnakova

Three men – three lives – seven days – one play. Milos Lopatka, Matous Bouda and Rene Lavicka – three men live their own lives, each of them lonely in his own way. Unconscious encounters – in identical wishes and dreams; accidental encounters – on a Friday afternoon in the same bar; conscious encounters – in a memory mutually truth.

Writer: Dawn Dumont
Director: Marion de Vries

What do you do when your best friend turns into your worst nightmare? A friendship turns into an obsession, when Lester decides that he knows Shelley better than herself, when he decides that must save her from herself.

An August Chill
Writer: Paul Moriaty
Director: Victor Correia

On the approaching one year anniversary of 9/11 a father learns more about his dead gay son.

Flag and Pile
Writer and Director: Sonja Mills

To be free or not to be free. That is (they’d have you believe) the binary question. Flag and Pile is NOT about exploitation! Not about profit! Certainly not about sex — my god, who said anything about that?! A comedy. A tragedy. A fucking lie. A show about denial. A show about deceit (and the dirty dogs who dish it). A little ditty for deb.

From the Waist Up and Down
Writer and Director: Jess Dobkin

From the Waist Up and Down invites audiences into a fantastic dreamtime where larger-than-life puppets and performers push through the boundaries of the waking world to explore community, sexuality and artistic expression. Come see what happens when our suppressed desires take center stage! Don’t miss the dreamy 36-DD boob puppets.

Text and Director: Sarah Phillips
Music by: John Millard
Performers: Christine Brubaker, Richard Greenblatt, Randi Helmers, John Millard, Karen Randoja, Dragoslav Tanaskovic

Domremy, France 1429: local girl causes quite a stir.

Medusa Moves
Deviser and Director: Kathy Walker

Medusa Moves presents a series of radical body sculptures. The art of stillness, endurance and gesture is used to present politically inspired ideas.

Writer and Director: Daniel Karasik
Co-director: Glen Drutz Directorial
Consultant: Chris Dupuis

Two teenaged booys, strangers, meet in the airport waiting lounge. They both end up dead. Or perhaps only one of them ends updead. Or perhaps neither of them do. Or perhaps, two teenaged boys, strangers, meet in an airport waiting lounge.

Creator and Director: Jennifer Capraru
Co-Writers: Erika Hennebury, Kiera Loughran, Ruth Madoc-Jones and Camille Stubel

In this modern day Lehrstuke, Capraru, Hennebury, Loughran, Madoc-Jones and Stubel use Brecht’s own Epic theatre tecniques to unmask his feminine side in life, work and love. Through poetry, song and drag, the brilliant women behind some of the greatest hits of 20th century drama leap out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

Creator: Stephen Lawson
Co-Creator: Aaron Pollard

Spectacle and epic gestures collide in an intimate setting of song and illicit tales. The Phoenix rises from a violent transformation, traversing gender and history in a distinctive new form by Montreal performance and video duo Stephen Lawson and Aaron Pollard.

where you are now
Writer: Kevin Rees-Cummings and Sean MacMahon (emergency exit)

NOTICE: tampering or unauthorized use, except in case of emergency, is punishable by fine or imprisonment.

Ruf Paradise
Writer: Alec Butler
Director: Greg Campbell

From birth ma know I was different. Growing up. I was taken for her son so many times. No worries, ma, just cause I’m a guy now doesn’t mean I’m a dick. Ruf Paradise is the story of a working-class, transgendered teenager growing up in the 70’s. Now Ruf tries to unravel the mysteries of his/her birth as intersexed.

Writer: Robin Fulford
Director: Chad Dembski

Obedience to the experiment — conjecture, re-enactment and theory — three people in a room with their other selves — and the doors shut.

Escape from Alberta
Writer: Erik Jorgensen
Director: Darren O’Donnell

Escape from Alberta is a Theatre-Art piece drawn from a caustic misanthropy and self-entrapment. It is absurdist in nature. You are performing life, liar. Language and symbol surround you, commanding you actions, decisions… you pretend, a wooden-head marionette, to know what you are even thinking, for fear of losing the approval of your community, house, 8am porridge. You contemptible fool.

Catherine’s Pillow
Writer: Corrina Hodgson
Director: Alysa Golden

Rules are made to be broken — but by whom? And when? Catherine’s Pillow examines the agonizingly slow nature of change and human resistance to it. Prom night, a lover’s quarrel, a dozen eggs and a night of unrelenting rain all combine to create the perfect environment for progress’ first tentative steps.

Co-dependant Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same
Writer: Madeleine Olnek
Director: Gina Kaufmann

Lesbian space aliens invade Earth, leaving in their wake a string of broken hearts, personal ads, and uneaten cheesecake. 1905’s sci-fi, B-movies, pop-psychology, and dating rituals are all taken-on in this heart warming comedy about the search for love. For anyone who has ever felt like they were from another planet.

Deviser and Director: Istvan Kantor and Machine Sex Action Group

010100 explores the kinetic landscape of today’s hyper-sexualized trans-technological society dominated by its own self-annihilating system of information machinery. It investigates the language of new technology in reference to the dogmatic propaganda of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Kantar employs ecstatic corporal expressions, seizure-like orgasmic contractions, robotic machinery, video transmission and noise.

Creator: J. P. Robichaud

An evening-long piece of performed sculpture. Untitled 2003 is John Patrick’s second performance for Rhubarb!

Writer: Meg Fearnley
Director: Aviva Armour-Ostroff

Two teenage girls find the only time that they feel real is when they are with each other. They intend to separate themselves from the superficiality of the rest of the world until one friend realizes that absolute faith in another being may be just as disilusioning.


Writer: R.J. Downes
Director: Kathryn Malek

1 part father. 1 part mother. A dash of little girl. Blend. Add one six foot, three-hundred pound platypus and one young boy. Stir.

Nancy Drew (Without a Clue)
Concept: Anna Chatterton, Sue Miner, Evalyn Parry
Excerpts from Clue in the Fast Lane by Ann- Marie MacDonald and Beverly Cooper
Director: Sue Miner

A retro-rhubarb work, originally presented in 1984. Join Nancy Drew and her 1985 pal Janice the Babysitter on their wild, exciting and dangerous adventure through time where Nancy saves the world from near disaster. This is the chopped, tossed and remixed version of Clue in the Fast Lane.

Goodnight, Ladies
Writer and Performer: Diane Kolpak
Writer and Performer: Stephanie Lalor
Director: David Tomlinson

A break in. A break out. A break down. A couple of clowns. Shakespeare spinning in his grave. Lady Em should be medicated. Ophelia should be on the pill. This should be in imabic pentameter. Battling madness, these ladies aren’t going down without a fight.

Ah! But it Sings! But it Sings, Luveena
Creator: Fabian Boutillier
Director: Jennifer Tarver

A retro-rhubarb work, originally presented in 1980. Vintage Rhubarb at its best! Taste the intangible in this rollicking rollercoaster of language and sound. A play in an Act, Ante-act & Posterior.

The Counterfeit Marquise
Writer and Director: Kate Cayley
Adapted from: Charles Perrault

The Counterfeit Marquise is a transvestite puppet show. Adapted from a seventeenth-century fairytale, it tells the story of a young boy who grows up to be a beautiful girl. Using actors, hand puppets and shadow puppets, we follow her adventures through Paris as she seeks for true love and finds a surprising ending.

Writer: Hope Thompson
Director: David Oiye

I’ve never met any of my husband’s friends so I am naturally very excited (and nervous!) about the reunion at Harry’s mansion and Mitchell, that’s my husband, says his friends are all very artistic so I just don’t know what to expect! (exhale) And then there’s this person they call Green.

Twisting For Peace
Writer: Michael Louis Johnson
Director: Mario Tenorio

On the brink of World War Three, activist and singer, Michael Louis Johnson takes on the corporate monolith. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s a business plan, he says. This monologue tests the limits of free speech. Workshop readings had crowds dancing at Toronto’s Cameron House and Rancho Relaxo.

Night Terrors of the Longshoresman
Writer: Peter Lynch
Director: Ed Roy

A twisted little tale about a twisted little man and his adventure with agoraphobia, addictions, pot-induced dementia, A-FAGS, the welfare system and the struggles to get out of the door in the new millennium–a love song of the shut-in.

40 Tiny Performance Under a Red Light
Curator: Lisa Pijuan

Forty tiny potential platforms from which to launch forty tiny potent revolutions. All under the aureole of a red light.

Night’s Swift Dragons
Writer: Daniel Karasik
Director: Soheil Parsa

Night’s swift dragons cut the clouds full fast. But nothing lasts forever, which is why you should stop reading this right now and say something meaningful to your neighbor or someone nearby, or someone reachable by mobile phone. The play takes place on the moon, by the way.

When She Was Mad
Writer and Director: Laurie Fyffe

How deep into the past should we wander? Are we prepared for the discoveries that await us in the archives of our personal history? The lives of two women, one long deceased, the other not quite living in the present, connect over the centuries.

A Taste of the Danforth
Writers and Performers: Kathryn Haggis and Nikole Kritikos
Director: Ellen-Ray Hennessy

A Taste Of The Danforth is not just some fun-filled festival! At least not for stand-up comedienne Sophia Papadopoulos who quickly loses her sense of humour when fed a pita full of betrayal. A modern day Greek tragedy not to be missed! Medea, Elektra and even Ophelia, eat your heart out. Caution: show may contain professional wailing!

Murdering Godot
Writer: David Tomlinson
Director: Shari Hollett

A love story in wolf’s clothing. D – It was a joke. B – It wasn’t so much of a joke…as a lie. D – Saying the coast was clear. B – Like…it’s alright. Everything is fine. Trust us.

The Magic Key to Colourful Conversation
Writer: Peter Lynch
Director: David Oiye

A retro-rhubarb work, first presented in 1993. A fete-to-the-death. Four unspeakably charming, witty, attractive conversation types make best efforts to extend politeness, correctness and bon-mots. But is it better than their efforts to destroy one another. Find out.

Writer and Performer: Mirha-Soleil Ross
Director: Nicole Stamp

Mirha-Soleil Ross picks up a few fragments from her childhood and takes us on a ride with a caravan of colorful characters. Detailing her grandfather’s tragic relationship with alcohol, she offers hilarious insights into growing up poor in the Quebec of the early 70’s and speaks to the importance of honouring memory and of reconciliation.

A vs. B
Writers: Mariko Tamaki & Lindy Zucker
Director: Allison Rees-Cummings

As the old Jewpanese proverb goes: savage wound will clot in time but savage word has no watch.

An Excerpt from Church Street Blues
Writer: Chris Jai Centeno

Church Street Blues is about a gay teen who searches for acceptance in the face of his parent’s definition of what gay is.

An Excerpt from Trans-ition
Writer: Adrian Jr. Daniels

15 years old and so close to being pushed off the edge.

Radio Play
Writer: Peter Chapman

A retro-rhubarb work first presented in 1980. We can see seeing but we cannot hear listening. (Marcel Duchamp) I beg to differ (Peter Chapman). A choral recital for transistor radios.

(Oh Nest) Honest Insanity
Writer: Helen Posno

A retro-rhubarb work first presented in 1980. Honest Insanity: One Woman’s error-serrated edge on toxic waste.

Psycho Nuclear Breakdown
Writer and Performer: Cynthia Grant
Video: Chris Clifford

A retro-rhubarb work first presented in 1980. This landmark performance art piece captivated audiences when it premiered in the Danforth space of the Theatre Centre in 1980. Created in the wake of North America’s worst nuclear accidents, Three Mile Island, the piece layers the writings of anti-nuclear physician, Helen Caldicott, with post-Freudian notions of psychological despair in the face of devastation. A study of distress in a toxic age…

Daniel Brooks and Guillermo Verdecchia
A conversation with the creators of the Noam Chomsky Lectures.

The Independent Theatre Trade Forum
Co-presented: The Toronto Theatre Alliance

Join us for breakfast and engage in discussion about the following topics: The Independent Theatre Agreement, Touring, Non-Traditional Performance Space, The Role of Criticism, Show Transfers: An indie company’s rights when co-producing with a larger theatre company.

eight o’clock
Writers: emergency exit, Kevin Rees-Cummings and Sean MacMahon

rejuvenating! awe-inspiring! terrifying! 5 nights only!!!

Writer and Director: Rosa Laborde

Set in Santiago, Chile during the violent coup d”etat of 1973, LEO follows the events leading up to a pleasure-centered young man’s disappearance as he explores his sexuality and political uncertainty in a time of assassinations and revolution.

I’d Kiss You But…
Writers: Wendy White, Victoria Ward and Diane Flacks
Director: Ruth Madoc-Jones

A retro-rhubarb work, first presented in 1990. In the spirit of Retro, we take you back to 1990 when Rap was new, Thirty-Something was the show to watch and Q107 ROCKED!!! I’d Kiss you But…, originally performed by it’s three writers Diane Flacks, Victoria Ward and Wendy White, is back with a new cast of actors performing the same wacky characters that made this hilarious romp the hit of the 1990 Rhubarb! Festival.

Spaceman 2459
Writer and Director: Dennis Frey

It’s the year 2459. The Earth is over-populated and esurient. Three intrepid adventurers rocket through the cosmos to find a new planet for mankind to harvest. An a cappella space opera for three voices. Proudly presented by Canadia dell’Arte.

A Visitation of St. Teresa of Avila upon Constable Margaret Chance
Writer: R.M. Vaughan
Director: Moynan King

A retro-rhubarb work, first presented in 1996. Police Constable Margaret Chance thinks the world is out to get her. She just might be right. You decide.

Writer: Christian Lloyd
Director: John Gordon

Gary is creating the record of a lifetime. Before the needle scratches the surface, the collected dust needs a good cleansing.

She Sends Her Regrets
Writer: Christina Jol
Director: Veronika Hurnik

The table is set, the guests have arrived, but Miss Otis regrets she’s unable to lunch today. These are not peaceful times.

People Are Horrible Wherever You Go
Writer and Performer: David Bateman
Writer and Performer: David Roche
Director: Michael Achtman

A retro-rhubarb work, first presented in 1994. Literary ladies of a certain age Elvira (David Roche) and Magda (David Bateman) find themselves in a tight spot while visiting a revolution-torn southern land. Uneasy companions at the best of times, the long-term couple pay a high price for freedom, but their efforts earn them a greater personal closeness.

Round Rotund Rumps
Writer: Richard Feren
Director: Steven Seabrook

A retro rhubarb work, first presented in 1994. A performance cartoon. We’re running a little behind.


Knotty Together
Writer: Anna Chatterton
Co-Writer: Njo Kong Kie
Director: Alisa Palmer
Performers: Jesse Clark and Keith Klassen

A naughty gay opera in 3 short acts. Boy meets boy… And so it goes.

Ruby the Clown in…Flood
Writer and Performer: Becky Johnson
Co-Writer and Director: Sonia Norris

Something huge and apocalyptic has happened. Abandoned at sea, lost and alone . Ruby searches for hope before falling off the edge of the map.

Getting Lucky
Writer and Performer: Christian Lloyd
Director: Kim Blackwell
Performer: Gary Powell

The Beauty in the New Orleans can take your breath away… Literally. On Tuesday, September 7th 2004 at roughly 9:00 am.. Christian Lloyd found himself waking up in the most dangerous neighbourhood in New Orleans with someone he didn’t remember meeting. Anything can happened during Southern Decadence weekend. Inspired by true events.

Simply Told
Writer and Director: Corrina Hodgson
Co-Director and Dramaturge: Deborah Tihanyi
Performers: Terrance Bryant and Leslet Dowey

It’s called revisionist history the way we go back and twist facts. Re – telling things over and over , changing minute details every time, until the whole meaning’s changed and the truth hardly exist.

Even Darkness
Writer and Performer: Edwige Jean-Pierre
Director: Patrick Conner

Carrie is the mastermind of Operation Exit Fucked Up Planet. Every detail is in place . It can’t fail. As long as it’s not messy.

The Colour of My Heart/El Color de Mi Corazon
Writer and Performer: Francisca Zentilli
Director: Kimahli Powell

How do we define ourselves? What happens when people refuse to see us the way we want to be seen? What colours ourselves? An osmosis of rich storytelling, challenging choreography and frightening physicality.

(555) 555 5555
Writer: Greg Kearney
Director: Ruby Rowan
Performers: Brent Buchanan and Suzanne Bennett

Eleanor’s had difficult year . Today it got worse. Eleonor seeks help. A man arrives a helping sort of man. He has Eleanor’s number. And Eleonor hopes he calls it.

Writer: Hanna Moscovitch
Director: Michael Rubenfeld
Performers: Claire Jenkins, Jordan Pettle, and William Webster

A student proposes to write about a woman – the essay guidelines call for an eighteenth century military leader. The university faculty are unsure how to respond. As the essay proposal travels up the chain of command awkwardness, misunderstanding and questionable motives abound.

Hospital Green
Writer: Hope Thompson
Director: David Oiye
Performers: Terrence Bryant, Erika Hennebury, Veronika Hurnik, Moynan King, Gray Powell, and Lisa Anne Ross

Hospital Green is the sequel to last year’s sex farce, green. Margaret, the young newlywed, found true love with kitty, the ex – con, and harry got the woman of his dreams: Miss Green. Now, however, some dust has settled on these relationships… And a spot of marriage counseling is in order.

Writer and Performer: Lindy Zucker
Director: Natasha Priest
Performer: Claire Calnan

Passionate paralysis and obsessive compulsive distraction: a post – love story.

Writer and Performer: Naomi Skwarna
Director: Nina Lee Aquino

Hey – it’s way too late to be wandering around. There’s a time for playground fun, and a swing – set looks mighty different with only a flickering streetlight over your head. All steel bars and rusty chains. Bring a shovel and a snack, it’ll be fun. Just stay away from the tube -slide.

Hostage Diary
Writer and Performer: Philip Riccio
Director: Darcy Murphy
Performer: Tim Campbell

One man -hanging-chained-a prisoner of? Like nothing you’ve ever seen before, except, Shawshank redemption, lock-up, phone booth, and most movies starring Patrick Swayze.

The Reading
Writer: Richard Feren
Director: Stephen Seabrook
Performers: Gary Boyd, Alex Courey, Josh Jacobson, Laura McLean, and Andrea Ramolo

A playful staging of a reading of a play called The Reading about a staged reading of a play within a play. From the creators of round rotund rumps.

Writer and Performer: Rob Baker
Director: Andrea Donaldson

It’s a long walk (16 blocks each way ) this is the third time you and I have made this trip tonight ( 96 blocks in all.) Probably the fortieth time in the last two and a half months ( 1280 blocks!) No one can tell me the addict doesn’t get his exercise.

Writer and Performer: Salvatore Antonio
Director: David Oiye
Performer: Jonathan Watton

A train. Two brothers. A coffin. A televised State Funeral, and a challenge. Nothing is scared.

May Contain Traces of Nuts
Writer and Performer: Shawn Hitchins
Director: Andrew Lamb

For the indecisive, the grocery store is a purgatory fuelled by fluorescent lighting , under – aged workers and excessive packing. Jeremy brings a list but he still questions everything from nutritional content to cost. While grazing the aisles, Jeremy examines his healthy and unhealthy relationships with food, family and men.

The Guilty Playroom
Writer and Performer: Shoshana Sperling
Co-Writer and Performer: Teresa Pavlinek
Director: Ruth Madoc-Jones

Two complete strangers are brought together in a writing room city hall. They must defend their crimes in the guilty plea room. More than that they must comet o terms with the choices they’ve made in their lives. An unlikely bond is created between two woman who for very different reasons have lost their way.

The Dead Sea
Writer and Performer: Sonja Mills
Co-Writer and Performer: David Tomilson
Director: Erika Hennebury

900 million dollars of good faith, 128 billion cubic meters of really really salty water, one 68 – kilogram crack monkey spinning spinning. And Sonja and David are having a party. Right now.

Freeman’s Wake
Writer and Director: Yvette Nolan
Performers: Lorne Cardinal, Michaela Washburn, Cliff Cardinal
Arrhythmia services
Writer and Performer: Toby Rodin
Director: Tanja Jacobs

A comedic short story about a city hospital with heart problems, told by an ambitious file clerk in search of her missing date stamp.


Hugs From Strangers
Writer and Performer: Adam Barrett

But hugs are not something we share with strangers. I suggest that this change. Well? Do you need a hug?

Writer and Director: Andrea Donaldson
Performers: Maev Beatty, Erin Shields, David Gram, and Glen Sheppard

The house won’t let me leave and this plaster is growing rapidly up my torso. They’re my panties, Patrick, and they won’t come off. What’s a girl to do when she realizes she can’t stop fucking her therapist?

The Erie Disappearance
Writer: Bill Zaget
Director: Patrick Conner
Performers: Greg Campbell and Zag Dorison

House detached itself from rest of suburb. Afloat in lake Erie. Rescue expected anytime. Arf!

Do You Have Any Idea How Fast You Were Going?
Small Wooden Shoe
Writer and Performer: Brendan Healy
Co-Writers and Performers: Chad Dembriski, Ame Henderson, Trevor Schwellnus, Kilby Smith-McGregor, Jacob Wren, and Jacob Zimmer

The astonished traveler is presented with a dazzling array of happy scenes, sad scenes, musical interludes, and brilliant explosions. (Pertaining to the industrial Revolution and its effects on our lives, withy particular interest paid to the steam engine and the subsequent acceleration of locomotion.)

Writer and Performer: Clea Minaker
Text: Sarah Fourage
Sound: Sarah Neufeld

Inside the world of the big box store, shame barker checks the mundane. She ‘s just another cashier clad in a gown of groceries. Did you find what you were looking for? Who cares?!

Sunstroke: Icarus Speaks
Writer and Performer: David Tomlinson
Director: Diana Kolpak

This is not my day. Pain like this Is never pretty. There’s wax and feathers everywhere…and my eyes are bleeding. Here are the things I remember from before I burned: the minotaur mazes of my father; Thamyris’ thighs; and missing my mother. This could end very badly.

Shattered Glass – An Opera
Writer: Douglas Rodger
Composer: Njo Kong Kie
Director: Patrick Conner
Performers: Carla Huhtanen and Keith Klassen

A woman at the end of her rope. A man strung out on hope. An operatic voyage onto the perilous shoals of love.

The Red Horse is Leaving
Writer and Performer: Erika Batdorf
Director: Todd Hammond

This is a first draft, a rough sketch from my mother’s journals, plantings, music and excessive lists. …a friendship which caused me much distress, but always filled me too with pride: genius is a form of vital power deeply experienced in illness, creating out of illness, through illness creative.

Writer and Director: Greg Kearney
Performers: Suzanne Bennett and Becky Johnson

Brunt – out? Bedraggled? On the brink of drinking anti freeze? Super – nice travels agents Patricia and Cynthia can help you escape. Maui, Mazatlan our gals known where you need to go ! They understand. They’re just like you. They, Too, hate their lives and want to blow their heads off. Call now!

The Russian Play
Writer: Hanna Moscovitch
Director: Natasha Mytnowych
Performers: Holly Lewis and Andrew Bunker

Then the snow comes, freezing the river and the sky and the birds and my love for you. from the writer of essay and the director/creator of Ungezlefer ( vermin ) , comes a bleak and bittersweet love story teeming with life in the face of the doomed men and rotten ideals of Stalinist Russia.

The Girl in the Picture Tries to Hang Up the Phone
Writer and Performer: Hume Baugh
Director: Mark Cassidy

Look at the girl in the picture. She is the only child in the group. She is otherworldly; The adults don’t pay attention to her. Sitting on the stone wall by herself, she looks elfin, like a changeling.

Suck and Blow
Writer and Performer: Judith Snow
Co-Writer and Director: Michael Rubenfeld
Co-Writers and Performers: Tara Beagan and Caleb Yong

When every want and need must be tended to by others, which desires are neglected? An exploration within one woman’s experience as an oddity in a walking world: Feel me, feed me , suck me, blow me, know me.

Marsha of Regent Park
Writer and Performer: Marsha McDonald

In this alternative spoken word piece Marsha McDonald tells you what it was like for her begin a gender terrified teenager in Toronto Regent Park in the 1970s.

Lifelike Lüve
Writer and Performer: Natalie Meisner

Inspired by a true – life and bizarre love triangle between Greta Garbo, Cecil Beaton, and Mercedes D’acosta that was revealed by the recent release of Garbo’s letters into the public domain. A meditation on not only sex and gender based drag, but historical and cultural drag, iconicity, and spectacular/surveilled polyamory.

Stand Sentry
Writer: Jason Hall
Director: Daniel Nyman
Featuring Julian Doucet and Nawa Nicole Simon

Two soldiers stand guard. Where? When? Why? It doesn’t really matter. What is important is that everyone i.e. brought in line; that the correct face of the new operation is projected…or does it? Another cup of tea?

How to Be Good at Playing Charades
Host: Misha Glouberman

A course in how to play charades, taught by Misha Glouberman, host of the Trampoline Hall Lecture Series. Includes charades exercises, drills and skill development. Attendees are required to participate.

The Ten Obstructions

A series of short performances created under a manifesto of ten formal restrictions. Costumes, sets, props, location and superficial elements are stripped away in order to shed light on what is left.

Something With Everything
Adaptor and Performer: Shannon Cochrane

A late night performance interruption by Shannon Cochrane (7a*11d, Images), inspired by an Alison Knowles performance script from 1965. This means nothing other than something will happen with everything, providing that nothing happens with something. Or something.

Fur Tunes
Writer: Noah Kenneally
Poems and Songs by: Shel Silverstein, Veda Hille, Michael Levnig

…fuzzy, shaggy, coiffed, whiskery, downy, fleecy, fluffy, rough, soft, tufted, stubbly–a homo fur celebration!

AC and DC in BC
Creator and Performer: Donald Carr

I am Venus as a boy and I knew Aphrodite before she became Hermaphrodite. Do you know that sex is a beautiful soul? No? Me neither–no idea. So don’t judge a book by its cover, unless it’s in Braille. AC and DC in BC is the biography of a dangerous idea. Some more Bi than others. Come on, take a bit. It’s human nature. Bi now. Bi later. Bi is best. Best Bi.

1969 & 1975
Creator and Performer: David Roche

David Roche talks to you again, this time about life at age 19 with a Montreal man 39 years his senior, and at age 24 as a Toronto Gay Lib communard in a candid show modeled (in form, for content) on a piece by American artist Spalding Gray (1942-2004).

The Dinner Party
Writer: Rose Cullis
Director: Bea Pizano
Performers: Zoie Palmer and Michelle Girouard

The dinner party is a comedy about the tragic necessity of loss when we make choices in our lives . Two woman in a common-law relationship grapple with lost opportunities and have an identity crisis, while waiting for their guests to arrive for a dinner party. can love matter enough in the shadow of regret?

Here, Boy!
Writer: Tara Beagan
Director: Patrick Beagan
Performers: Herbie Barnes, David Yee and Chris Reynolds

Jessie Goodstriker is a proud First Nations man living on unceded land, home to his ancestors for thousand of years – a park off church street in downtown Toronto. Newlywed couple dale and Maurice take issue with Jessie’s traditional approach to survival in a stand off utterly unlike the oka crisis.

The Mini Stage
Contributors: John Patrick Robichaud, Sherri Hay, Emergency Exit, Canadia dell’Arte, Lisa Ann Ross, Lindy Zucker, Noah Kenneally, Steve March

Eclectic performances for a teeny tiny space. Featuring a different installation each night, running through the festival.


1848 Experiment #1
Creator and Director: Erika Batdorf
Collaborators: Kate Digby and Adam Seybold

From Erika Batdorf, recent winner of the 2007 SummerWorks Prize, comes an engaging collision of dance and theatre. One actor and one dancer struggle to cross the mind / body divide.

It’s Hard to Count to a Million
One Reed Theatre Ensemble
Creators and Performers: Megan Flynn, Frank Cox O’Connell, Marc Tellez and Evan Webber
Director: Daniel Mroz

We started with a simple task: an interrogation of the most ubiquitous logical system we could think of. We started with counting. One Reed was voted Best Young Ensemble by Now Magazine, and is known for smart and arrestingly performed presentations.

a Rabid Aardvark presentation
Creator and Performer: Shawn Hitchins
Director: Adam Lazarus
Musical Director and Arranger: Mim Adams
Accompanist: Jonathan C. G. Bright

When did interior decorators become the spokespeople for the so-called gay lifestyle? Are condos overpriced internment camps for gays? What does it mean when a gay actor isn’t gay enough to play himself on television? Hitchins takes direct aim at the gentrification of the queer experience. In the process, he departs from cabaret and musical theatre to create a rocking, dangerously human experience.

Where the Wild Things Are: A Manifesto
Creator and Director: Gideon Arthurs
Company: Rob Baker, Megan Flynn, Erin Shields and Noa May Dorn

Favourite childhood story, Where The Wild Things Are, suffers abuse for the greater good: re-imagined as a commentary about our insatiable appetite for consumption at all costs – and our gaping passivity in the face of tyrants.

Creator and Performer: Ian Mozdzen
Director: Claire Borody
Dramaturge: Tom Stroud

Part vision of beauty. Part chaotic battlefield. Part jerk-off fantasy. Obscene exposes the conflicted inner world of one man’s obsessive need to mutilate his manhood through the act of self-castration. Warning: botched drag. Graphic imagery. Splosh.

roots + wires
Creators and Performers: Jesse Scott and Mirae Rosner (the memelab)

Rhubarb has solicited the involvement of west coast performance art team, the memelab, to conduct engaging & humous experiments for the audience, in an attempt to find alternatives to current models of power.

A Minor Symphony in Bees
Creator and Director: Christopher Stanton and Co.
Performers: Tara Beagan, Margaret Evans, Geoffrey Pounsett and Aaron Talbot

Scientists are struggling to explain a mysterious collapse in global honeybee populations. A world without bees is a scary place, as they play a primary role in pollinating virtually all human food sources. So why are they disappearing? Why the same situation the world over? And why am I yelling into my cellphone?

Lichtenstein’s an 8: A New Formula to Quantify Artistic Quality
Co-creator and Director: Norman Lup-Man Yeung
Co-Creator: Kathy Moretton
Featuring: Laura Nordin

So now we can apply science to better understand art. But what artist would agree to their work being assigned a numerical value like a pH rating? A hybrid of scientific lecture, artistic rabble-rousing, subversive slideshow, lo-fi cinema, and toy glockenspiel, this environmental-theatre-happening exposes how science and art are siblings, whether they like it or not.

Writer: Hannah Moscovitch
Director: Natasha Mytnowych
Set and Lighting Designer: Kim Purtell
Featuring: Matt Edison and David Storch

post-democracy takes you behind the barbed wire at the World Economic Summit, where a CEO of an international corporation desperately tries to keep one of his Executive’s sexual indiscretions from jeopardizing a multi-million dollar deal. A voyeuristic glimpse inside disaster capitalism.

Amateur Track & Field
Creator and Performer: Sean MacMahon

Edward Gorey meets Spalding Gray under a whack of camouflage. After years of collaboration (Oomph! Group, emergency exit), Rhubarb-favourite Sean MacMahon flies solo.

The Young Creators Unit
Writer: Michael Reynolds, (The Truth About Goldfish)
Writer: Mark Shyzer, (Helga)
Writer: Alisha Stranges, (Squashed)
Writer: Jordan Tannahill,
Writer: Waawaate Fobister (Agokwe)

Buddies supports the development of young artists in a variety of ways. With The Young Creators’ Unit, four queer artists under the age of 25 meet weekly with Evalyn Parry and Edward Roy to develop their work in a supportive and challenging creative atmosphere. Come early at 7pm and check out what they’ve been up to.

Week One Mini-Stage & Solo-Stage Performances
(Anima) Writer: Evan Tapper
(The Devolution of Darwin) Writer: Andrew Scorer, (12 Secs) Writer: David Oiye
(save us!) Writer: Chad Dembski
(Untitled 2008) Writer: JP Robichaud
(The History of Awesome) Writer: Allison Cummings
(Jessexxxy Fortune Fairy) Writer: Jesse Strong
(CHAT) Writers: Chelsea McMullan and Cole J Alvis
(Guilt) Writers: Andrea Donaldson, Gil Garrat and Mary Beath Badia
(faceit) Writer: Ian Carpenter

The room connecing Buddies’ two main playing spaces in The Ante Chamber, and during Rhubarb it houses two unique performance spaces: The Mini-Stage (a mini black box stage that seats twelve) and The Solo-Stage (for a teeny audience of just one).

Week Two Mini-Stage & Solo-Stage Performances
(Untitled 2008) Writer: JP Robichaud
(Performance Amnesia) Writers: Alexis Butler and Sam Stedman
(Dream Interpretation) Writer: Shannon Cochrane
(How to Recognize an Invert) Writer: Alistair Newton
(The Dead Texan Colour Shitter) Writer: Sherri Hay
(Applause) Writer: David Bateman
(Famous Gestures) Writer: Trevor Schwellnus
(A Mechanical Life) Writers: Ken MacKenzie and David Oiye
(Israel Eats Itself) Writer: Tobaron Waxman
(What’s Your Problem?) Writer: The Problem Guy

The room connecing Buddies’ two main playing spaces in The Ante Chamber, and during Rhubarb it houses two unique performance spaces: The Mini-Stage (a mini black box stage that seats twelve) and The Solo-Stage (for a teeny audience of just one).

It’s a Matter of Scale: The Nuclear Revolution
Director: Jacob Zimmer

Small Wooden Shoe tries to answer some questions about how very small things make very big changes. And about how both the very big and very small effect medium sized things, such as humans. With white boards, transcription and maybe some singing.


The Sexual Aberrations: Part One
Writer and Director: Alex Wolfson
Performers: Amy Bowles, Lindsey Clark, and Liz Peterson

The Sexual Aberrations: Part One is the first in a series of three plays by Alex Wolfson (If I’m Me Today, Must I Tomorrow) based on the Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality by Sigmund Freud. A play that explores the anguish, and possible redemption, that lies deep in us all.

Leni Riefenstahl vs. the 20th Century
Writer and Director: Alistair Newton
Production Designer: Matt Jackson
Performers: Kaitlyn Regehr, Evalyn Parry, Noah Henne, Bryce Kulak, Chy Ryan Spain, and Matthew Eger

Nazi propagandist and cinematic genius Leni Riefenstahl takes on superstar New York intellectual Susan Sontag in an ideological battle of the wills. It’s fascinating fascism vs cultural camp as Ecce Homo looks cock-eyed into the icy stare of the fascist aesthetic; an expressionist cabaret on big themes for troubled times.

Creator and Director: Ame Henderson
Co-Creators and Performers: Chad Dembski, Claudia Fancello, and Matija Ferlin

Like a good rock concert, /Dance/Songs/ flirts with obscenity. It can be over-the-top and out-of-control. The performers let it all out in front of the crowd. It is abandoned and joyful, intimate and tender. Yes, it’s a dance in the shape of a rock show, but maybe the best concert that you will never see.

A History of the Cage
Writer: Amos Latteier

A History of the Cage is a lecture/performance that uses zoo architecture as a lens to explore a wide variety of topics including nature, freedom, spectatorship, identity, and our complex relationships with animals. This interdisciplinary performance blurs the genres of PowerPoint and documentary film, producing a unique synthesis of education and humour.

Future Folk
Sulong Theatre Collective
Creators and Performers: Catherine Hernandez, Karen Ancheta, Romeo Candido, and Aura Carcueva

The vocabulary of Filipino folk arts tells the story of current day Filipina nannies.

Wet Dream
a Surprise Performance production
Writer and Director: Chad Dembski
Performers: Andrea Davis, Ryan G. Hinds, Natasha Boomer, Bryn Jennings, and Ulysses Castellanos

Surprise Performance presents the second part in a series of adaptations. A mix of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Freudian psychoanalysis and missed performances in the sex film industry. …let them do what they can. I will walk up and down here, and will sing, they shall hear that I am not afraid…

What’s It Like?
Creator and Performer: David Bateman
Director: Chad Dembski

Mixing spoken word with stand-up, theatre, and performance poetry, What’s It Like? provides a serio-comic response to the sincere, well-meaning, yet frequently frustrating questions one is inundated with upon particular forms of personal disclosure.

Sweet Ecstasy: Plans for an Escape Route
Writer and Performer: Don Simmons

Employing cinema’s methods of emotional manipulation, this performance will develop cinemagraphic moments into magical moments lived inside the theatre, and poses the questions: which is more real – our current lived experience or the more fictional experience of the movies? This performance will explore the emotional rollercoaster of the Summer Blockbuster.

Another City Another Life
a Secret Theatre production
Writer and Director: Dustin Scott Harvey
Co-Writers and Performers: Becky Siamon and Steven Bourque

Another City Another Life is about a May 1968 Paris uprising. It is about the occupation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet by two performers and a video camera.

Moon Mission 3
Writer and Director: Evan Webber
Designer: Sherri Hay
Performers: Ker Wells and Hannah Cheeseman

Moon Mission 3 is a presentational history of two astronauts who set out to return to the moon in the year 2025: the third episode in a cycle of semi-fictional works about humanity’s presence in outer space, and about the accident and achievement of collaboration.

She Walks the Line
Writer: Hope Thompson
Director: Patrick Conner
Performers: Sky Gilbert, Ryan Kelly, and more

Private dick, Frances Lark, has just hired divorce, Tina Vance, as her secretary. Frances hopes Tina will be the girlfriend she’s always dreamt of, but Tina ain’t playing…until a case of stolen goods and a desperate husband land the girls in a fight for their life – and each other.

Dearest Heart
Creator and Performer: Jenn Goodwin

Inspired by letters Jenn has written or received in the past; the ones she threw away…or should have, because they were too damn embarrassing/harsh/lame/corny/evil/sad and so on. Dearest Heart tells a simple tale, one letter at a time.

assalaamu ‘alaykum (peace be upon you)
Writer and Performer: Jon-Paul

Because we need each other, we believe in one another, and I know that we’re going to uncover what’s sleeping in our souls. Who cares about a description? Take a chance on someone. What, you haven’t got 25 minutes to spare?

Graham & Diane
Writer and Performer: Lex Vaughn
Director: Walter Boscariol

Meet Diane: A meek admin assistant who is trying her hand in the performing arts, after being inspired by a visit from corporate comedians at her workplace. Meet Graham: a brash and utterly foul-mouthed ventriloquist doll and Diane’s only friend for twenty years.

Out The Window
Writer and Performer: Liza Balkan
Co-Writers: Window Collective

August 2000: She saw something outside her apartment window. 8 years and hundreds of pages of court transcripts later a witness has questions – about truth, about memory, about perspective, about manipulation, about …what happened.

Sheep No Wool/ Groundwater Productions
Writers and Performers: Maev Beaty and Erin Shields
Co-Writer and Director: Andrea Donaldson

Montparnasse is an erotic submersion into the world of artist models in Paris in the 1920s. Peek behind the canvas and discover a rich culture of voyeurism, paint, sexual autonomy, jealousy, ego, cruelty and the Divine Muse.

Sad Sam (revisited)
Writer and Performer: Matija Ferlin

An Exercise in Futility: A Nihilistic Tale
Writer and Director: Michael Rubenfeld
Performers: Edwige Jean-Pierre, Anand Rajaram, and Josh Reichmann

If nothing makes sense or seems to really matter, is anything actually happening? Join A and B as they share with you a whole bunch of bullshit in an attempt at reality.

Young Creators’ Unit Project
Writer and Performer: Kim Crosby

Young Creators’ Unit Project
Writer and Performer: Rob Selarno

Young Creators’ Unit Project
Writer and Performer: Tawiah M’carthy

The Be(a)st of Taylor Mac
Writer and Performer: Taylor Mac
Director: David Drake

The most distinctive and brilliant performer I’ve witnessed in ages.-The Scotsman… A flamboyant chameleon of words, music, and sociopolitical tirades, visual and vocal phenomenon Mac employs gender-bending surrealism to explore the human condition and challenge the contemporary culture of fear.



The Noam Chomsky Lectures
Writers, Directors, and Performers: Daniel Brooks and Guillermo Verdecchia

Writer: David Craig

Early Return
Writer: David Fraser
Director: Atom Egoyan

Manicure and Set – Am I Beautiful Yet?
Writers, Directors, and Performers: Deb Kirshenbaum and Julia Pal

No More Medea
Writer and Director: Deb Porter
Performers: Victoria Shafelberg, Siobhan McCormick, and others

An Act of War
Writer: Diane Cave
Director: David Jansen
Performers: Hume Baugh, Catherine Jackson, Allyson McMackon, Dwayne Stevenson, and Stan Rogal

I’d Kiss You But…
Writers, Directors, and Performers: Diane Flacks, Victoria Ward and Wendy White

Writer and Director: Elliott Hayes
Performer: Andrew Binks

Writer: Garth Barriere

Writer and Performer: Glenn Christie
Director: Kirsten Johnson

Mr. Bleakman’s Oratorio
Writer: Grant Carmichael

Lies of the Vampire
Writer and Performer: Greg Kramer
Director: Lee Van Paassen

Writer and Performer: Greg Morris
Director: Paul Bettis

The Panel
Writer and Director: Hillar Liitoja
Co-Writer: DNA Theatre
Performers: Ed Fielding, Rosalba Martini, B. Bob Bridges, Sara Clenyg-Jones, Adrian Foster, Deborah Verginella, Daniel Deller, Sarah Galea-Davis, and Peter Lynch

Poking Grey Matter
Writer and Director: Jill Rosenberg
Performers: Philip Shepherd, Alexandra Z., Allyson Woodrooffe, Paul Z., and Jamie Johnston

The Character of Gentleman
Writer and Performer: Kim Renders
Director: Robert Lindsay

Writer and Performer: Liza Balkan
Director: Micheline Chevrier

A Brood of Doves
Director: Orly Wasserzug
Writer: Death Waits
Performers: David Collins, Sian Cansfield, Greg Campbell, and Sabin Fella

Enemas in Toyland
Writer and Performer: Peter Lynch
Director: Edward Roy

Aretha Kissed Me
Writer: Robert Pennant
Director: Corey Reay
Performer: Cliff Saunders

Salvation with a Vengence
Writer: Stanley Katz
Director: Lynda Hill
Performer: Katherine Bruce

Subway Philosophy
Writer and Performer: Susan McLay


Smoothie Chops
Writer, Director, and Performer: Caroline Azar
Co-Director: David Smith
Performers: Andrew J. Patterson, Sean Smith, and Lance Koyata

Excerpts from the Ten-thousand-year-old Woman
Writer, Director, and Performer: Cheryl Cashman

Gilligan’s Thailand
Director: Darren O’Donnell
Writer: Death Waits
Performers: Wendy Agnew, Jesse Shankland, Clinton Walker, Eleanor Yeoman, and Phillip Nessel

Hot, Hungry and Horny
Writer and Performer: David Roddis
Director: Corey Reay
Performer: Norm Reynolds

Slow Thunder
Writer, Director, and Performer: Diane Flacks
Co-Writers, Co-Directors, and Performers: Victoria Ward and Wendy White

Creatures Like Us
Writer, Director, and Performer: Edward Roy
Performers: Daniel MacIvor, Anne Holloway, and Ellen-Ray Hennessy

Fergus, Ontario
Writer and Performer: Glenn Christie
Director: Kirsten Johnson
Performers: Sigrid Johnson and Valerie Buhagiar

Crime in the Wilderness: Gutter Utterings
Writer and Performer: Helen Posno
Co-Writer and Performer: Mark Christmann

League of Nathans
Writer: Jason Sherman
Director: Ian Prinsloo
Performers: David Gow, Michael Healy, Alex Poch-Goldin, and Sam Aaron

Writer and Director: Jordan Patterson
Co-Director: Kelly Thornton
Performers: Colleen Brady, Beth-Ann Little, Pamela Wilson, Martha Ferguson, Stephen McGurk, and David Sinclair

Quantum Kumquat and the Chaos Game
Writer and Director: Laura J. Forth
Performers: John Alcorn, Petra Chevrier, Michael Fitzgerald, Tracy Hway, and Peter Jarvis

Writer: Mary Lou Zeitoun
Co-Writer: Sara Meurling
Director: Linda Balduzzi Performers: Leni Parker, Nadine Falk, and Julie Choquette

Summer Snapshots
Writer and Performer: Michael Totzke
Director: Rex Buckle
Performers: Philip Eckman and Gary Crawford

Dead Man’s Penis
Writers and Directors: Mike Erskine-Kellie and John Erskine-Kellie
Performers: Jonathon Wilson and Moynan King

Scorched Earth
Writer and Performer: Paul Couillard
Director: James MacSwain

Bubbles and Oblivion
Writer: Philip Cairns
Director: Alan Merovitz
Performers: Jacoba Knaapen, Frank Canino, Susette Schacherl, and Ian Algie

Sunny Boy Recites from Ego, Hunger and Aggression
Writer (adaptation) and Director: Stan Rogal
Performers: Angela Kaija, Adam Nashman, Susan Martin, and Gregg Anthony McLean

Writer, Director, and Performer: Susan McLay
Co-Writer, Co-Director, and Performer: Michael McGaraghty


Writers and Performers: Andrea Freeman and Catriona Murphy
Director: Kirsten Johnson

Writer, Director, and Performer: Darren O’Donnell
Co-Writer and Performer: Stephen Seabrook
Performers: Clinton Walker, Amy Tatian, Wendy Agnew, Marty McNally, and Sigrid Johnson

The Cubicle
Writer and Director: Ed Johnson
Performers: Jill Carter and Janet Sumner

The Secret Identity of Brigitta Von Trappe
Writer and Performer: Glenn Christie
Director and Performer: Kirsten Johnson
Performers: Bruce Beaton, Susan Davy, Martha Ferguson, Sigrid Johnson, and Virginia Roncetti

Flounders Last Tract
Writer: John Delacourt
Director: Sally Han
Performers: Donald Adams, Costin Many, Stewart Arnott, Daniel Chercover, and Julia Lenardon

Writer: John Moore
Director: Colin Taylor
Performers: Michael Waller and John Welsgerber

Sharky’s Day
Writer and Director: Jordan Patterson
Performers: Alex Karzis, Kelly Thornton, Veronika Hurnik, Martha Ferguson, Kathryn Boese, and Tamara C. Bick

Terminal Lives
Writers and Performers: Juliet Daunt and Linda McKay
Director and Performer: Lila Cano

Sin City
Writer and Performer: Kevin O’Neill
Director: Booth Savage

For Every Clit a Name
Writer, Director, and Performer: Melinda Ramsay
Performers: David Walberg, Taylor Raths, Heather Doherty, Shannon McDonnough, and Bruce Marshall

The Importance of Being Beautiful
Writer and Performer: Moynan King
Director: Jonathon Wilson

The Washroom Suite
Writer and Performer: Paul Couillard
Director: Conrad Alexandrowicz

Director: Phillip Nessel
Writer and Co-Director: Death Waits
Performers: Jesse Shankland and Christofer Williamson

Try Me
Writer: Robert Dodds
Director: Jordan Merkur
Performers: Steve Cumyn and Catherine McNally

What It Is
Writer: Sandy Senko
Director: Andy Parks
Performers: Walter Boscorial and Wendy White

Ain’t That a Shame
Writer and Director: Vernita Leece
Performers: Marium Carvell, Marcia Johnson, and Yvonne Francis

Kitten with a Krucifix
Writer and Performer: Victoria Ward
Director: Stephen Scott

Writer: Werner Krommus
Director: David Collins
Performers: David Young, Max Hancock, Bently Ball, Patrick McIntyre, and Clinton Walker


Under the Guise
Writer: Adam Nashman
Director: Coman Poon
Performers: Susan McLay, Jasia Poznanski, Roger Sealy, and Tobaroh Waxman

Writer and Director: Anne Driscoll
Performers: Andrea Freeman, Tracy Goltsman, Anne-Marie Hood, Jane Spidell, and David Ian Matheson

Crystals, Karaoke and Cross-Border Shopping
Writer: David Allan King
Director: Vinetta Strombergs
Performers: Jeffrey Sarara, Jeremy Harris, Roger Sealy, Chris Johnson, Howard Rosenstein, Paul Couillard, Kelly McIntosh, Rob Close, Mark Burgess, Scott White, Paul Rivers, Shannon McDonnough, Kathryn Haggis, and Patricia Yeatman

Frog Family
Writer: David Rubinoff
Director: Lynda Hill
Performers: Lynne Dynes, Patricia Yeatman, and Michael Proudfoot

Anastasia Is Alive and Well and Lives with Her Brother the Czar
Writer and Performer: Glenn Christie
Director: Stephen Seabrook
Performers: Susan Davy, Kirsten Johnson, and Alex Poch-Goldin

Able Was I Ere I Tried
Writers and Performers: Helder Ramos and Adam Foord

Anne-Marie’s Bedroom
Writer: Jennifer Ross
Director: Edward Roy
Performer: Anne Holloway

Endless Smoke
Writer and Director: Kyle Tingley
Performers: Gayle Fraser and Jaie LaPlante

A Resting Place Denied
Writer: Mark Hondroyanis
Director: Rebecca Cann
Performers: Mark Ingram and Victoria Schaffelburg

Watermelon Sugar
Writer: Max Hancock
Director: David Collins
Performers: Patricia Baergen and Jeremy Harris

Simon’s Wife
Writer and Director: Moynan King
Performers: John Erskine-Kellie and Deb Kirshenbaum

Breeding Drum Majors
Writer, Director, and Performer: Nadia Ross
Co-Writer and Co-Director: Diane Cave
Performers: Ed Fielding, Earl Pastko, Mark Shields, Geoff Wiebe, and Professor Colin Visser

The Magic Key to Colourful Conversation
Writer: Peter Lynch
Director: David Oiye
Performers: Steve Cumyn, Dean Gabourie, Veronika Hurnik, and Kirsten Johnson

Gentleman Caller
Writer: R. M. Vaughan
Director: Hugo Dann
Performers: Greg Campbell and Kim Renders

Writer and Director: Rob Kenter
Performers: Katherine Bruce, Ed Fielding, Max Hancock, and Susan Kealey

The Death of Simon Bellyitch
Writer and Director: Robert Maynard
Performers: Alex Appel, Deborah Cher, Bruno Miguel, and Rose Saldutto

Writer and Director: Stan Rogal
Performers: Michael Holmes, Bill Kennedy, Selina Martin, Peter McPhee, Adam Nashman, and Lisa Ryder


Penis Play
Writer and Director: Brenda McFarlane
Performers: Karen Ivany, Robert Pincombe, Savoy Howe, and Robert Kennell

Writer (adaptation) and Director: Bruce Beaton
Performers: Mackenzie Gray, Adam Bramble, Sean Carthew, Ken Delaney, Robert Eaton, Mariea Syrgiannis, Robin Haggerty, Kaya McGregor, Lucia Ribeiro, and Evan Sabba

Radio Rooster Says That’s Bad
Writer and Performer: Darren O’Donnell
Director: Andrew Kines Performer: Gabriel Roddy

Forty-nine Performances under an Orange Light
Coordinator: Darren O’Donnell

People Are Horrible Wherever You Go
Writer and Performer: David Roche
Co-Writer and Performer: David Bateman
Director: Michael Achtman

Writer and Director: Franco Boni
Performers: Rod Arsenault, Adam Bockneck, and Jeff Forsythe

The Straight Man
Writers: Gordon Foster and David Nicholson
Director: Jim Jones
Performers: Adrian Churchill, Peter Lynch, and Peter Rintoul

Tea and Croquet
Writer: Hugh McClaren Evans
Director: Mackenzie Gray
Performers: Alan Bridle and Vanessa Walton

Dirty Underwear
Writer, Director, and Performer: Joey Meyer
Performers: Kaya McGregor, Kathleen Pritchard, Rochelle Hum, and Jessica Runge

The Perfect Pie
Writer: Judith Thompson
Performer: Anne Holloway

Writer and Director: Kelly Thornton
Performers: Alex Poch-Goldin, Sandy MacMaster, Katherine Ashby, Karen Jako, Martha Ferguson, and Helder Ramos

Consent and Other Myths
Writer: Lee Jones Director: Conrad Coates
Performers: Ron Kennell, Christy Cameron, Savoy Howe, Shannon McDonnough, Roy Cameron, Sharon Forrester, and Susan McLay

Writer and Performer: Lidia Cancelliere
Director: Natasha Bloomberg
Performers: Carol-Anne Vachter and Shanna Miller

Open Wounds
Writer, Director, and Performer: Mark Johnson
Performer: Greg Kramer

Girls in Gangs
Writer: Mary Lou Zeitoun
Co-Writer: Sara Meurling
Director: Laura J. Forth
Performers: Edith Tankus, Sheri Astorino, Kelly McIntosh, Hamish McEwan, and Francisca Zentilli

Intermittent Silence: The Death of Simon Bellyitch, Part Nine
Writer and Performer: Park Bench
Performer: Alex Appel

The Time of Cake
Writer: R. M. Vaughan
Director: Anne Driscoll
Performer: Eleanor Yeoman

Round Rotund Rumps
Writer and Performer: Richard Feren
Director: Stephen Seabrook
Performers: Rochelle Hum, Veronika Hurnik, Joey Meyer, and Justin C. Roddy

Member’s Only
Writer: Robert Pennant
Director: David Oiye
Performers: Greg Campbell, Greg MacArthur, Greg White, Angela Moore, Christopher Sawchyn, and Savoy Howe


Me Who?
Writer and Performer: Anastasia Lainas
Director: Keary Scanlon

Fag Hag
Writer: Anne Farquhar
Director: Kirsten Johnson
Performers: Allegra Fulton, Astrid Van Weiren and Dragana Varagic

The Whore Van from Hell
Writer and Performer: Anne Holloway
Director: Erin MacKeen Performer: Kathryn Haggis

Painting (Canvas)
Writer and Director: Brian Quirt
Performers: Patrick Conner, Allegra Fulton, Alison Lawrence, and Jane Miller

The Making Of
Writer: Bruce Beaton
Co-Writer: Alessandra Prioreschi
Director: Ned Dickens
Performer: Sarah Stanley

Writer and Performer: Bruno Miguel
Directorial Consultant: Karen Hines

Writer and Director: David Collins
Performers: Shane Ford, Anne Hoselton, Bruno Miguel, Barna Moricz, and Autumn Smith

Writer and Director: David Cope
Performers: Julie Francis, Scott Notman, and David Sutcliffe

People Are Horrible Wherever You Go, Episode Two
Writer and Performer: David Roche
Co-Writer and Performer: David Bateman
Director: Michael Achtman

More Balls than Most
Writer and Performer: Donald Carr
Musical Director and Performer: Neil Gardiner
Performer: Andre James

Variations on a Theme by God
Writer and Performer: Gordon Foster
Director: Cathy Gordon-Marsh
Performers: Aviva Chernick, Nick Probst, Peter Rintoul, and Tara Rosling

The Night Georgina Choked the Bone: That’s Chicken to You, Pal
Writer, Director, and Performer: Joey Meyer
Performers: Barbara Baltus, Susan Lee, Kaya McGregor, Davis Mirza, and Jessica Runge

Butch Block Baby
Writer, Director, and Performer: Jonathan Culp
Performers: Flannery Fielding, Gill Legrow, and Helder Ramos

After the Sex
Writer and Performer: Kevin Hobbs
Director: Ed J. Bowers
Performer: Gina Sorell

Put Me Away
Writer and Performer: Lisa Ryder
Director: Adam Nashman

You Look Great Too
Writer: Marcia Johnson
Director: Bernadette Jones
Performers: Tom Melissis and Lynn Weintraub

Zed’s Dead Baby
Writer and Performer: Mark Lonergan
Director: Aleksander Lukac
Performer: Michael Achtman

Shea, Sex Therapist
Writer: Peter Lynch
Director and Performer: Kirsten Johnson
Co-Director: Alex Poch-Goldin
Perfomer: Jim Jones

Writer: R. M. Vaughan
Director: Franco Boni
Performers: Peter Lynch, Greg Campbell, Jim Jones, Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Skye Brain, and Clarissa Hurley

Damaged Goods
Writer: Raymond Storey
Director: James Simon
Performers: Robert Clarke, Jacklyn Francis, Kevin Hare, and Linda McLauchlin

Taking Shelter
Writer: Susan Dyment
Director: Leanna Brodie
Performers: Anne Farquhar, Liza Balkan, Sharon Forrester, Catriona Murphy, and Kim Roberts

Writer: Yovanka Germinovich Benic
Director: Moynan King
Performers: Sheila Chevalier and Catherine L. Dynes


Writer and Director: Aviva Chernick
Performers: Marc Richard, Andy Marshall, and Jane Wells

The fag, the thief, some shoes, and her lover dance their way through an unpredictable, theatrical foray into the absurdity of oppression.

Black Painted Moon
Writer and Director: Cathy Gordon-Marsh
Performers: Mark Lonergan, Tara Rosling, Brendan Wall, Heather Lash, Jacquline Casey, Heather Low, Oliver Sutherns, and Lorraine White

There is a conductor in control of what you see. The chorus and the characters will break glass, spray water, bike through snow, dance over oranges, invade the audience and…dont worry; no one will get hurt.

Writer: Daniel Rubinoff
Director: Chad Dembski
Performer: Sean Power

Meet Jack who thinks he’s Kerouac, but he isn’t. He’s a queer actor looking for peace, love, weed and work in one weekend.

The Deafening Noise of Tupperware
Writer and Director: Death Waits
Performers: Joey Meyer, Clinton Walker, Jennifer Moore, Denise Mireau, and Tracy Wright

An exploration of the unintentional.

The Audition
Writer: Gordon Foster
Director: Nick Probst
Performers: Shirley Blanco, Dave McKevy, Paul Tedeschini, Peter Rintoul, and Helder Ramos

A down and out shaman crashes an audition for the big top. Show-stopping musical numbers propel this comedic romp.

The Millenium Project: Installation 1: Inhale
Writer and Performer: Greg MacArthur
Co-Writer and Performer: Clinton Walker
Director: David Oiye
Performer: Deborah DeMille

Somewhere between looking up from the TV and putting down my scotch, I felt this sharp pain in my gut. Like I swallowed a whole bag of Miss Vickies without chewing. But then this pain went up my spine and into my brain. I reached up, I don’t know, to grab something I guess. The weird thing is that something took hold of my hand. And that something was a sign.

Pandora’s Box (Pandora’s Woman)
Writer: Gwen De Lyn Director: Jordan Merkur
Performer: Lorene Stanwick

Five women who are one who is every woman. You open the box to view their individual struggles to control their lives, but they are each connected by a responsibility to those who are still to come, those who have gone before and those present. It is about our accountability TO and FOR society.

Lillian’s Lament
Writer: John Palmer
Director: Franco Boni
Performers: Wendy Thatcher and Michael Achtman

Memories of her son still haunt her ten years after his death.

Writer: Kimberly Orton
Director: Neta Gordon
Performers: Shannon Rowe, Carol-Anne Vatcher, Alex Lee, and Lee Smart

A woman, having eaten her mother at the age of four, attempts to deal with both the psychological and physiological effects of her unintentional, but monstrous deed.

My First Trip to New York
Writer: Kyle Tingley
Director: John Palmer
Performers: Gavin Crawford, Peter Lynch, Sonja Mills, and Steven Guy McGrath

How to have a bad vacation. How to put that final nail in the coffin of a bad relationship. How to get that fifteen minutes of fame you KNOW you’re entitled to. Why is the grass always greener in Central Park?

My Last Twenty-four Hours in Chains
Writer, Director, and Performer: Laura Hubert
Performers: Pat Langner, Jack Nicholson, and Tag

A true story based on the 3 days that Tag went missing from the band.

Questioning Condoms
Writer: M. J. Kang
Director: Pam Eddenden
Performers: Leanna Brodie and Paul Lee

While Brigit surveys Ralf about condoms, they fall in love…in their heads. A comedy.

Lake Nora Arms
Writer: Michael Redhill
Director: Brian Quirt
Performers: David Gale, Dean Marshall, Jane Miller, Sophia Perlman, and Amanda Smith

If only I could walk into the photographs of Lake Nora Arms before they tore it down, open the cupboards and discover the history of paint-jobs.

Writer and Performer: Peter Heinen
Co-Writer and Director: Adam Nashman

It is a murder mystery with no first hand characters, no witnesses, and possibly one rapist.

A Visitation by St. Teresa of Avila upon Constable Margaret Chance
Writer: R. M. Vaughan
Director: Franco Boni
Performer: Anne Holloway

A miracle play.

Einstein’s Dream
Writer and Performer: Sean Reycraft
Director: Alex Poch-Goldin
Performers: Esther Arbeid, Brad Brackenridge, Bruce Hunter, Nancy Mackey, and Kelly Thornton

You know those daydreams that keep you sane while you’re trapped behind a desk at a mind-numbing, dead-end job that you absolutely hate? Well, what if the job is being a clerk at the Swiss Patent office, the year is 1905, and the daydreamer is Albert Einstein?

Writer: Shannon McDonnough
Co-Writer: Jason Mark
Director: Stewart Arnott
Performers: Jane Moffatt, Anna Reynolds, Danielle Saul, Karen Robinson, Michelle Martin, and Hal Eisen

A play about lives, lies, secrets, telephones and vaginal synonyms.

Writer and Performer: Shoshana Sperling
Co-Writers and Performers: Lisa Brooke and Kate Huband
Director: Mary Francis Moore

Three women battle to expose a lie so grand it could fill a huge theatre space. Watch as they explore the link between what mother gave them and what they’re left with.

Dick and Dick Do America
Writer and Director: Stan Rogal
Performers: Jeff Clark, Victoria Goring, Elyssa Livergrant, and Andrew Merzetti

A darkish comedy less than 30 minutes in length. Borders, intimacy, communication and FEAR. A space play. A buddy play.


Waves; or Servants of the Brain
Writer and Director: Adam Nashman
Performers: Liza Balkan, Fiona Byrne, Peter Heinen, Richard Howland, Kirsten Johnson, Mark Lonergan, Catherine McGregor, Bruno Miguel, and Stan Rogal

The Best Play in the Rhubarb! Festival Ever
Writer and Director: Chris Leavins
Performers: Mary Francis Moore and Tennyson Loeh

The Living Breathing Will
Writer: Christopher Paw
Director: Chad Dembski
Performer: Drew Carnwath

Growl Sweetly
Writer: Evan Brooker
Director: Ian Carpenter
Performer: Danielle Brett

Writer and Director: Glen Christie
Performers: Ellen-Ray Hennessy, Jeff Douglas, and Sigrid Johnson

The Cry Sisters
Writer and Performer: Greg Kearney
Director: Caroline Azar Performer: Kirsten Johnson

The Millenium Project: Loungetown
Writer and Performer: Greg MacArthur
Co-Writer and Performer: Clinton Walker
Performer: Deborah DeMille

Suffragette Koans
Writer: iccarson
Directors: Michael Waller and Karla Faulconbridge
Performers: Mary Gordon, Louise Gauthier, Jody Cummins, Karen Glaves, and Kim Kuhteubl

Writer and Performer: Kate Story
Director: Liane M. Gregory

Writer and Director: Ken Brand
Performers: Moynan King, Jane Moffatt, Gordon MacKeracher, Terrence Bryant, and Frank DeFrancesco

The Way You Move Your Hips: d’apres Blood and Guts in High School by Kathy Acker
Writer (collaboration) and Performer: Patrick Conner
Co-Writers, Co-Collaborators and Performers: Minda Johnson, Toby Rodin, and Sarah Stanley

Fairy Blood
Writer and Director: Peter Eliot Weiss
Performer: Randall Lanthier

Writer: Robert Tsonos
Director: Franco Boni
Performers: Dmitry Chepovetsky, Andrew Merzetti, and Sam Nulf

Involuntary Contractions
Writer and Director: Sam Hancock
Performers: Damien Atkins and Stephen Guy McGrath

I Am Not a Madman: A True Story
Writer and Director: Stephen Seabrook
Co-Director: Robert Winslow Performers: Katrin Bowen, Ed Fielding, Flannery Fielding, and Martin LaPierre

Choreographer and Performer: Sudharshan Durayappah
Performers: Dunstan Egbert, Malini Kirubakaran, Ushanthi Kirubakan, and Bageshree Vaze

The Cook from Cologne
Writer: Susan K. Dyment
Director: Sue Miner
Performers: Linda Brokenshire, Drew Carnwath, Adrian Churchill, and Sandy Gruenwald

100% Pure
Writer: Tonia Bryan
Director: Sharon Forrester
Performers: Yvette Martin, Andrea Pinnock, Kay Valley, Tricia Williams, and Sergio DiZio

Writer, Director, and Performer: Tracy Renee Stafford
Co-Writer and Co-Director: Derek Mohamed
Performers: Lissa Bobrow, Tanya Crowder, Allison Cummings, Cathy Gordon-Marsh, Sarah Febbraro, Bruce Russell, Sam Stedman, Jean Suh, Peter Trosztmer and Claire Ward


Writer, Director, and Performer: Atif Y. Siddiqui

Writer: Blair Francey
Director: Wendy Thatcher

A Temagami Love Story by the Marquis de Lovesbury
Writer and Performer: Bruno Gaudette
Director: Sky Gilbert
Performer: Mike Nichols

My Thoughts on Miss Julie
Writer and Director: Cathy Gordon-Marsh

Writer: Claudia Dey
Director: Eda Holmes
Performers: Ellen-Ray Hennessy, Lynne Cormack, Ron Gabriel, Paulette Sinclair, Michelle Giroux, Elva Mai Hoover, and Charmion King

U. I. or Die
Writer: Clinton Walker
Director: Ed Sahely
Performers: Tara Samuel, Jim Jones, Greg MacArther, and Liza Balkan

Writer and Performer: Corrina Hodgson
Director: Sherry Roher
Performer: Sandra Alland

Theatre Omaha’s Production of The Sound of Music
Writer: Daniel MacIvor
Director: Brad Fraser
Performers: David Gale, Gale Garnett, Kirsten Johnson, Michael Spencer Davis, and Cassel Miles

Two Monologues/Two Dresses
Writer and Performer: David Bateman
Director: David Roche

5500 Days
Writer: Emma Roberts
Director: Jodi Miller
Performers: Tikka Sherman and Sonya Pattenaude

Standing Miss
Writer and Performer: Gavin Crawford
Director: Kyle Tingley

Some Lawless Motel Room in Tequila Country
Writer and Director: Gil Garret
Performers: Clinton Walker, Emily Hurson, and Phil DeWilde

Writer: James Harkness
Director: John Palmer
Performers: John Delacourt and Todd Klinck

Writer: John Delacourt
Director: Rebecca Picherack
Performers: Ellen-Ray Hennessy, Patrick Conner, and Sigrid Johnson

Homing Pigeons
Writer: Kate Miles
Director: Jennifer Brewin
Performers: Chris Earle, Judith Orban, and Isabel Zatti

The Malaysia Hotel
Writer: Laurie Fyffe
Director: Pamela Matthews
Performers: Karen Ancheta and Jennifer Gauthier

Creep Crush
Writer: Melissa Bell
Director: Dean Gabourie
Performers: Leanna Brodie and Stanley Katz

The Susan Smith Papers
Writer: R. M. Vaughan
Director: Moynan King
Performer: Kirsten Johnson

Pop Song
Writer: Sean Reycraft
Director: Michael Waller
Performers: Barna Moricz and Elysa Mool

Batty Boy
Writer: Sharon Forrester
Director and Performer: Jay Pitter
Performers: Xuan Fraser and Hyma Corbette


Back to Basics
Writers, Directors, and Performers: A General Assembly

Interrogating the basic. A show-and-tell boot-camp, dog-training, educational/theatrical infomercial (in lecture form) about building (a) character.

Writer: A. Shay Hahn
Director: Karla Faulconbridge
Designer: John Patrick Robichaud

Mono is a vocal performance that employs choral approach to prose-giving voice to the thoughts that rush through us, thoughts in warm disorganization. Vocal improvisations are used to address the movements of a city caught in fitful sleep. The voices of: the intimacy of domesticity; the quiet of sympathy; the hushes and whispers of mourning; the love songs of couples in dancehalls; the epiphanies that stay with us; and the memories and mementos that make life a great and difficult thing.

Baby’s First Wrinkles
Writer: Adin Bookbinder
Director: Warren Sulatycky

Under 21 Series: With a shake and a wink, it’s back to the dusty days of the burlesque recreated through yet another story by Bea. She’s a sexy sexagenarian, and still living her dancer’s life. She’s stripping it bare in the process, but the past remains as alive as she is. The show must go on.

Writer: Annabel Griffiths, Alison Lawrence and Mary Francis Moore
Director: Michael Waller

Joseph: The couple’s therapist with commitment issues. Larry: He wore white tube socks. With black shoes. Franklin: He asked if a pickle wash would be out of the question. We’ve dated them. We’ve broken up with them. Now, which one of them has made you a bittergirl? A cynical look at the dark underbelly of relationships in the nineties.

Writer: Blair Francey
Director: Lin Joyce

Under 21 Series: What do you have to do to make it in Hollywood in the 50’s? Perhaps hire a hooker to meet you in a sleazy motel for a good time? In Max’s case … That might just be it.

Dreaming Elsewhere
Writer: Charles Picco
Director: Mark de Vries

When Oscar Doyle was … (photocopy incomplete)

Christopher Newton and Neil Munro
Speakers: Christopher Newton & Neil Munro

(More) Beaver
Writer: Claudia Dey
Director: Tanja Jacobs

Before Beaver was Beaver, she was Beatrice. After girl/before woman. Day of her mother’s funeral. Timmins, Ontario. Coldest day of the year. Beatrice is left behind in the blue graveyard with a bottle and a ghost while the rest of the women in her family flood the believer’s house. Tranquilizer dreams, Swiss Chalet and … ah … no, maybe not quite amazing grace.

Daniel Brooks and Guillermo Verdecchia
Speakers: Daniel Brooks & Guillermo Verdecchia

Filler Up
Writer, Director, and Performer: Deb Filler

Deb Filler is a one-woman, multi-character show exploring women, food and how the subject of fat can consume us. This new piece is populated by broad range of comic characters, each with a sense of the ridiculous. Their struggles with body image, relationships and love shakes them, bakes them and sometimes fries them.

Severe Blow to the Head
Writer: Gil Garratt
Director: David Duclos

Jeez, uh how do I? Um. Ok. A doctor, with a penchant for smashing fruit, is carefully observing the frenzied and hysterical behaviour of his lost and broken subjects, a Cow, a Pig and a Chicken. A family play centered around the horrifying tragedy of closed head injuries and the captivating nature of walking talking livestock. How’s that? Make sense? Ok. Good. Well that’s that.

Epiphany (…everything’s gone soggy…)
Writer: Greg MacArthur
Director: Kelly Thornton

A tear weepin’, gun slingin’, mud slidin’ adventure about the discovery of a miracle in a remote western town. AN examination of faith.

The Consolation Prize
Writer and Director: Henry Knight

Welcome to the Cave. The Little God is polished, and the Oracle is plugged in. The Cave-Keeper is waiting. Is this the day his isolation ends? Is this the day the pilgrims come? Powered by poetry and music, THE CONSOLATION PRIZE is a fast paced, surreal journey into the ferocity of the human soul.

Iris Turcott and Robert Wallace
Speakers: Iris Turcott and Robert Wallace

We Are At War
Writer: James Harkness
Director: John Palmer

William fought in the First World War – the war to end all wars … Jessie enters. She is his wife. She carries a tray of food and pills. It takes her a long time to reach the table. “”Stop staring at the children – you’ll frighten them … always staring out the window … always…”” William knows that these are not children. William is an old man. He hobbles to the window and pulls back the curtains. He stares for a long time.

Writer: James O’Reilly
Director: John Delacourt

A toe-to-toe battle for the last word on the greatest punching bag who ever stepped into the ring. No kicking. No biting. No headbutts. And don’t touch the dancers.

The Cleaners
Writer and Director: Jan Derbyshire

The only thing that Lily Danner and Filip think they have in common is being Lesbians. Is that enough? Should it be enough? Could it be enough? Do you care? Should you care? Could you care? Enough.

Louis Louis
Writer and Performer: Janette Plat
Director: Tracey L. Ge

Welcome to Spy… (photocopy incomplete)

Oh So Close
Writer: Morwyn Brebner
Director and Choreographer: Eda Holmes,

Three dirty stories about subway chaos. Featuring a ballet with newspapers.

Writer, Director, and Performer: Nina Arsenault

Chloe – a fast talking, streetwise she-male who dreams of superstardom. Natasha – a down-and-out transsexual prostitute struggling with crack addiction and a weight problem. Amy – a small town drag queen who’s come to the city to confront her sex change anxiety, and hopefully build a life for herself as a housewife. Tony – a foul-mouthed guy with a thing for cross-dressers, wants to start revealing his own dirty little secrets. How are their dreams affected (or not) by the murders of two tranny hookers and one female prostitute? And the killer is still out there. GENDERTRASH is set in April during the actual search for the murderer of three prostitutes in the Jarvis and Maitland area.

Dating the Pirate
Writer: Phil Hutchins
Director: Shawn Campbell

Johnny Fig was once Toronto’s most celebrated aggressive bottom. Now, all he has is a crown, a sash and two tickets to the Olympics.

Writer (conceived) and Director: Rebecca Brown

Blood, Hate, and Clearasil: Welcome to Beverley Hills. Where being weird and ugly just doesn’t fly. This play is sure to be popular.

William and James
Writer: Robert Tsonos
Director: Marc Richa

Tooth and Nail
Writer: Samantha Wright
Director: Kristen Scheiner

The Players: Two young women. A voice over. A cage. And you. In India in the early 1920’s two girl children were “”rescued”” and gradually “”humanized”” after having been discovered living as full-fledged members of a wolf pack. The Game: Eighty years later, two “”modern”” women try to break free.


1979 (SPRING)

Writer: Bruce Dowbiggen
Director: Matt Walsh
Performers: Robin Harvey, John Tench, and others

TBD (A play)
Writer: Charlotte Freedlander

Gina Lollabrigida
Writer: Fabian Boutillier
Director: Jerry Ciccoritti

TBD (A play)
Writer: Maureen White

Love without Arnold
Writer: Sky Gilbert
Director: Amanda West Lewis
Performers: Maureen White, Doug Barnes, and others

TBD (A play)
Writer: Vincent Kamberk

1979 (FALL)

Countess de Kitchen
Writer: Daniel Sloate

Villon and the Fall of Constantinople
Writer: David Leicester

Yellow Ribbon
Writer and Director: Jeanne Dielman (a.k.a. Jerry Ciccoritti)

Writer: Robert Sherwood

Jungle Boy
Writer: Sky Gilbert
Director: Jerry Ciccoritti

Five Poems for Antigone
Writer: Terrence Seaman

1980 (SPRING)

Passing through a Full Moon
Writer and Director: Barbara Wright
Performers: Maureen White, Sheila MacKay, Philip Cairns, and Caroline Wuschke

Psycho Nuclear Breakdown
Writer, Director, and Performer: Cynthia Grant

At the Café
Writer, Director, and Performer: Dave Johns
Performers: Dianne McLennan, and Rebecca Applebaum

Ah! But it Sings, But it Sings, Luveena
Writer: Fabian Boutillier
Director: Amanda West Lewis
Performers: Sky Gilbert, David Ellis, and Paul Rapsey

Take a Canadian Author to Bed Tonight
Writer and Director: Helen Holden

Soft Boiled
Writer, Director and Performer: Kim Renders
Director and Performer: Maureen White

Gently Down the Stream
Writer and Director: Kim Renders
Performers: Maureen White and Cynthia Grant

Phone Calls to J.D. Salinger
Writer: Sky Gilbert
Director: Linda Pakri P
erformers: Paul Robertson, Rosemary Madill, Ronda Crowdis, and Philip Cairns

Love of Feet
Writer and Director: Sky Gilbert
Performers: Michael Hovey and Guy Lefebvre

Oedipal Shorts
Writer and Director: Sky Gilbert
Co-Writer and Co-Director: Guy Lefebvre

1980 (FALL)

Object/Subject Nausea
Writer, Director, and Performer: Cynthia Grant

Dirt Is My Profession
Writer and Performer: David Roche
Director: Bob White

This Is My Face
Writer: Fred Besselink

(Oh Nest) Honest Insanity
Writer: Helen Posno
Director: Stephen MacKay
Performer: Sky Gilbert

Soft Boiled II
Writers, Directors, and Performers: Kim Renders and Maureen White

Writer and Performer: Kim Renders
Co-Writer: Cynthia Grant
Performers: Mark Christmann, Donna Bothen, and Ken McDougall

The Best of Myles
Adaptors: Mary Durkan and Maureen White

Ten Seconds after Closing
Writer and Performer: Mary Vingoe
Director: Cynthia Grant

Writer and Performer: Paul Robertson
Co-Writer and Director: Linda Pakri
Performers: Philip Cairns, James Falcon, and Alar Aedma

Radio Play
Writer and Performer: Peter Chapman
Performers: Maureen White, Sky Gilbert, and Helen Posno

No Play; or, The Oriental Influence on Me
Writer and Director: Sky Gilbert
Performers: Maureen White, Kim Renders and Peter Snell


Writer: Adam Morton

Self Castigation
Writer: Barbara Wright

King of the Alley Shuffle
Writer: Barbara Wright

Gat: A Piece for a Woman and a Gun
Writer and Director: Bill Zaget
Performer: Bridget O’Sullivan

Excerpts from Fiction
Writer: Burke Campbell
Director: Sky Gilbert

À La Dada
Writer and Performer: Cynthia Grant
Co-Writers and Performers: Judy Shiner, Lisa Napoli, Kenn Quayle, Victoria Stoeckle, Kim Renders, Mark Michasiw, Gerald Rybak, Chris Pinker, Bob Naismith, and Peter Chapman

Stage Poems
Writer: Daniel David Moses

David Roche Talks to You about Love
Writer and Performer: David Roche
Director: Bob White

Writer: David Type

Writers, Directors, and Performers: Dean Gilmour and Michelle Smith

Moon Landing
Writer: Doug Durand

Writer, Director and Performer: Helen Posno
Performers: John McLachlin, Stephen MacKay, and Natalie Olanick

Coming Out
Writer: Jacques LePlant

Current Event Think Tank
Writer, Director, and Performer: John Tench
Performers: Jennifer Capraru, Andrea Fredrickson, Ward Maxwell, and Julie Asterik

The Domain
Writer and Performer: Jon Austin
Co-Writer: Kim Renders
Directors: Cynthia Grant and Don Bouzek

Mask-ing Tape
Writer: Kim Renders
Performers: Maggie Huculak and Mark Christmann

Idaho Kid
Writer and Director: Lorne MacDonald
Performer: Kathy Kinchen

Twelve Poems for Three Voices
Writer: Mary Vingoe
Performers: Victoria Stoeckle and others

Writer: Neil Cadger

Rats on the Roof
Writers, Directors, and Performers: Paul Robertson and Ken McDougall

The Dunce
Writer and Director: Sky Gilbert
Performer: Neil Cadger

The Magician Sees (A Film Performance)
Writer: Stephen Nibloch
Performer: Jennifer Capraru

Laugh in Etre
Writers and Performers: Victoria Stoeckle and Judy Shiner
Director: Chris Pinker


Garden Exit
Writer, Director, and Performer: Alan Risdill

The Accelerator
Writer: Bill Zaget
Director: Charles Murdoch
Performers: Catherine Vaneri and Bryden MacDonald

Writer and Director: Bryden MacDonald
Performers: Carolyn Dunn, Daniel Allman, and Kevin Jollimore

Writer, Director, and Performer: Cecilia Varga

Writer: Dan Zanbilowicz

Bedtime Stories
Writer, Director, and Performer: Daniel Brooks

Callas Live
Writer, Director, and Performer: David Roche
Performer: Sky Gilbert

The Heart Connection
Writer: Dianne Korchynski
Director: Steve Eadie

Anna Livia Pluabelle
Writer and Performer: Donna Bothen

Personae Non Gratae
Writer, Performer, and Videographer: Doug Durand
Co-Videographer: Colin Campbell

Requiem for August
Writer: Helen Posno
Director: Svetlana Zylin
Performers: Kirk Scott, Fern Rogers, Douglas Palmer, and Mary Hawkins

Pound II Pound
Writer: Hillar Liitoja
Performers: Linda Brokenshire, Philip Cairns, Jackie Fox, Helen Havgreaves, Diarmid McLaughlan, Carol Nawrocki, and Leslie Toth

Painting Mrs. Cavendish
Writer: Jaimie Yeotes
Director: Anne-Margaret Hines
Performers: Martha Hirst and Ronda Kristie

American Demon
Writer: Jan Kudelka
Director: Kate Lushington
Performers: NION (Ian Wallace), Maggie Huculak, Theresa Tova, and Svetlana Zylin

The Wedding March
Writer and Director: Jim Millan
Performers: Ken McDougall, Alexandra Brown, Blake Carter, Susan MacLeod, Rosie Kutrara, and Siobhan McCormick

Creator and Performer: John Lambert
Co-Creator and Performer: Jim Warren

Soft Boiled III
Writers, Directors, and Performers: Kim Renders, Maureen White and Cheryl Cashman

Notes on a Tumor
Writers, Directors, and Performers: Kim Renders and Christopher Thomas

I Wish I Was a Wizard
Writers, Directors, and Performers: Michael Ross and Tony Molesworth

They’re at the Void, They’re Dung
Writer: Robin Fulford D
irector: Susan Potvin

When I’m Being Oscar Wilde
Writer, Director, and Performer: Sky Gilbert
Performer: David Roche

Writer: Tim Wynne-Jones
Director: Ken McDougall
Performers: Ian Gillespie, Blake Carter, and Steven Gee

Bedtime Stories II
Writers, Directors, and Performers: Victoria Stoeckle and Chris Clifford


Unbandaging the Denial
Writer and Director: Amanda Hale
Performer: Holly Dennison

Writer and Director: Andy Jones
Performer: Charles Tomlinson

Nancy Drew (Goes in Search of her Missing Mother)
Writer and Performer: Ann-Marie MacDonald
Co-Writer and Performer: Beverley Cooper
Director and Cameo Performance: Maureen White
Cameo Performances: Mary Vingoe, Cynthia Grant

Writer and Director: Bryden MacDonald
Performers: Kevin Jollimore and Sue Kober

The Dave Show
Writer, Director, and Performer: David Pond

I am Not a Snoop
Writer, Director, and Performer: David Roche

Children’s Eyes
Writer: Dennis Foon
Director: Christine Moynihan
Performer: Richard Greenblatt

All Gardens Sing
Writer and Performer: Helen Posno
Director: Donna Bothen

Temptonga: The Reddest Woman in the World
Writer and Performer: Ida Carnevali
Director: Mary Vingoe

Middle of the Road Broads
Writers, Directors, and Performers: Jacoba Knaapen and Jain Dickson

Heat Lightning
Writer and Performer: Jan Kudelka
Director: Kate Lushington

Writer, Director, and Performer: Jazzmin Lausanne

The Chasm
Writers and Performers: Jerry Prager, Makka Kleist, Bengt Jorgen, Susan Burk

Salvador Dali’s Unspeakably Comic History of the Twentieth Century
Writer and Director: Jim Millan
Performers: Blake Carter, Siobhan McCormick, Carl Marrotte, and Mary Hawkins

The Grief Kit
Writer, Director, and Performer: Kate Lushington

The Telephone Call
Adapter and Performer: Mary Durkan

Love and Barefaced Stone
Director: Michael Fuller
Performers: James Kirchner and John Lambert

Writer: Naomi Guttman
Co-Writer and Director: Miriam Iranyi
Performers: Nadine Rabinovitch, Susan J. Johnson, Peggy Sample, and Mary Marzo

Writer, Director, and Performer: NION (Ian Wallace) and Neil

Ten Ways to Abuse an Old Woman
Writer and Director: Sally Clark
Performers: Maya Ardal, Patricia Hamilton, and Paul Brown

Go-Go Boys
Writer and Director: Sky Gilbert
Performers: Bryden MacDonald, Greg Campbell, and Mark Christmann


Things Look Much Better in the Kitchen
Creators and Performers: Ahava Halpern and Jane Trombley

That Other Animal
Writer and Performer: Amanda Hale
Director: Don Bouzek

Writer, Director, and Performer: Bill Zaget

Letters from L. S.
Performer: Christopher Newton

Maskerade: The Walz, Hangin’ Out with Irene, and Marathon
Writers, Directors, and Performers: Dalia Gesser and Jim Rankin

The Orillia Opera
Writer: David Burgess
Director: James Mitchell
Performers: Debi Burm, Cary Durrant, Gary Harper, Robert Marsh, Jonathon Potts, Karlheinz Theil, and Eleanor Yeoman

If Betty Should Rise
Writer: David Demchuk
Director: Robert Scott
Performer: Martha Cronyn

Chagall Like Me
Writer, Director, and Performer: David Roche
Co-Writer, Co-Director, and Performer: Maurice Arcand

Sintax of the Sinister
Writer, Director, and Performer: G. M. Frew
Performer: Michael Dean

The Affair
Writer: Geraldine Farrell
Co-Writer: Kathryn O’Brien
Director: Robert Scott
Performers: Ellen-Ray Hennessy, Mellissa Graham, Lou DeCampo, and Robert the Dummy

Aquino Fell forward without Bending His Knee, Blood Gushing from His Head
Writer and Performer: Ian Stephens

Assylum: A Schizophrenic Cartoon
Choreographer: Jerry Praeger
Performers: Joan Phillips and John Oswald

I Hate White Girls
Director: Larry Lewis Performers: Makka Kleist, Billy Merasty, and Monique Mojica

So How Many
Creators and Performers: M. J. Buell, David Pearlman, Harry Posner, and Vivian Stollmeyer

Writer and Director: Michael Devine
Performers: John Blackwood, Garfield Andrews, Nancy Roberts, Mark Gomes, and Glenn Roy

Writer and Director: Nigel Hunt
Performers: Michael Connolley and Carolyn Guillet

My Plants Came Alive and We Fell in Love
Writer and Performer: Philip Cairns
Director: Hillar Liitoja
Performers: Gina Darling, Jonnie Bakan, Honey Novick, Carol Nawrocki, and B. Bob Bridges

Blu Lite
Writer and Performer: Shelley Goldstein
Director: Tony DiFranco
Performers: Shaaun Taylor and Barbara Barnes Hopkins

Violence Against Women: Men in Society
Creator and Performer: Taylor Green


If Crows Could Fly
Writer, Director, and Performer: Alan Merovitz

Initiation Rites
Writer: Alma Subasic
Director: Katherine Flaherty

Switching Channels
Writers, Directors, and Performers: Amanda Hale and Lina Chartrand

Dinosaurs Demise, Triggers Debate
Writers: Arnette Maangaard and Cayle Chernin

A Lounge Act: Eight to the Bar
Writer, Director, and Performer: Bill Zaget

Writer: Bryden MacDonald
Director: Edward Roy
Performers: Daniel Allman, Deb Kirshenbaum, Brooke Johnson, and Shirley Josephs

School of Thought
Writer, Director, and Performer: Christian Morrison

Back Alley Boys
Writer: Colleen Subasic

Writer: David Demchuk
Director: Audrey Butler
Performers: Daniel MacIvor and Ron Jenkins

Soul Blind
Writer, Director, and Performer: Ed Lamb

Finding Fault in the Firmament
Writer, Director, and Performer: Frances Leeming

Can’t See the Face
Writer: Larry Lewis

A Lecture in Venice
Writers, Directors, and Performers: Michael Dean and Janine Mather

The Oral Stage
Writers, Directors, and Performers: Mike Erskine-Kellie and John Erskine-Kellie

Saint Agathe
Writer: Patricia Gavigan
Director: Mimi Meckler

Organic Divide
Writer: Robin Fulford
Director: Ken McDougall
Performers: Dini Sweeney and Earl Pastko

Fred’s Dead
Writer: Robin Marie Butt
Director: Robert Scott

Keep It Clean,
Writer, Director, and Performer: Shaun Lynch

War in Pieces
Writer: Susan Morrison


He Himself
Writer and Director: Andrew Borkowski
Performer: Philip Eckman

Star System; or, The Butler Did It
Writer, Director, and Performer: Andy Patterson

Bread and Soft Clocks
Writer: B. J. Castleman
Director: Julia Stan
Performers: Joan Bendon, Steven Hill, Helen Mann, and Elizabeth Pickard

The Rite of Return
Writer and Performer: Cayle Chernin
Director: Vinetta Strombergs

The Right One
Writer and Performer: Daniel MacIvor
Co-Writer: Michele M. Jelley
Director: Edward Roy
Performers: Lisa Elliot and Catherine McNally

Writer: David Demchuk
Director: Nancy Beck
Performers: Kim Renders, Martha Irving, and Alyson Green

Writer, Director, and Performer: Henry Van Rijk

Hot Box
Writer and Director: Jan Kudelka
Performers: Bruce Vavrina, Kim Renders, and Mark Christmann

The Return of Jerome
Writer and Performer: Jim Warren
Director: Maggie Huculak

Archaeology in Everyday Life
Writer: Johanna Householder
Director: Angelo Pedari
Performer: David Smith

Section and Moviceyes
Writer, Director, and Performer: John Oswald

Our Parents
Writer: Ken Keobke
Director: Michael Caruana
Performers: Patricia Medwig and Brian Young

Bogus Babbling with an Elbow: Home on the Range
Writer, Director, and Performer: Kim Renders

She Said
Writer: Nigel Hunt
Director: Peter Hinton
Performers: Jain Dickson, Allegra Fulton, and Andrew Lewarne

Something Exotic
Writer and Director: Pat Langner
Performers: Daniel MacIvor and Garfield Andrews

Rosie the Meat Eater
Writer: Pat Langner
Director: Ken McDougall
Performers: Jack Nicholson, Kelly Ann Donais, and Martha Cronyn

Ooga Booga
Writer and Director: Peter Unwin
Performers: Deborah Clipperton, Art Austin, Lance Ball, and Dan Bar-El

Writer: Robin Fulford
Director: Ken McDougall
Performer: Earl Pastko

Trial of a Ladies Man
Writer and Performer: Sally Clark
Director: Maya Ardal
Performers: Karen Bernstein, Patricia Vanstone, Kyra Harper, and David Ferry


Let Me Entertain You
Writer: Chris Wind
Director: Elizabeth Berman

Theatre Omaha’s Production of The Sound of Music
Writer: Daniel MacIvor
Director: Edward Roy
Performers: Deborah Duchene, Caroline Gillis, Robert Pennant, Earl Pastko, Deb Kirshenbaum, and Ken McDougall

The World We Live on Turns So that the Sun Appears to Rise
Writer: David Demchuk
Director: Steve Lucas
Performers: Max McLaughlin, Sandy Cooke, Martha Cronyn, and Lisa Segal

Writer and Director: Dennis Hassell
Performers: Michael Howell, DeAnn DeGruijter, Joe Abbey-Colborne, and Kate Hurman

Body Positive
Writer and Performer: Jeff Kirby
Director: Peter Jenkins

Writer: Jim McSwain
Director: Linda Moore
Performer: Trisha Lamie

Daddy’s Son Buzz
Writer: Jim Millan
Director: Cheryl May

Curved Horizons
Writer: Joan Egilson
Director: Joel Miller
Performer: Diana Fajrajsl

Spanish Postcards
Writer: Ken Keobke
Director: Jordan Merkur
Performers: Allegra Fulton and Eric Zivot

How I Differ from the Norm
Writer and Performer: Mary Hawkins
Director: Maggie Huculak

Writer: Nigel Hunt
Director: James Mitchell
Performers: Daryn Dewalt, Kelly Ann Donais, Laura Hubert, and Greg Morris

Killer Dogs
Writer and Performer: Pat Langner
Co-Writers: Niagara Street Expedition
Director: Kathleen Flaherty
Performers: John Ghitan, Brooke Johnson, and Tag

The Terrible False Deception
Writer: Rafe MacPherson
Director: Lin Joyce
Performers: Lorne Cossette, Robin Craig, Kate Hurman, and David Keeley

Couch Enigma
Writer: Robin Fulford
Director: Ken McDougall
Performers: Sara Clenyg-Jones, Martha Cronyn, Ed Fielding, and Daniel MacIvor

Classics of Literature
Writer: Robin Marie Butt
Director: Peter Hinton
Performers: Victoria Shaffelburg, Andrew Lewarne, and Randi Helmers

A Question of Balance
Writer, Director, and Performer: Scott Marsden
Performer: David Smiley

Magic Shorts
Writer and Director: Sky Gilbert
Performer: Spencer Rowe

Writer, Director, and Performer: Spencer Rowe
Performer: Jeff Kirby

Scenes from the Life of the Virgin
Writer and Director: Conrad Alexandrowicz
Performers: Kim Renders and Tatiana Skljarevski


Yes I Am and Who Are You
Writer: Daniel MacIvor
Director: Edward Roy
Performers: Joe Abbey-Colborne, Ken McDougall, Steve Cumyn, and Caroline Gillis

Writer: David Widdicombe
Director: Andrew Chown
Performers: Judith Goodwin and Melinda Little

True and the Berry Picker
Writer: James Purdy
Director and Performer: Mark Cassidy
Performers: Kevin Burns, Phil Whitfield, and Michael Catlin

Bob Smith Sucks Cocks
Writer and Performer: Jeff Kirby
Director: Peter Jenkins

Coincidence or Conspiracy
Writer and Performer: Jennifer Capraru
Co-Writer: Bev Kreller
Co-Writers and Performers: Janet Snetsinger, Patricia Medwig

The Possibility of Redemption in a World Full of Suffering
Writer: John Moore
Director: Charlie Rhindress
Performers: Glenn Christie, John Lundman, Laine Williams, Norm Reynolds, and Catherine McNally

Home Suite Home; or Does She or Doesn’t She?
Writer: Ken Keobke
Director: Vrenia Ivonoffski
Performers: Deborah Cottreau, Valerie Buhagiar, Debbie Tidy, Paul Amato, Richard Markle, and Les Porter

Writer and Director: Michael Achtman
Performers: Grant Carmichael, Paul Tessier, Trevor Cohen, and David Roche

King Scabbard and I
Writer, Director, and Performer: Michael Green
Co-Writer: Gary Stromsmoe Co-
Writer and Performer: Andy Curtis

Writer: Per Brask Director: Peter Hinton
Performers: Siobhan McCormick and Martin Julien

Ten Thousand Hells
Writer and Performer: Peter Lynch
Director: Adrian Foster

Writer and Director: Philip Shepherd
Performers: Jill Rosenberg and Chris Chinchilla

The Saints and the Apostles
Writer and Performer: Raymond Storey
Director: Gerald Lunz
Performer: Hume Baugh

Le coq d’or
Writer (adaptation) and Director: Wendy Thatcher
Performers: Marie-Helene Fontaine, Brigitte Robinson, Chick Reid, and Blair Williams

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