A Bibliography of Gay Heritage

The Gay Heritage Project is indebted to a slew of extraordinary queer writers, historians, academics, theorists, and philosophers. Here are (hopefully) most fo the books we used in the five years we’ve been working on this project.

Adam, Barry D.  “Origins of a Homosexual People”. The Rise of a Gay and Lesbian Movement.  New York: Twayne Publishers, 1995. 1 – 18.

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—. Saint Foucault: Towards a Gay Hagiography. New York: Oxford University Press, 1995.

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Nicol, Nancy. Stand Together (Video) Distributed by V Tape, 2002.

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Torrealba, José Open Secrets National Film Board of Canada, 2003.

The Toronto Bathhouse Raids, Video, CBC Digital Archives.

Track Two 1983. Video. Lemmon Keith, Sutherland Communications Corp, 1983.

Walcott, Rinaldo. Black Like Who?: Writing Black Canada. Toronto: Insomniac Press, 2003.

Warner, Tom. Never Going Back: A History of Queer Activism in Canada. Toronto: U of Toronto P, 2002.

2 Responses to A Bibliography of Gay Heritage

  1. Aristogeiton says:

    Hello Buddies,

    I just had a chance to take in the Gay Heritage Project this weekend, and wanted to thank you all for your truly enjoyable and thought-provoking work! As a gay academic, I was very interested to see your take on queer theory and how you feel it impacts on LGB identity and heritage. To counterbalance the prominent social constructionist/postmodernist/queer theory writings you’ve cited, I’d strongly recommend Rictor Norton’s extremely well-researched and well-written Myth of the Modern Homosexual: Queer History and the Search for Cultural Unity (1998), which in my opinion completely demolishes the historical foundations of queer theory (and unlike the postmodernists, his writing style is straightforward and enjoyable).

    All the best to you, and I hope you’re having a wonderful time here in Edmonton!

  2. Liselaine says:

    Action requires knwegedlo, and now I can act!

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