WHAAT? Holy Hotness. Jordan Tannahill (Jannahot that’s right YYZBuddies coined it) talks about his tween insurgency with Chandler Levack in this week’s issue of EYE magazine. 

Jannahot dishes about his company Suburban Beast, frat boys, and tween actors. At the end of the article he cracks this wicked blow-line:

“There’s this funny thing about working with underage actors, you have to deal with their parents. The show right after ours at Buddies is Les Petit Mort, based on this short story by George Bataille. There’s live scat onstage, vagina play, lots of boobs. So we have to usher these kids out. It’s like, ‘Okay kids — great job on the show. Now run, run, run! Get out quick!’”

See Jannahot’s Insurgency which runs until Feb 21.

Check out Levack’s full article here.