Coverage: Xtra! Talks To Healy

Xtra! posted a conversation between Rob Salerno and Brendan Healy. Healy, articulate and optimistic and savvy, gives an overview of Buddies now and the direction he will take it in.
“At the heart of my pitch to Buddies was a dedication to the notion that Buddies is the centre for the creation and dissemination of queer performance culture. I want to make sure that Buddies has a really healthy infrastructure to have queer work made and disseminated outside Toronto, and build an archive of queer performance work.”
Healy drops an exclusive on his upcoming collaboration with Nina Arsenault:

“Working with Nina Arsenault, at the heart of that exploration is what is an authentic gender, what is authenticity? Inside Nina is a really fascinating paradox: Someone who’s worked hard to transform herself into someone who she thinks she is authentically, but who she thinks she is is very much a media creation. If gender is a construct then what is authentic?”

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