COVERAGE: Xtra’s Rhubarb Love In

“The sexy, transgressive, genderbending, daring, messy, gay, gay, gay, Rhubarb Festival.” Might be the best description of Rhubarb ever created.  
In this week’s issue of Xtra!, Chris Dupuis talks with celebrated performer d’bi young about her upcoming showcase at Rhubarb. Young’s piece, she, uses Rihanna as an influence to examine the religion of celebrity.  
“If you look at what’s happening to Rihanna and how the media is treating her, it’s nothing new,” she says. “It happened to Madonna, to Brandy, to Britney. There is a system at work here for artists who are seduced into this idea of what success is. The piece is less about pointing fingers than it is about looking at community expectations.”
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Date Bateman catches Rhubarb Festival Director, Erika Hennebury, on bus between cities in Alberta. Read Bateman’s outline of the 3-week convergence of contemporary performance Xtra!